Italy’s Covid Management, Legal Charges Against PM Conte and Six Ministers

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

The first article is dated August 13, 2020 from MSM site, La Repubblica. The second is a piece by Nicola Bizzi of the site Database Italia, the date of which is unclear but it had to be written between July 23 and July 31 according to its contents. Both articles were run through an automatic translator.

So, Italy’s senior government ministers are having lawsuits brought against them on various charges, according to the first piece, for their handling of the public health crisis. Chigi Palace is the residence of Italy’s PM, currently globalist technocrat Giuseppe Conte (pictured).

The second piece, far more interesting, gives a behind-the-scenes perspective, and mentions Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko‘s revelations of the IMF doling out its largesse on condition of locking down a nation’s citizens, with the WHO and IMF working in tandem on this. Primarily, it reveals how the recommendations of Italy’s Technical Scientific Committee, advising the government over the handling of the virus, were never made public, not even to members of the Italian government. It also appears, up to the time of publication, that Italy has been under a medical state of emergency since January. July 31st, according to the writer, should have been the end date. Is Italy still under this emergency state?

Bizzi mentions ‘Civil Protection’ and ‘Civil Defence’ several times. The Civil Protection Department is an agency within the Italian government, under the PM’s control, which ‘deals with the prediction, prevention and management of emergency events’:

The duties of the Protezione Civile are to predict, prevent and manage at national level disasters and catastrophes, both natural and human-made. The main goal is to protect the sake of life, the properties, the settlements and the environment from damages and dangers.

He refers to its extensive corruption and many scandals below, calling it ultimately a trojan horse for the New World Order.

We wish the Italian plaintiffs in their cases all the best and hope such efforts bear fruit in other countries, too.

A shout-out to architect Robin Monotti Graziadei, whose Twitter account brought these articles to our attention:


Covid, notices of guarantee to Count and six ministers. The pm: to be filed. The PM: “I take political responsibility”

Chigi Palace: “Act due. Ready to cooperate with the judges”. The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome: “Unsubstantiated complaints.”


Warranty notice [sic] from the pm [sic] of Rome against the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Ministers Alfonso Bonafede, Luigi Di Maio, Roberto Gualtieri, Lorenzo Guerini, Luciana Lamorgese and Roberto Speranza. According to what is read in a note of the Council Presidency, this notice communicates the transmission to the Court of Ministers of the acts of a (legal) process born from various complaints from subjects in various parts of Italy for the crimes of epidemic, manslaughter against health, manslaughter, abuse of office, attack against the Constitution, attack against the political rights of the citizen (Articles 110, 438, 452 and 589, 323, 283, 294 of the Penal Code).

The note from Palazzo Chigi (Chigi Palace) also adds that the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office will ask for the case to be dismissed: “The transmission by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to the College according to the provisions of the law, is a due act. In the specific case this transmission was accompanied by a report in which the Public Prosecutor’s Office ‘considers the news of the text unfounded and therefore to be archived'”.

Coronavirus, Salvini: “Warranty notice to the government? He has the dead on his conscience”

Furthermore, PM Conte and the ministers “declare themselves willing to provide the magistrates with all the elements necessary to complete the procedure, in a spirit of maximum cooperation”. Subsequently, the Prime Minister writes on Facebook:

“We have always taken responsibility, first and foremost ‘politics’, for the decisions taken. Very demanding decisions, sometimes painful, taken without having a manual, guidelines, protocols of action. We have always acted in science and conscience, without the pretension of being infallible, but in the awareness of having to make as few mistakes as possible to preserve the interests of the entire national community as best we can”.

(ER: This Facebook post of self-justification by Giuseppe Conte goes on at some length.)

As mentioned, there are more than two hundred complaints and complaints from citizens about the actions of the government during the lockdown and the Coronavirus emergency. The complaints, passed to the pm Eugenio Albamonte and Giorgio Orano, concern two areas of management by the government: on the one hand, the executive is accused of not having been able to deal with the emergency. In the second strand, the complaints have been inserted in which crimes of abuse of office and attack against the political rights of the citizen for the imposition of the rules related to the lockdown.

Original article 


We abolish the Civil Defense, repository of all corruption and trojan horse of the New World Order


On July 23rd the newspapers finally published good news: three administrative judges of the TAR of Lazio (ER: Lazio is a large region on Italy’s southern coast that includes the city of Rome itself), Mariangela Caminiti, Ines Simona Immacolata Pisano and Lucia Gizzi, have issued a ruling that requires the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Department of Civil Protection to make public the minutes of the Technical Scientific Committee (CTS), according to which the Conte Government would take all the most important decisions to stage the “State of Emergency”, the lockdown, the arbitrary suspension of citizens’ civil rights enshrined in the Constitution and all the repressive measures that we are familiar with and have experienced on our skin in recent months, from “social distancing” to muzzles. Acts and minutes that had been secreted, however, without any objective justification and whose reading or knowledge has so far been precluded and denied, not only to parliamentarians, but even to members of the government themselves, as repeatedly complained about by the Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri.

