In Colorado & New York, Common Core Commercial Vendors Can Follow Your Child Into the Bathroom

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By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

The is one thing that can be said, for certain regarding the Obama administration and that is that they lover their data. Your doctor is not instructed to ask if you own a gun and this is supposed to be reported. Some doctors comply and some do not. What medicines you are taking are reported as is the expression of any “unhealthy attitudes”.  When it comes to education, and Common Core, the Obama administration is going places, where no man has gone before. Here is an excerpt of an article written by Michelle Malkin.  If this does not creep you out, then nothing will. The following is a description of an invasive data gathering program, sponsored by a Common Core affiliate in Colorado:

The Growing Unpopularity of Common Core

Common core is not popular and the slide is growing to the point where some states are beginning to withdraw their participation.  Here is a compilation.

Common Core approval rating
Poll Total approve Total disapprove No opinion/Not heard of Margin of Error Sample Size
Education Next (May 21 to June 8, 2015) 49% 35% 16% +/-2 4,083
Fairleigh Dickinson University (December 8-15, 2014) 17% 40% 42% +/-3 964
Gallup (September 16-21, 2014) 32% 33% 35% +/-6 532
Education Next/Knowledge Network (May-June, 2014) 23% 11% 66% +/-2 2,633
PDK/Gallup (May 29, 2014-June 20, 2014) 27% 49% 24% +/-4.6 1,001
NBC News/Wall Street Journal (June 11-15, 2014) 59% 31% 10% +/-3.1 1,000
UConn Poll (April 22-30, 2014) 14% 16% 70% +/-3 1,006
McLaughlin and Associates (April 7-13, 2014) 35% 33% 32% +/-3.1 1,000
Gallup (April 3-9, 2014) 35% 28% 37% +/-5 639
Achieve (November 14-18, 2013) 22% 24% 54% +/-3.5 800


common core educate dont indoctrinateSupport for Common Core educational standards has dropped as awareness of the program has spread over the past year to new polling results.

The people of this country are speaking out, they are sick and tired of the intrusiveness of the Common Standards and the egregious violations of our children’s civil liberties including their (and their parents) right to privacy.

The more Americans know about Common Core, the less they like the standards. In fact, just 33% support the standards while 59% oppose Common Core according to the annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.

Even key politicians are getting into debate over Common Core as Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, filed a law suit, tin 2014 against the Obama administration in which the Governor claims that the Department of Education is holding states hostage with a form of money blackmail in order to attempt to get states to adopt the controversial and unproven Common Core standards.

Some educational activists have voiced the opinion that radical educational practices associated with Common Core have come to us without so much as one shred of research based proof as to the efficacy of their “novel” approaches and academic sequencing of subjects. What is the truth? It depends on what you accept as proof. The Common Core standards claim that they make children career and college ready. Yet, they have no statistically proven data to back up the claim. In other words, our children are participants in a Beta test and the results of this test are not conclusively known. Therefore, such claims should be viewed with a healthy sense of skepticism. However, in this article, I am going to exclusively focus on the violations of our children’s civil liberties, the usurpation of parents rights and the slippery slope that the extreme data mining of our children in violation of their civil liberties. My overriding fear is that time honored American traditions such as dissent and personal expression could give way to the collective and to communist concepts such as social justice and that our Constitution will be reduced to a Communitarian document where civil liberties are solely dependent upon the “common good”.

The Common Core Data Mining of Our Children Is Out of Control

common core 2Some schools use radio frequency identification tags to track student locat human monitoring services throughout the school day. Other schools use what is referred to as “” that read student email and then contact local law enforcement when it is deemed necessary. Amazingly, the parents of the children whose privacy is being violated will never know what data is being collected.

InBloom is one of those companies who has access to your children’s most sensitive data. InBloom is a nonprofit corporation based in Atlanta, and they have granted themselves the authority to collect information from Atlanta’s school district databases and store it in the cloud. People in Atlanta, did you as a parent give permission to them to store your child’s personal information?

Did all parents sign a waiver granting permission to these private vendors to violate the privacy rights of our children? Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is just such a vendor. InBloom has the backing of the enemy of the common man, namely Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill Gates has donated $100 million in seed money from the  to InBloom. Is anyone else sick of Bill Gates yet? Whether it is the Ebola vaccine or being the original computer robber baron of the modern age, Gates seemingly has his hand in every pie. We need to get this despot out of our children’s lives.

This data mining insanity has already spread into nine states. Every test score and every interaction with a digital learning tool is recorded. Data gathering includes health, fitness and sleeping habits, sexual activity, enthusiasm, prescription drug use, alcohol use and disciplinary matters. Students’ attitudes, sociability and even “” are quantified, analyzed, recorded and dropped into giant data systems.  New York State has already uploaded data on 90% of 2.7 million public school and charter school students.

