Incessant Madness: Hospitals Using Children as … Guinea Kids

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

We have reported on several occasions concerning pharmaceutical companies and hospitals using wards of the state (children) for drug trials and medical studies that amount to experimentation, or … Guinea Kids.

Many of these children have been removed from homes under false or trumped up charges/accusations by a for-profit CPS system that is out of control, and have suffered poor or no legal representation due to a corrupt family court system. In this situation parents have no right to refuse these treatments, and in many cases are not even made aware of these actions (experiments) being conducted on their children.

How can we of supposed good conscience stand idly by and permit this to continue? What follows is another example of this deplorable practice, and the concerned individual who decided to stand up to this corrupt and dangerous system. Please read and listen to what is presented below, and research this travesty and unethical practice … then PLEASE let you voice be heard!

Incessant Madness: Hospitals Using Children as … Guinea Kids


Submitted by TLB Contributor: Melissa Diegel

It is a known fact that hospitals like Phoenix Children’s Hospital use children as … Guinea Kids, often times putting medically fragile children on drug trials without their parents permission.

There is little to no accountability for these larger entities when they cross the line morally, ethically and physically.

Who, what, where and when will they stop this incessant madness.. where they use children as pin cushions to further science?

#FreeMartyG Morally, consciously and physically took a stand to stop an entity that was hell bent on using Justina Pelletier as a … Guinea Kid.

Marty has refused all food and water after being arrested for “cyber crimes” against Boston Children’s Hospital because he hacked into their systems to save a particular little girl named Justina Pelletier. *Notably no patients were harmed during the retrieval to get information to save her life.

Now in order to take a continued stance on behalf of all the other suffering children that are being used as Guinea kids in hospitals, #FreeMartyG has declined water since Friday.

We will never forget what Marty has done and is you doing to save children. Thank you for doing the morally correct thing to help stop monsters such as Boston Children’s Hospital. Thank you for caring enough to save Justina Pelletier and other children who are being physically tortured. We support you! God bless you.

A word from MartyG

#MelissaDiegel #FreeMartyG

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