Independence – From What?


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By: Lucille Femine, TLB staff

On this July 4th, the day we traditionally celebrate our independence from the oppressive mother country, and a mighty bloody battle it was, that Revolutionary War. But did we really win?

Today and all of this planet’s yesterdays, we have faced a much bigger battle for independence, much more ominous and threatening to our very existence and peace of mind.

It’s a battle to be free from the oppressive forces that work incessantly to keep us “dependent” on them for every aspect of our lives. Their only motive for allowing us to live is an insatiable lust for power and greed. A very old story.

This is an ancient battle for freedom, one of which the War for Independence in this country was a mere episode.

The game has become extremely intense when you witness actions such as Monsanto engages in to dominate the entire planet’s land in order to grow food that kills us. All to make a profit and destroy our independence, our freedom to grow our own food as we choose.

Take the NDAA, the oppressive law meant to instill fear in our hearts and make us “dependent” on them, under the false premise that they are defending our freedom from terrorism.

When you examine games children play on their phones and such, you see they are just microcosms, exact replicas of the very activities going on all over the planet to keep us enslaved – the timeless battle of good and evil. We just have new players today. But the game is the same, the motives the same.

The game of war and peace is instilled in us from birth. After all, this is a prison planet and we all instinctively know that. It seems we are born fully equipped mentally and ready for battle. And we practice, as little boys do with toy guns and arrows. By the way, take a look at how even these childhood games are being suppressed. Recently, a young boy was considered mentally unstable because he twirled a pencil in school.

Not to defend war but don’t we need to be independent of these new, unwritten “laws” that force us to be “dependent” on their dictates of how children should and should not behave? Are they claiming to “protect” us from potential terrorists? Innocent children at play?

Again this is all to protect us by suppressing our independence to act freely in our choice to have or not have weapons.

When you look at how many shoot ‘em ups children watched on TV in the old days, how many of them grew up to be murderers and terrorists? I daresay statistics would reveal nothing to shake a stick at. (so to speak)

Let’s get to the true source of senseless murders – psychotropic drugs, another insidious, evil plan to make us dependent and robotic. Slaves. This is one of the most vital causes for independence we can ever engage in. This one takes away the freedom to think, feel and behave from the core of our being, where sanity resides.

If we can’t do that, the game of life is over for the majority of us who simply want to live freely, love, be happy and help each other. And they win their questionable “freedom.” From us?? I’d say that reeks heavily of paranoia.

If we get to the bottom of this situation on planet Earth, we might see something very interesting. First of all, the very basic of keeping life going and worthwhile is the ability and freedom to play a game.

It doesn’t matter how gruesome and deadly the game is, as in war, it is still a game.

Consider the lives of many of the leisure class. They have everything they want at their fingertips or they might have to work a bit and snap their  fingers at one servant or another. No game. Nothing to work or fight for. But they certainly experience a lot of boredom, at least eventually.

So what do they do to keep life interesting? They create conflicts, arguments, play silly video games, get drunk and crash cars – all just to have a game. Often, they might get sick just to have a game. But then, many of us succumb to that now and then – the game of acquiring sympathy.

If you consider the globalists and their gazillions of dollars, the ultimate in the leisure class, what game do they play? War. They play one nation against the other just to watch the game.

Now here’s a very potent question: do we want to play that game? Sure, we’re on the other side of the field, doing battle against them, but aren’t we still playing that same game? That endless battle for independence we never seem to permanently win?

The answer is, if this is the major game we are playing, what would happen if we win and all the oppressors are sent off to pasture? There would be no more game.

Therefore, we need independence from this need to play the game of war. BECAUSE BY SIMPLY PLAYING IT, WE KEEP IT ALIVE. Is that what we really want? Been there, done that, no?

There comes a time ultimately when we grow weary of a particular game. It may take centuries but it happens. I believe that time is approaching. We are entering a spiritual awakening where people on this planet are beginning to realize there are better games to play. And by playing these better games, the old one of war with all its misery simply vanishes from lack of care.

I don’t mean to say we should ignore the perils that exist for us now; we need to be constantly vigilant. But that is only to create a safe space so we can play a better game, to clear the field of ancient debris from war and senseless death.

While we do that, we create games like: grow more and more organic food, form independent, freedom-loving communities, create more schools that teach children correctly and help them be “independent” free thinkers, teach the Constitution, create and encourage art in all its forms in great abundance, teach tolerance for each other and our own beliefs, use healthy solutions to illness, have compassion for those who suffer. Listen to each other because we are all awesome beings – the true power on this planet.

Above all, teach and enlighten others on how to do all that. Create a better world. It’s simple. That’s the game.

So, on this special day, I salute YOU and wish you your independence to be a free American, the way our forefathers meant it to be.



Lucille Femine, Executive Assistant for The Liberty Beacon project





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