IMF: Tax Americans 71%


The IMF (International Monetary Fund) goes into countries, coaxes them into debt, then maintains a stranglehold on their economies like a parasite.

Debt = control

Now, it says that Americans should be taxed, up to 71%, to help the poorer countries of the world to help redistribute the wealth.

Of course, the IMF is run by the same bankers that have ruined the world’s economy.

 The International Monetary Fund, a United Nations money movement organization designed for the purpose of wealth redistribution has made an important announcement.

They recently came up with a plan they called a “one-off capital levy.” If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay, you’re not supposed to. It’s a nice name for sticking their hand into your pocket “one time” and seeing what they come up with. Whatever they pulled out would supposedly be given to poor countries that need it. Of course that is after the poor bankers take their cut and the poor UN employees get theirs. Then the poor employees of the government that receives the money would get their cut, a portion of which will likely find its way back to the very same people who set the scam up in the first place. If there is any left at the end of the recycling, it might even find its way to the man or family on the dirt street.

They now have a different plan, with an equally confusing label. It’s called “revenue-maximizing top income tax rates.” You might think from that name that it doesn’t have anything to do with the typical American, as you aren’t in the top tax bracket. You would be mistaken.

It’s easy to qualify for the program. By being an American taxpayer, are automatically presumed to be wealthy and in need of sharing through your government. There’s no need to apply, no extra forms to fill out, and you can be as generous as 71%.

You might wonder why Americans should be responsible for propping up the economies of other nations around the world by simply donating to their cause. In a secular nation, that is increasingly driving religion, particularly Christianity, and associated religious symbols to the shadows, one could easily question why our nation is supporting the rest of the world. That question is particularly perplexing when we are borrowing money to do so.

The ratio of public debt to GDP across advanced economies will peak at an historic high of 110% next year. It was 75% just six years ago.

Most of what are perceived to be the wealthiest nations, those in the West, are now borrowing money just to pay the interest on our debt. That is a guaranteed loser. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, just as with the monetary system of the United States, increasing debt to pay off debt is a house of cards which will continue to be stressed until it topples.

This is the reason that we can look forward to more of these types of “solutions” to monetary emergencies. A government or NGO’s view of a solution looks a lot like oppression when seen from the victimized citizen’s perspective. The fact that the thief carries an ID card as a United States employee, acting on behalf of the IMF and criminal banks does not make it any less painful or any more legitimate.

Naturally, if the government requires a larger piece of our individual pies, they will be further restricting our financial freedom in the process. More regulation requires more obedience and more enforcement in order to assure our compliance. The reduced affluence caused by the effective net income reduction will further restrict our mobility and leisure time activities until we are at one with the third world.

That is the unfortunate situation America finds itself in. Our corrupt leadership is unlikely to change or challenge the future that is planned for us by our global masters in shadows of the United Nations building. Unless there is a dramatic shift in the policies of the United States in regard to our subservience to that global mafia and the associated foreign policies, America’s future is bleak indeed.

The solution for individuals may well be to vote with their feet, and it may unfortunately soon be a reality that a choice will be forced upon many Americans to flee to greener pastures, submit to big government control and fleecing, or rebel against our oppressors as our founders said would one day be necessary.


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