Is the Epicyte Gene Causing Sterility In The GMO Corn You Eat?



In 2001 a company based in San Diego named Epicyte isolated a protein that was said to bring on sterility in men and women. It has been noted in a few sources on the Internet that an alliance and deal were made with Monsanto and DuPont to place this epicyte gene into commercially available GM corn. Now, since Monsanto and other companies are so hush hush about their process and so vehement about opposing labeling one must wonder when they read such stories that would otherwise look like they came from science fiction if indeed we are consuming GM corn with an infertility gene in it that will ultimately bring about sterility within two to three generations to curb the overpopulation “problem.”

It is no secret that certain organizations and eugenicists have for decades been working on ways to decrease populations specifically among those they deem to be undesirable. The eugenicist movement was very big in the beginning of the 1900s in the US with names like Margaret Sanger and even Nicola Tesla among others being associated with them.

Is it really out of the realm of believability to think that these biotech companies in league with Monsanto and other chemical companies and rich backers would not try in some way to pass on this philosophy clandestinely through plants? If so, how would we know? Our foods aren’t labeled and we can’t trust the agencies involved with disclosing the truth.

This is why though I am 100% behind labeling, I am ultimately more in favor of banning GMOs altogether. Independent tests as published by Jeffrey Smith from the Institute Of Responsible Technology showed that mammals fed these GMOs became sterile by the third generation. Considering we eat our approximate weight in GMOs every year and this transgenic garbage is in just about everything that is processed just how much are we really consuming? How much is truly building up in our guts?

Now pro GMO eugenicists and transhumanists who have no respect for nature will argue that we have been eating these food-like substances for almost two decades and nothing has happened. Nothing? My question to them is- HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT if plausible deniability is used as a reasoning and these “foods” aren’t labeled?

The fact that we DO NOT KNOW and that the precautionary principle has given way to secrecy, deceit and cronyism at the highest levels of government as well as scientific finds pointing to inherent dangers down the line are why these organisms should be banned. I will be more than happy to settle for labeling for now but we should not stop there. That should not be where this ends. It should be the beginning because whether or not this Epicyte gene has been slipped into your morning cornflakes unbeknownst to you the genie has been let out of the bottle with unknown consequences that may take another generation to materialize.

Are you willing to risk your grandchildren’s health and the biodiversity of this planet just to give these arrogant, nature hating, god playing psychopaths a few extra dollars?

I also found this video on Epicyte on You Tube. Watch it and do some research for yourself. We are playing with our own humanity and the biodiversity of this planet if we allow this to continue regarding what we eat.

This from the spanking brand new PR page of the chemical companies called “GMO Answers” questions this… No response yet though… I would guess one won’t be forthcoming either.

GMO Answers

Wow guess what… A Monsanto mouthpiece answered the question with a standard issue no information denial.


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  1. Thank you for your great article. Hopefully some day, we are able to stop this nightmare. Opening people`s mind is important,they must know about the danger of GMO.


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