If Not For Oil, Then Why?

By: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

I am so tired of imperialistic warmongering idiots whining in high pitched voices about how we need to conquer the middle east, kill bad Muslims and Americanize (subjugate) their populations because if we don’t they will invade America, take our freedoms and rights away and cut off our oil supply, BULLCRAP!

There is more oil in the Eastern Rockies area of the United States about 1000 feet down, than in all the rest of the world, combined (including the entire worlds oil reserves) by a magnitude of at least three times or better! Some estimates put it three to five TRILLION barrels or more! Now, combine this with the reserves we have been lied to about in Alaska, and you realize this country is NOT in any way in need of foreign oil supplies! Hell, we could supply the entire world’s fuel requirements by ourselves, and with ease! This is not speculation or fantasy, but a fact our government has been aware of for over sixty years!

We have not gone after this oil before because it is locked up in shale and at the time of its discovery was considered too expensive to recover. But over a decade ago several companies developed and demonstrated the commercial means of safely and efficiently extracting it at a cost as low as ten – thirteen dollars a barrel, very cheap, and an almost endless supply that when combined with the true reserves in Alaska and the new fields discovered in Montana, could last this country for several hundred years or more at present consumption rates!

These wars have nothing to do with Americas need for oil! These wars are being fought for the international corporations and banking cabals to consolidate total control of the regions resources, the world’s money supply via central banks and to issue in and lock down world governance, NOT to protect our freedoms and rights as these third world nations never had it in their power to significantly influence these in the first place!

All of this is being accomplished using the awesome and unstoppable American military might as a big club to beat the Muslim world into submission! To accomplish this we are being taught, or conditioned constantly, to hate or fear our Islamic brothers and sisters (as now many Americans do) and their entire culture thus making us a much more willing and effective club. Nothing could be further from the truth because given the option of the total ruination of their countries by a monolithic military steam roller or peace, guess which they would choose … we have not given them the choice!

Our supreme leader, who does not even pretend to represent the voice of We The People any longer, completely bypasses congress to engage our military in foreign wars, and in fact his minions clearly state to congress that they receive their marching orders from foreign sources, those being the United Nations or NATO! Meanwhile our duly elected so-called representatives don’t even bat an eyelash or push back with only token resistance, then fold! Greed and power exercised over the masses by the few! What part of this do you challenge or not believe?

So, the next time some imperialistic moron says we need to fight and kill the evil Muslims to protect our freedoms, or because we need the oil, just look them in the eye and spit the word “BULLCRAP” straight into their face…you will be right!

2 Comments on If Not For Oil, Then Why?

  1. I can understand your oil argument, but not your argument on America’s war on Muslims. We did not attack first, they did, Sept. 11th, actually the trade center was hit before that by Muslims. The extremist regime has made it a mission, part of their ongoing doctrine to rid the world of infidels. Even if America pulls out of every Islamic country in the world, we will still be targeted, attacked, never free. You are niave to think otherwise.

  2. The two countries receiving the most are Britain and China from the middle east. We owe a lot to China and because Britain now has very small force and depend on our world policing force to protect them is why we protect the middle east. Plus anytime we blow something up the military industrial complex makes money and then defense contractors make a fortune rebuilding.

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