Is Conservative Talk Our Poison?


By TLB Contributor:  David Zuniga

Like the horror film genre, the conservative talk industry is ‘entertainment’ that excites the limbic system of the brain, inciting repeated anxiety, fear, and anger — and is thus both cruel and destructive.

However, it produces excellent financial results because Americans are predictable consumers.  Over the past generation, many young Americans came to love horror films.  In the same way, I believe millions have become addicted to conservative talk, making it potentially worse for America’s future than open communism.

Some of these stars openly admit that they are merely entertainers; most of them do not, and most listeners cannot discern that conservative talk is just that: talk.

During my lifetime, Americans transmogrified from an industrious people with time only for factual news — into self-obsessed consumers, seeking entertainment in place of news.  Today, a factual news report won’t garner market share; too many limbic systems have been conditioned to fear, anxiety, and rage.  They are now like a drug for millions of conservatives.

Does this describe you?  Be honest with yourself; do you go on social media to argue, knowing you won’t improve a thing? Do you listen to these talk show hosts knowing that nothing they say ever improves anything?

How the conservative talk market works

Consider the passionate hero that you listen to or read, every day. Having invented the market, Rush Limbaugh removed his mask years ago; he readily admitted to being a GOP shill and an entertainer.  But don’t you ever wonder who will give himself a heart attack first — Mark Levin or Alex Jones — from all his screaming and ‘anger’?

Conservative radio, TV, and Internet ‘news’ shares an entertainment market with ABC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, et al…and the political parties…and the non-profits…and the End-Times preachers.

Here’s the drill: keep the folks hopping mad; fear and loathing brings audience, who buy your brand-name tea…or your precious metals merchant’s stuff…or your colloidal silver, water filters, and emergency food…or they will run their credit card for your latest ‘money bomb’ campaign or Holy Land cruise.

How long can you milk a sheep?  Several decades, apparently.  Get the picture now, angry patriot: if you’re sincerely upset and want to restore America, these stars won’t help you.  Rush, Sean, Glenn, Mark, Mike, Alex, Dennis, Joe, Laura, Michael — as well as NRA, GOA, Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, Hillsdale College, and many other 501c3s making up ‘conservatism’ today — are conservative only in that they seek to conserve their golden goose.

Don’t take it personally; it’s just business.  A talk-star is a businessman first, in an entertainment market that daily mines a rich and growing demographic vein: the productive, disgruntled, patriotic American.  Perhaps the entertainer figures, “Addicted ‘talkies’ will go someplace on the dial; it may as well be me!”.

The GOP needs the Democrat party and vise-versa, to remain relevant (profitable); political junkies pay to see a fight.  In the same way, the world of conservative talk needs to have the bad guy: organized crime in government and an increasingly tyrannical police state.  These stars are just giving you what you demand.  I just want you to think about this, and appreciate the irony of your own conditioning and inaction.

American Christians have been here before

One would think that gullible Americans learned their lesson after decades of public exposures of charlatans Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Hagin, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Oral Roberts, and many others.  But no;  when P.T. Barnum said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”, he was being too conservative.

Of course it’s a free country.  Do as you like with your money; it’s none of my business.  My point is only that you need to realize that no amount of listening or donating to entertainers will ever restore America.  First, real solutions would put the entertainer out of business.  Secondly, no entertainer or think tank can restore a Republic.  Our system of popular sovereignty means that solutions are the duty of every citizen.

First Things First

America’s five principles made America unique for many generations: 1) Popular sovereignty – the People, collectively, as highest authority and true federalism (sovereign States); 2) Christian faith and principles including the ‘Protestant work ethic’; 3) Private property; 4) Citizen Militia and a coastal Navy as our only armed forces, and 5) George Washington’s principle of avoiding “entangling alliances” (non-intervention in foreign affairs).

These original American principles were dismantled by Lincoln, who like several presidents before him and almost every president after him, operated under orders from the wealthy mercantilists that run the world.

The Gun Lobby and Non-Profit Industry

Conservative talk is not limited to radio, TV, and the Internet.  For instance, the NRA and GOA will never restore the citizen militia of the several States, as demanded by law; your dues to them is wasted on political fireworks, nothing more.

