International Vaccine Injury Awareness – Lighting Candles Across the World

International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day Saw Countries Around the World Lighting Candles and Speaking Out on the Dangers of Vaccination

By TLB Contributing Author: Christina England, BA Hons

On International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day, June, 3, 2017, The Light a Candle Action took place in at least ten countries around the world. The event was initiated after the Italian government proposed new legislation to increase the number of their mandatory vaccinations to 12, resulting in over 10,000 outraged parents taking to the streets in at least 20 cities.

Italy was not the only country to take to the streets in protest of increased vaccination mandates. Citizens of Poland, another country that has recently had their vaccine mandates increased, also organized a march to take place on International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day, and like Italy, at least 10,000 people from all over Poland took part.

The day was a huge success, with events taking place in France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic. To mark the occasion, author and member of the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV), Anna Watson, wrote an article titled Light a Candle for the Vaccine Damaged, in which she urged people from around the world to light a virtual candle in remembrance of those who have suffered a vaccination injury.

She wrote:

“Light this virtual candle to express your support for the International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day and commemorate all the vaccine injured children and adults throughout the world.”

To date, 1,856 people have lit the candle from around the world.

In an exclusive interview, Watson told us that:

In the UK, June 3rd landed at the end of the half-term holidays with many people away. Some others may have been concerned about coming to Parliament because of the recent attacks on Parliament.”

She explained:

“The UK had nearly 100 people at Old Palace Yard outside the House of Lords, mostly marching from Trafalgar Square. There were so many excellent posters and banners and it has been estimated that photos and tweets have reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, so although we haven’t any mainstream media interest, we have most definitely spread the news of the action.”

She added that the main news of the day was the fact that, under an updated Freedom of Information request, she and her team had learned that nearly 1000 people in the UK had been awarded a total of £74,000,000 from the Department of Work and Pensions vaccine damage payment unit (VDPU).

She stated that:

“The key information to take on board is that people must prove causally that the vaccines caused over 60% disability! So, since 1976, nearly 1000 people have been made severely disabled after a vaccine. This is worth sharing because how can parents be expected to vaccinate their children with such risks? It must remain a fully informed decision. Please follow the situation in Europe here and the situation in the UK here.

Please be reminded to sign this petition if you havent already. We are preparing action to present the petition. It currently stands at nearly 60,000.”

This news was explained further in her video.

The US Also Protested in Anger at the Increased Vaccination Mandates

A US campaigner and activist, Sallie O. Elkordy, also took part in the event by broadcasting a series of radio shows in which she had interviewed people from around the world who were taking part in the event.

On her blog, titled Vaccines are not healthy for children and other living things, she wrote:

“JUNE 1, 2017 — I have been busy interviewing people from around the world who are taking ACTION, many for the first time on June 3rd. Such a privilege to interview activists from a multitude of Countries.  Anna Watson of the UK connected me to most of them. The shows are listed below:

~ Ireland and the U. S. A.

~ Poland and Great Britain

~ Italy

~ Czech Republic:

No matter where you are, YOU CAN LIGHT A CANDLE in remembrance of those who have been injured or died from vaccination.

Its easy, check this out for inspiration:

Send your photos to me here: and I will forward them to Anna Watson, Events Organizer.”

Elkordy explained that she believed that the video at the top of her blog, featuring a dozen babies who had died after vaccination in the US, sent out a chilling message to everyone who believes that vaccines are safe.

The UK Marched Through London in Memory of Those Injured by Vaccines

In the UK, supporters gathered together from all over the Great Britain to mark the occasion, marching from Londons Trafalgar Square to Old Palace Yard, to light candles in memory of vaccine injured children.

Whilst the majority of campaigners held banners and posters representing children injured by routine vaccinations, the remainder handed out leaflets to passers-by. Amazingly, the publics response was largely supportive of our demonstration and campaigners were surprised that only a few of the bystanders refused the leaflets, with some even engaging in conversation.

The Vaxxed Car Was Parked Opposite Parliament for Families to Sign

As interest in the group increased, one mother whose son had been seriously injured by the MMR vaccine, Mrs. Allison Edwards, parked her car directly opposite Parliament. Mrs. Edwards was a surprise addition to the day and her car is by no means an ordinary car. Being a Vaxxed team representative herself, she had decided in February of this year to have her car wrapped in the Vaxxed logo, and now travels around the UK urging families with vaccine-injured children to sign the car with a permanent marker.

Mrs. Edwards explained that she believed that UK families who had been unable to sign the Vaxxed bus, a bus that travels around the US for families to sign, could instead sign the Vaxxed car.

She explained that:

I went to Texas in November last year to visit Polly Tommy and decided after touring with the huge Vaxxed Bus we needed our own UK version – but how??? When Andrew Wakefield arranged to come to the February, UK premier of Vaxxed, I said I’d pick him up from the station, and originally thought that maybe a London taxi with Vaxxed on might do instead of a bus. However, I was suddenly inspired as I looked at my very James Bond ‘British’ 12-year-old Range Rover – what else would be better – nothing. So the week before he came I had it wrapped. It looked quite a beast in the shiny black! Then after we sold our private registration plate we discovered the original plate from 12 years ago was VX55 PFZ.

I think it was always meant to be The Vaxxed Car.”