All this happens as we approach July 31, a day that (at least formally) should sanction the end of the State of Emergency imposed by Conte on Italy and the Italians last January. A State of Emergency which, despite the increasingly massive raising of shields by hundreds of illustrious doctors, jurists, constitutionalists, university professors and intellectuals, will try until the last moment to be extended, not for “health” reasons, but to cover up their misdeeds, to prevent millionaires’ affairs from going up in smoke and to continue to rule copying DPCM, in the total silence of the Quirinal and the so-called “oppositions”.

Last month the President of Belarus, Aljaksandr Lukashenko (pictured), who is known to have always refused to take any emergency, lockdown or “social distancing” measures in his country, said at a press conference that he had received a substantial offer of money (92 million dollars) from the World Health Organization to do “as in Italy”. An offer which, after Lukashenko’s dry ‘no’, would have increased tenfold in a few weeks: 900 million dollars, this time offered by the International Monetary Fund, accompanied by the same request: to close everything and do “as in Italy”. I know, from intelligence sources, that similar offers have been made to many other European and not only European countries. And I also know that many heads of state or governments, including the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, did not hesitate for a moment to accept them. Therefore, logic dictates that even Italy (which, as we well know, has always played the role of a pilot model in this whole scene) may have had a rich offer in this sense and, knowing the mentality of our politicians, I strongly doubt that it has not been accepted. Moreover, this hypothesis could explain where and how the Conte Government found the resources destined (probably already at the beginning of the year) to the strengthening of the police forces in order to guarantee the holding and the success of the lockdown.

I sincerely hope that among the secret acts and minutes that the Lazio Regional Administrative Court has ordered to be made public, we can soon find the answer to this and many other unresolved issues, such as the crazy and inconceivable directive that “discouraged” autopsies. (ER: we’ve heard about quick disposal of bodies without autopsies in other contexts, such as Canada, from the work of journalist Rosemary Frei.)

It is, instead, today, even if it has been traced by the main newspapers, a sensational piece of news to say the least. News that in a normal country would have caused many heads to roll if not the government itself: thanks to the courageous stance of the Covid Commission of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and the insistence of Dr. Alberto Zangrillo (ER: pictured, see here and here), what many already suspected has finally emerged: the Civil Protection tables and charts on which for months the daily television war bulletins that kept millions of Italians nailed in front of the television screen were little more than a mere game of fantasy. “Elaborations in the absence of data” were in fact technically defined. Not even, therefore, projections of the type of those political or electoral ones, which, at least, a certain link to a certain objective numerical reality, albeit in an approximate manner, can have. Translated from Politics, those numbers were solemnly a fraud without any foundation, useful only to generate a climate of terror. (ER: This was how French people were ‘entertained’ on the nightly news, too, for weeks on end, with grim readings of statistics that the population was simply held captive to, with no other point of reference.)

According to what Giorgio Parisi, President of the Accademia dei Lincei, said, only the self-styled “scientific community” (read the Scientific Technical Committee wanted by Conte) has access to authentic data, to real numbers: “We ignore when and how many people are missing for Covid. How many are the actual infections, for how many days people were hospitalized, the real clinical picture of each of them. You will remember that the numbers were never returned, both in comparison with other years and with the number of victims compared to 2015, which in that year were over 50,000, 15,000 more than today, without locking down the country. There will be a downsizing of this obscure history, but we can already say one thing, that the Government, therefore the Country, has been subordinated to the will, at this point we can define it as fraudulent by the Scientific Committee, through the Civil Protection. Here, the Higher Institute of Health is involved. They have to explain to us why in France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, to remain in the most demographically important countries, the data are in the public domain and here in Italy, they are not. (ER: we must add that we are entirely uncertain as to the legitimacy of any data that’s been published in any country. Just this past week the UK has been walking back its statistics.)

Is it over? No way! Minister Speranza, who should have explained the reason for this situation and the guilty lack of information on the actual data of the dead, infected, real danger of the virus, replied that we must ask the Istituto Superiore della Sanità. But not even as a soldier, where the real barrels were unloaded on us and we were getting muscles, did I happen to hear such an answer. But how! You block Italy for six months, and it’s not over, of which, three, in lock down, and you come to tell us that we have to ask the Brusaferro gang for enlightenment? Millions of Italians are starving and millions more are gasping and you, Health Minister, tell us between the lines that you had nothing to do with it? What kind of a country we’ve become!”.

Very strong statements, these of Prof. Giorgio Parisi, one of the most authoritative physicists in the world, which nails the Civil Protection to its responsibilities and requires us to reflect properly. A reflection on Italy and Italians.