Besides educating us about what we’ve already heard, when have we ever seen any nonprofit (Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, et al) actually sponsor real action for reform?  Like government agencies, conservative think-tanks reform nothing.  They produce monographs and studies, and sponsor expensive conferences that at the very most are reactive; they will never restore what we already lost.

They stir the same politics pot that has attracted the stars of ‘conservative talk’.  Their goal is to keep you angry, afraid, and buying or paying to ‘fight the crisis’.  In time, all this pointless ‘action’ without any restoration will make you cynical.  But by then, they will have made their pile from your purchases and donations.

The most successful such campaign I ever witnessed was WorldNet Daily’s 2009 Send Congress a Pink Slip campaign, that brought in $275 million from over nine million Americans in the Fall of the TEA Party’s birth year.  It accomplished nothing besides enriching its organizers.

These conservative heroes and organizations are no different from the liberal media, or the two corrupt political parties.  They are all about market share, audience size, and ad space.  However much truth you learn from them, and however much you love your favorite conservative star, they will never sponsor or push for real solutions to end the reign of the D.C. Leviathan.  It’s all about the money.

They need the threat to continue, so that you will keep running your credit card. Your frustration and fear is their profit model.

The first step in recovery: Admitting what you are

Einstein said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet always expecting a different result.  If you listen to Rush or read WorldNetDaily or Infowars every day, you will never become part of a solution.  You can go to the WND or Infowars site and learn how to buy gold and ammo, hide in the boondocks, feed yourself, and kill the hungry neighbors pounding at your door, when the time comes. You can sign up for any of the NewsMax pop-up ads, and receive a “super-special, eye-opening, life-changing report…FREE!” Along with a gazillion pieces of junk mail for the rest of your life.

The stars of conservative talk will never lead a critical mass of citizens to become a unified force to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The same applies to your social media addiction.  Face it — no amount of posting patriotic quotations or pictures will change anything.  Notice: has your favorite conservative web site, radio or TV show, or social media site ever promoted a real solution?  Or does it just stir up your fear, loathing, and blood pressure every single day?

How about your conservative talk-star’s “action plan”; did Glenn Beck’s first nine “final solution” plans work out for you?  Or did you finally get the picture that building ratings (thus advertiser revenue) is what these stars are after?

Guess what? Mark Levin isn’t really as blood-spittingly angry as he sounds.  It’s his act.  He’s actually quite happy with his stellar ad revenue.  Do you wonder how they can drum up a new cauldron of righteous indignation again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next?  That’s entertainment; it’s an entertainer’s talent.  After Limbaugh made his first $50 million, he was able to start having fun as his former ‘anger’ cooled.  The others will, too, once their estates reach a certain level.

Passive listening — even if you scream at your radio — changes nothing.  It is not the kind of life lived by sovereigns.

We became passive couch-potatoes; the conservative talk industry moved in to feed on the demographic pig-in-a-python.  Limbaugh made the model for all others to follow; dozens found their own ‘true believer’ demographic segment. Hundreds of cities’ local radio stations now play nothing but wall-to-wall conservative talkers and their wall-to-wall advertisements; they know what pays.

A destructive feedback loop

Each of these actors has built and refined his own shtick and on-air theatrical persona.  This is sick.  These performers should be ashamed of themselves for doing this.  But when you listen to them and pay them, you are half of the feedback loop that makes Glenn cry, makes Mark scream as though he’s about to have a heart attack, and makes the veins in Alex’s neck and forehead pop out as he almost turns clinical.  You have told them what you like; just as is true of horror movie fans, you’ve told them that you want the ranting, the tears, the never-ending fear and loathing.

Please understand the sin here, fellow Christian: as is the case with adultery, or drug abuse, or needing to drink every night, or pornography and masturbation, you are consciously giving yourself over to gradual self-destruction and sin. Of course the drug dealers, liquor stores, and porn industry love you — but you are still pouring your God-given life and energy into the sewer.  You can stop this, even if you absolutely LOVE Rush, or Glenn, or Mark, or Alex, or whoever.

