It Is Sad … & A Word About Vaccination Exemptions

Vaccine-yes_no[1]By: TLB Contributor, Lori.

I’m going to rant a bit here before I get into the main part of my entry.

It is really sad when you are criticized for making an informed decision not to vaccinate your child after you have spent decades researching vaccines, their ingredients & their dangers. It’s really sad when you are told that God won’t be watching over your child when he or she gets sick because of your decision NOT to vaccinate.

If parents would keep their kids that are sick at home like they should instead of sending them to school or letting them go out in public, then most sickness wouldn’t be so widespread. It would be nice if people who promote vaccines would do their homework on how vaccines are failing left & right & are actually causing the viruses to mutate & become more deadly than they would be if they had just let nature take its course. Whooping cough & even polio have become more deadly all thanks to vaccines. (an entry on this will be forthcoming) Yes, Polio is still around its just renamed to aseptic meningitis if you don’t have some type of paralysis for more than 36 days.

vaccines_021[1]Sorry to sound so harsh or mean. But I saw the wording about God not looking after my daughter since I made the conscious decision not to vaccinate, it just made my blood boil.

I’ve checked on my past articles about exemptions and most of those links are now down or out of date. So here are new ones.

Here is a link to doctors nationwide that are friendly towards families that have made the choice to not vaccinate their children.

Here is the link to the paperwork for states nationwide and some countries to opt out of the vaccine program.

And if your doctor does press the issue, hand him this form. He gives you a form that tells you that you understand that you are putting your child at risk by not vaccinating. But does He/she understand that they are putting themselves at risk for telling you that vaccines are safe and nothing is going to happen to your child if they inject those toxins into them.

Remember, vaccine manufacturers are zero liability when it comes to vaccines. If your child is injured or dies after getting a vaccine, you have to go to court and prove it was the vaccine that did it and not something else. Billions of dollars have been paid out to parents for compensation due to proven vaccine injury.

hpv-vaccine-35127-20090524-10[1]If vaccines are so safe, why is there a hazard tax attached to each vaccine? If vaccines are safe, then why are vaccine manufacturers immune from direct lawsuits from parents of vaccine injured children?

I guarantee that 99.9% of doctors will NOT sign this form. They will leave the room & tell you to have a nice day.


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  1. It is one thing to make a personal decision based on your research to not immunise but it is another thing to make the claims you have made above without providing any evidence to backit up… no references… no studies that show it is safer to not vaccinate, while there is ample evidence that shows us that certain deadly and debilitating diseases that once brought countries to a halt have all but been eradicated due to vaccines. I would like to make a decision based on a balanced argument. Please if you are going to publish an article like this, at least give the reader something solid. I agree with you that no one should make you feel less of a good parent for your decision because you have obviously made that decision in good faith but at the same time you can understand can’t you that it may seem quite irresponsible to others to subject your child to the risk of infection more by not immunising than by immunising. I guess both sides are correct in many ways but which is the worst?

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