The Italian people are undoubtedly a strange people. A people so lobotomized and shaped by decades of ideological conditioning to the point of being indignant at command and in alternating phases, as if it were a switch or an electrical transformer rather than a community of thinking heads. In alternating phases, because the Italians in the last twenty years have been able to get indignant and take to the streets against injustice and the malfunctioning of the State only when the centre-right was at the helm of the country, then lining their eyes with ham and tacitly and supremely accepting any injustice when the left was in power.

In 2010, just to give an example, while Silvio Berlusconi was the leader, for months the front pages of the newspapers reported the scandals in which the Civil Defence, led by Bertolaso at the time, was involved. So much so that even the sociologist Stefano Allievi, in an article entitled Portrait of the Worst Italy (Civil Protection scandals), on February 17 of the same year in the newspaper Il Piccolo wrote: “The muddy swamp into which the success story of Guido Bertolaso and his creature, the beloved and hated Civil Protection, is in itself a civil parable that should be meditated. Already the fact that a meritorious public institution (ER: Civil Protection agency), in which the voluntary work of many Italians gives its best, was about to turn into a joint stock company, is a disturbing metaphor of our time. But the story that emerges is not a new story. The intertwining of politics and business, and between malpolitics and mischief, which this story also shows us, are in continuity with too many other stories of the past. And the interceptions are reminiscent of those among the sly men in the neighborhood, and many other investigations of this sad and vilified Italy. Barracks’ language, sexual favours, innuendoes, swearing, petty words and postulants, ‘dwarves and dancers’ and many other grotesque characters of art, and then money, lots of money, of course public, and a great hunger to grab them: lots, cursed and immediately. Up to the parody of the ‘I keep family’ made up of stratospheric salaries given to useless and incapable ‘apprentices’, but appropriately ‘children of’, and the presence of cumbersome brothers-in-law: for the moment there is a lack of devoted wives and protective mothers, but we do not despair.

It is not a new Italy, the one that emerges from this sad affair: it is the eternal and worst Italy. An immobile society, in which the cliques in power are always those, the men who always decide the same, the plots and affairs always the same, and the usual way of conducting them. But with a substantial worsening. In the past there was at least the excuse of those who ‘stole for the party’, and the problem of financing the costs of politics, with the exchange between favours and bribes, was posed as such. And even though it became a system, it was considered a pathology.

Today, it has become physiology. Nobody is scandalized anymore, and in less there is also the political justification, the high values that hide the low administrative practices. Everything is done only for money, and without further excuses, without alibi. In an impudent and even naive way. Because that’s the way the world goes and there’s no alternative”.

But everyone, as always unfortunately happens, looked at the finger pointing to the Moon and the Moon didn’t even see it. Everybody was just indignant about the “robberies” and the scandal of dwarves and dancers (especially if they emerged during the center-right governments), without considering the horrendous sprawling monster that such scandals and robberies generated and, even today more than ever, continues to generate. The Italians, unfortunately, have never managed to have an overall view, wide-ranging and free from ideological prejudices. If only yesterday, in fact, they were outraged by the robberies and sexual favours attributed to Guido Bertolaso and “his” Civil Protection, today they are miserably silent in the face of the shameless lies and deceptions of the Civil Protection itself, which, from being a wagonload of advice and bribes that it has always been, has now turned into a real instrument of repression at the service of those same supranational powers that hold and direct the worst government in the history of republican Italy.

It would perhaps be superfluous to remind Italians that the “State of Emergency” does not exist in our Constitutional Charter, but its possible application is provided for by an ordinary law, namely Law n. 225 of 24 February 1992 concerning the establishment of the National Service of Civil Protection. And here opens the dam of ignorance about its application, but the most serious thing is that the “state of exception” is applicable mainly when it precedes a war. The “insiders” know this, and they know it very well.

Law n. 225 established the National Service of Civil Protection, conferring to this body prerogatives and functions that were previously exercised in a substantial way, only at an institutional level, by the Italian Army and the National Fire Brigade Corps., thus allowing also “private” and local authorities to participate in the necessary activities in case of emergencies and disasters. But, as Keli Anand suggested to me this morning, when it is discovered that with the power attributed to the Civil Protection a small group of heterodox characters prevents the Constitutional Court from functioning, removing all control over the executive and finances of a State under the pretext of an “emergency”, this maneuver of the “Covid” thus realized manifests itself for what it is: an orchestrated coup with tacit agreements by powers desperately seeking funds to carry out their plan.

In my opinion, therefore, the Civil Protection, from a repository of the worst Italian corruption, has now turned into a real Trojan horse of the New World Order and of those supranational powers that want the final destruction of Italy and the full and total political-economic enslavement of our people.

If there were still an “opposition” in Parliament, one of its main objectives would have to be the repeal of Law no. 225 of 24 February 1992, the closure of the National Civil Protection Service and the handing back of its prerogatives and tasks to the Army. The problem is that in Italy in 2020, the “opposition” no longer exists.

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