Colorado Is a Communist Core Nightmare

Most Colorado parents have no idea of the conspiracy that is on track for full implementation by the current 2015-2016 school year. The Colorado version of this insanity, being implemented by TS Gold with a $30  million dollar grant, measures the “whole child.” The whole child is education talk for complete data mining invasiveness which measures children’s social compliance to authority as the central theme.

The term, the “Whole Child” means that TS Gold and InBloom are not just testing for “literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies and the arts,” but also for “developmental domains including social emotional, physical, language and cognitive development.” Students are rated and recorded on their ability to do things like “respond to emotional cues,” “interact cooperatively” and “cooperate and share ideas and materials in socially acceptable ways.” I think we should be asking what defines cooperative and socially acceptable?

Under TS Gold, the participating teachers are subjected to extensive training, at a time when they cannot keep up with the statistically unproven protocols being imposed upon them by Common Core advocates in defense of their money-making ancillary endeavors.

One of out two teachers are leaving the profession within five years of starting in the profession. This program will only serve to exacerbate the problem of teacher attrition. And as if the relentless gathering of data was not enough, now participating Colorado teachers are being forced to upload student observational data derived from video and audio recordings as well as from teacher observations. The information is stored on “the cloud” and parents are unable to find out who has access to their children’s data. Is the data secure? How long will the data be stored? The data storage is often referred to as P 20. This means that this data mining of our children takes place at least from preschool through their entry into the labor force. Certainly, this gives educrats such as Bill Gates the opportunity to access the data and devise unproven programs to sell back to the state education departments in which opportunists such as Gates can make even more money.

With regard to the violation of student privacy and the usurpation of the parental authority, parents are acquiescing to this illegitimate authority. Today, 42,000 Colorado children are subjected to this tyranny. In this 2015-2016 school year, every child in Colorado will be falling under this totalitarian umbrella that Hitler and Stalin would be envious of.

At least one Colorado parent is not on board with this tyrannical violation of children’s rights. Aurora, Colorado parent, Lauren Coker, actually discovered that TS Gold assessors in her son’s public preschool had recorded information about her son’s trips to the bathroom, his hand-washing habits and his ability to pull up his pants. When Coker was not able to opt of the program because that would threaten the revenue stream to the school from Common Core, she had the good sense to pull her child from the school. Coker has tried unsuccessfully to get her son’s data removed the cloud that the school uploaded his data to.

A More Sinister Motive Beyond Profit?

In a seemingly unrelated area, are you upset by the fact that your most intimate medical data is on file with the IRS under Obamacare provisions? This seems unrelated to the present topic at hand. However, I do not think that is the case. This excessive data mining is taking place at every level of society. The TSA gets to grope you and your family as you travel on airplanes in an age where the TSA has not prevented even one terrorist attack and anyone with Ebola can board a plane in Africa and travel to the United States. The NSA, without a warrant and in violation of the Fourth Amendment, spies on your every electronic communication. And now, Colorado and New York schools are spying on your children in ways that were not even deemed possible only just a few years ago.

The net effect of these intrusive practices, is that our country is being totally brought under the police state surveillance grid and something like the East German Stasi is overseeing these massive intrusions. It is bad enough that we are being forced to live in a burgeoning police state as our Bill of Rights is evaporating before our very eyes. Now our children are being assessed for compliance skills in a manner befitting the most authoritarian regimes in the history of the planet.

Is anybody else concerned about the nonacademic measures that our children are being subjected to? What do the constructs of “Interact cooperatively” and behave in some manner of arbitrarily determined “socially acceptable ways”? Socially acceptable to whom? Conversely, where is the data on the teaching of such interpersonal skills as the ability to debate and defend one’s own viewpoint? Why aren’t attributes such as self-reliance and independence being taught in the Common Core curriculum as it is being applied in Colorado? These are the skills that befit a republic form of participatory government. These are the social compliance skills needed to survive under Pol Pot or Stalin or Mao!

These “skills” being data mined by corporations such at InBloom and TS Gold having NOTHING to do with education.


When the government, through Common Core is acquiring data on the compliance skills of your children, this should send chills up and down your spine. At minimum, such data could be used to determine employment suitability based upon the level of compliance to authority. In the worst case scenario, and as has happened so many times in despotic regimes in history, do our non-compliant children have something to worry about in the future from the ultimate holders of this data?

hitler youth movement

Let’ call this what it is, it is the establishment of a modern version of the Hitler Youth Movement!

What is this spreads to other states? When the “Communist Core” intrusive data mining practices come to your child’s school, what will you, as a parent do? Will you submit to tyranny or will you inform your neighbors and take a stand? If push comes to shove, will you submit or step up?

Attention parents, your children depend on you to defend them from this tyranny. If you cannot convince your politicians to stop taking campaign donations from these unholy Educrat organizations and take a stand against tyranny, then take your children out of the system and home-school them. If your state outlaws homeschooling like what happened in Germany, then be willing to defy authority and go to jail. You are the last line of defense for your children.


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