Fellow American, grow up!  Please don’t tell me that I’m barking up the wrong tree; I’m exposing the conservative talk phenomenon for what it is — and it is NOT substantive solutions.  To start regaining what we’ve lost, it’s time to tune out the high-blood-pressure machine and get working on solutions.

A note of clarification

I am not suggesting that I know everything that these individuals or organizations are doing in life.  Nor am I suggesting that many of them do not engage in wonderful acts of charity or public service.  They very well might.  Nor am I suggesting that they are horrible people; “Love the sinner, hate the sin” in this context means that a great person can still feed a destructive societal mechanism.  Rush Limbaugh certainly bears most responsibility for inventing this industry, and has paid a high price in scorn from feminists and communists.

Nor do I wish to paint The Mike Church Show with this brush; from years of following that show, I know that Mike Church has taught American history, civics, and the Constitution even if it means a smaller market share.  Mike has also worked tirelessly to make changes in the system via an avenue with which I disagree, an Article V constitutional convention. He is the unique ‘Re-Founding Father’ in the conservative talk industry.

I am suggesting here, rather, that We The People are the most to blame — WE neuter ourselves.  These stars and organizations just feed on a huge, profitable opportunity.  Just like you, they can’t help themselves; it’s a great gig once you get there.  Why would they want to change?

Some bridges need burning

To you who say, “Zuniga is attacking potential allies of AmericaAgain! — how foolish!”, truth can never be bad policy.  If my assessment of the ‘conservative’ industry is accurate, they won’t ever promote a solution like AmericaAgain!.  A solution to most of what they harp about every day, would kill their golden goose.

Besides Mike Church already mentioned, if my assessment is wrong in the case of a rare conservative talker, he will support AmericaAgain! to prove it — but I won’t hold my breath.  My deepest conviction is that the conservative talk industry is conditioning the American people as the Reagan presidency did: all the more dangerous because we think it is a solution even though in 25 years it hasn’t been.

The Founding Fathers’ Solution

Our criminal employees must be brought back under obedience to the law that they — and all of us — have long scorned. That is the mission of AmericaAgain!, and it is a very basic concept.

I am not suggesting that AmericaAgain! is the only long-term self-government mechanism in this republic; it’s just the only one of which I am aware.  Read our FAQ page and AmericaAgain! Declaration, and compare our organization and mission to any other.  If you find a better solution than AmericaAgain!, join them and get to work.

If you agree with my assessment of the ‘conservative movement’, please don’t simply “like” this article.  Send it to your addicted friend who spends hours per day listening to conservative talkers; posting futile arguments, quotations, pictures, or cynical jokes on social media.  Reading and listening to the work of others never restored a civilization.

Our civilization was, and again can be, unique in the world by renewing our disposition to courageous action.  The New World now resembles the Old World in all the worst aspects.  Yet, we now have the best opportunity in over 150 years, to restore America to the Founding Fathers’ amazing design for a republic of sovereign States, superintended by We The People, the apex sovereigns — even just a very small but responsible minority.

Cynicism and venting at a radio or on social media is no match for our forefathers’ courage, resolution, and action.

We The People need to begin using the brains that God gave us and tune out our conservative talk addiction.  By beginning to perform the duty that makes us Americans, we can begin to restore America far more than any entertainer can.  The Internet has given us the most powerful tactical force massing tool in history.  Our Constitution — the oldest extant constitution on earth and by far the most magnificent — still stands.  But only to the extent that we enforce it.

Conservative talk is not conserving anything.  We must repent our hopeless inaction and cynicism — put action to our talk — and we will stand a far better chance of restoring our Republic and of glorifying Jesus Christ, in whose name America was first settled, and long blessed.

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  1. Talk radio is useless for savvy patriots. Lots of shallow re hashed info. Do nothing talk shows and their hosts appear to be only interested in money by selling ads and books, etc. No results are ever seen even in the days of short wave talk shows in the early 90’s. patriot org. and their meetings are also do nothing social clubs. Small groups of trusted friends who are prepping for the meltdown seems to be only ans.

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