If You Think We Don’t Have Power – Think Again

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By TLB Staff Writer: L. Femine

Earth, as you have observed, is a prime example of a world gone and going mad. I’ll bet you’ve daydreamed about shooting off to another world. You know, in one of those spaceships the government keeps telling us are not there? Don’t they tell us the thousands of people who sighted them, took pictures of them are all delusional, lying or doctoring photos? Nevertheless, we’re stuck with this planet (for now?) and it’s best we keep our feet on the ground and our minds alert.

In any life or world crisis, one of the first things we should discover is: who are our friends? It’s vital to distinguish them from the traitorous ones who pretend they are friends. Mainly you judge them by what they produce. For example, there are the deadly “changes” that Obama and friends have instituted and the future ones to which he plans to sign his name. Let’s get real; you know he didn’t dream all those up by himself. In fact, he’s close to the bottom of a chain of command, beginning with huge corporations and banks pulling all the strings.

Never trust anyone only by their personality or charm, but primarily by what they produce and how beneficial those things are to themselves, to others and to the world. Even if they scream like lunatics, still look at their products – what they produce physically, emotionally and spiritually, especially for others. There’s nothing wrong with occasional rage if it’s the result of an honest reaction to injustice, oppression, etc. They’ll chill out and get back to work.

The disasters we see now do seem overwhelmingly onerous. Look at how the powers that be have created useless wars that kill millions for mere profit. They’ve manufactured ways to kill the majority of us through bad food, drugs, mass unemployment, threats of starvation, utter poverty and a grim future as slaves. It appears they are well on their way to fully achieving these goals, given the apparent power and influence money can buy.

In case you think we can’t do anything to alter these overwhelming odds or that all efforts spill eventually into a sea of despair, there have been changes. They were created by the many voices of our earth buddies, true friends across the globe.

Despite the Constitution being torn to shreds, we should still exercise our First Amendment right of free speech. Many have and won. Here are some examples of the power of petitions. Consider them rebuttals to those who cry out that petitions don’t work.

KKK leader’s name removed from high school

160,000 people signed Ty Richmond’s petition to remove the name of a KKK leader and former slave trader from a Jacksonville, FL high school, the Duval County School Board voted unanimously to change the name.

Music legend Willie Nelson cancels concert at SeaWorld

More than 8500 people signed a petition protesting SeaWorld’s cruelty to animals. As a result, Willie canceled his performance there.

Corporations banned from school textbooks

Over 55,000 people signed a petition and won, removing corporate commercials from classroom materials.

Family wins release of son from prison

Ryan Ferguson’s murder conviction was overturned after his dad, Bill, started a petition and received 25,000 signatures.

Sprint: Improve policies to keep domestic violence victims safe!

Domestic violence victims succeeded in having Sprint change their policies in order to keep them safe from abuse after a petition.

Amazon stops selling whale and dolphin meat

Melissa Sehgal’s petition grew to 200,000, resulting in Amazon’s ban on selling whale and dolphin meat.

Iraq War veteran’s family fights foreclosure

In 2012, 100,000 signed a petition for Navy Corpsman David Kukreja and his wife Toni to keep their home. Bank of America responded and lowered his mortgage payments so they could afford it.

Apple Vows to Protect Workers in Chinese Factories

A quarter million Apple customers raised their voices and won through a petition to change oppressive working conditions for Chinese workers who have to work long hours and some lose the use of their hands forever because of constantly doing the same motions for hours on end,

No Charges Against Savannah Dietrich for Naming Her Rapists

Savannah Dietrich was sexually assaulted but ordered not to speak about it after the two rapists took a plea deal. She turned to Twitter with a petition which 100,000 people signed. She could have been fined and jailed for contempt but the motion was withdrawn.

Mayor Ed Lee: Say No to Stop Frisk for San Francisco

Theo Ellington, president of the Black Young Democrats, had 2000 people sign a petition to abandon “stop and frisk,” like the one used by the NYPD. The mayor agreed and dropped his plans.

I’m sure many of you have contributed to some of these petitions and others. You may have thought – what’s my lil’ ole signature going to do? It does a lot! Especially when you pass it around and urge others. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse. This is how we win – with numbers.

John Lennon’s song keeps running through my head right about now – “Power to the People.” It’s a hell of a lot more than a song.

Now go off and sign a few petitions, huh?

Petition Victories – Winning Online Petitions at Change.org

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LucilleL. Femine is a Staff Writer and Print Media Director for The Liberty Beacon project.

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  1. Awesome article! The successful petitions really demonstrate what can be accomplished with a shoulder-to-shoulder effort! It just takes the WILLINGNESS to participate (as opposed to being a bystander) and the INTENTION to WIN!

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