Christina’s son Daniel signing the car:

Mrs. Edwards stated that:

“Vaxxed is a movement that is important to parents all over the world who believe their child or a member of their family was injured by a vaccine. Particularly devastating is the fact that their stories have thus far been ignored and they feel invisible. At last they are being heard by the world, although they still feel invisible because products, jobs and business comes before lives in the modern world. Out of respect for the suffering, including that of my own family, the car is my tribute to them, a memorial in many cases. I do hope other parents in other countries will follow on and have their own car that travels their land and has space to write down the names who made the ultimate sacrifice to vaccine development.”

The car certainly made an impact, as many of the families who had attended the demonstration lined up to sign the car and tell their stories. Mrs. Edwards told us that to date, the car boasts a total of 193 signatures.

An Arnica volunteer, Ms. Colleen McDonnell, who had assisted Arnica, with the media coverage of the event, explained that the Light a Candle march and demonstration in London had been organized by Arnica and stated that:

“The purpose of the demonstration was to raise the publics awareness of the many injustices that surround vaccine injury worldwide, particularly in the UK where, for instance, victims must prove 60% disability from a vaccine to get any compensation at all from the government.”

She continued that:

“As proponents of natural immunity, most of the demonstrators are sadly still in the minority in our day-to-day lives, so it was inspiring and good for the soul to be in the actual company (as opposed to virtual company) of so many like-minded people. After gathering at 11 am in Trafalgar Square, we set of for Parliament Square at just after 1130 pm.

With natural health campaigner, Mrs. Joanna Wood (ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood) and her daughter-in-law and model, Tilly Wood, leading the way we marched down Whitehall, past 10 Downing Street to Old Palace Yard.

At the edge of Parliament Square, opposite the House of Lords, there were about 90 of us, which included families, children and some on their own. We set down our candles and set up our banners around the tall statue of George IV. The atmosphere was relaxed as some gave interviews to camera, others handed out leaflets to passers-by and we all took and shared photos to social media with the hashtags #lightacandle and #vaccineinjury.”

Describing the arrival of the Vaxxed car, she stated:

“Surprise guest, the UK Vaxxed car, arrived at about 1 pm, driven by its owners Jonathan and Allison Edwards (best friends with Polly Tommey of Team Vaxxed). A candle was placed on the bonnet of the Vaxxed car and everyone was given the chance to sign the names of any loved ones who had been injured by vaccines. A couple of American tourists, a woman and her daughter, were just passing by when they spotted our banners. The daughter, now aged 19, had been badly injured as a newborn from the hep B jab. Her mother told her story as her daughter, aged 19, signed the Vaxxed car.”

Ms. McDonnell concluded that:

“Wed all been busy bees in the preceding weeks and days, producing leaflets, posters and banners. Most of the prep work was collaborative, so wed been talking to each other or communicating on Facebook to ask for help, share information and triple-check facts. I think that although this special awareness day has been going in London for a few years now, I strongly feel this year, Vaccine Injury Awareness Day represented the birth of a new very active and powerful phase for our cause.

Our commitment to raising the publics awareness of the dangers of vaccines is only going to get bigger, more compelling and more powerful. Month after month, not year after year.”

Whilst attending the event, I was one of the few attendees interviewed for the news channel newsflare and I took this rare opportunity to not only speak out about the vaccine-injured children but also on behalf of the many falsely accused parents who been jailed for a crime that they did not commit, after their child had suffered a vaccine injury.

Author and writer for the alternative news website Collective Evolution, Mrs. Anna Rogers, explained that attending the protest was for her a bittersweet day. She told us that the day had been sweet, because protesters got to meet so many like-minded people who were also passionate about the cause and prepared to fight. But equally bitter because she believed the number of people who attended on the day was low, which she felt was disappointing.

She stated:

We were hoping for thousands, but sadly the number of attendees was poor.  It was heart-breaking to see all of the children memorialised on the banners, and to hear the tragic stories from the families.

I don’t think many realise that NOW is the time to act, NOW is the time to show the government and our ‘healthauthorities we mean business and that we arent going to take mandatory vaccines lying down.  They simply cannot be forced upon the children of the United Kingdom.  Italy has recently had a terrible new law passed, and their vaccines have now tripled. Italian school children must now have 12 vaccines for them to go to school, or their parents will have to pay a huge fine.  Germany are also imposing strict new laws and its only a matter of time before they do it here in the UK.

We must come together NOW before it is too late.”

She is of course, correct, now IS the time to act. It is a reality that vaccine mandates are slowly being introduced around the World and it is no good fighting after the event because prevention is better than cure. How many more children will suffer a vaccine injury, if the public sit on their laurels and do nothing?


About the Author: Christina England was born and educated in London, U.K. After taking an A Level in Psychology and a BTEC in Learning Support, Ms. England spent many years researching vaccines and adverse reactions. She gained a Higher National Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies and in 2016 she gained a BA Hons degree in Literature & Humanities. She currently writes for VacTruth, Health Impact News, GreenMedInfo, The Liberty Beacon, Vaccine Impact and Medical Kidnap on immunisation safety and efficacy. She has co-authored the book, Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused? with Dr. Harold Buttram and Vaccination Policy and the UK Government: The Untold Truth with Lucija Tomljenovic PhD, which are sold on Amazon. Websites: Profitable Harm, Carers Against Medical Injustice


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  2. Just would like to specify that the Light a Candle event was initiated in Czech Republic in 2015 and the International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day was announced in cooperation with European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV) in 2016. This year the idea really spread internationally and many countries and people joined and Italy and Poland made huge demonstrations against mandatory vaccination on this Day. It is exciting to see people taking actions. Thank you for your excellent article!

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