Iron Mountain – Planned Genocide And Paved Way To Tyranny (Official Rare Documentary)



Commentary by Mary Carmel (TLB)


As we enter into the final battle for our US Constitution and Sovereignty against the United Nations, we see an abundance of news in the alternative media that is shocking. As most people have predicted, this revolution will not be televised, and it has not been.  We have relied on freedom of information, the internet, and the elite’s popcorn trail of methodically planned crimes against humanity. From Agenda 21 to their purposeful geoengineering it was hard to piece this together, some are still confused. We are not only witnessing, but being forced into, a worldwide peace treaty that is ILLEGAL. You cannot promote, nor achieve peace through force, This is a given.


It is not hard to understand why the US people are being attacked via the environment, food, water, and other unspeakable war crimes like forced sterilization and detention without due process. The lack of education in America (and much of the West), was created by the UN, as well as the Jesuit controlled media blackout of the insanity they are trying to sell us here! Since 1871, we have been lied to and robbed blind,  now we are in the final  phase of enslavement, marching toward physical peril under this sinister plan. Where is the outrage?


I would highly recommend that you see the following  video, and if there are people in your life that have walked away, labeling you as a conspiracy nut lately, just send them to the appropriate senate bills presented, and the UN website to read for themselves. This goes back a long time, but we ARE in the final phase. they cannot achieve their goal of a one world government, unless Americans, as well as Europeans, and other countries in their stronghold, simply say enough! It is a decision people must undertake, and it is not difficult to see that it is a life or death matter here.


They have DOCUMENTED that they needed a a substitution for war to control us, and they have used a climate crisis, as well as the geoengineered state of our planet to blame “we the people” for what they are doing! It is the biggest scam on the planet (no pun intended), to take everything else that is left for us and for our children illegally and selfishly. The Federal land that is being grabbed is countless by the acre! Americans, do not wait until they are at your door, taking your land, or arresting  you, under some fabricated”LAW OF THE LAND”…there IS no law of  the land  except the US Constitution. The executive orders are bogus, and DC is a foreign entity that we are at WAR with!


If you do not get it, after seeing this video, and have not walked away from your TV yet, please take precaution, and remember to pack your brain, as Pope Francis delivers his address to the UN and our Congress about the need for a New World Order, with his “climate change” sales pitch. This is all by design, our government has tried to sell us down the river to the UN and it’s deception of a “peacekeeping” force ( federalized police state), that will take our country into a spiral that we cannot  EVER recover from. Please remember that they did NOT have our CONSENT to do any of this (since 1871), and it cannot be achieved unless we LET THEM DO IT. The time is short. Speak out. Step up. MC


Uploaded on Nov 16, 2011


This is the real agenda, and it confirms all disclosures that came from people like William (Bill) Cooper (RIP), Eustace Mullins and of course Alan Watt.
The Video that started it all – written about in the WALL STREET JOURNAL and the subject of an NBC DATELINE. This is a documentary investigating the little known IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT, leaked to the press in 1967. Purports to be a top-secret government plan to bring in the New World Order and the ultimate plans for American citizens. Declared a hoax, it was later verified by a top Pentagon official as real. The agenda is being carried out right under the noses of the American people. UFO’s play a major role in the Iron Mountain NWO. It is all about people control via deception and manipulation. Deep into Eugenics, birth control and hideous plans for a tyrannical slave state. It is all coming true after OKC and 9-11 with the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the military police operating in America. Airports first, railroads, then highways, and finally a complete LOCKDOWN under the pretense of “security”. A MUST SEE VIDEO


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