John McAfee talks Privacy & The Free Thought Proj. says FB may be listening in on your conversations

Preface and Comments by Ralph Ely | TLB staff

In the following two Video Reports we find our right to privacy in our communications and in how we live our daily lives turns out to be a sham. (Not that most of us already didn’t expect or suspect it… OK some of us knew it!)

Below these two videos are some thoughts about Freedom and this 4th of July.

In the first report John McAfee, founder of McAfee Antivirus and former Libertarian candidate for President, gives us a warning about Government tyranny. In the second report an expert with The Free Thought Project has come out to claim that Facebook may be listening in on your conversations.

Here is the report with John McAfee:Credit: RT America


The Free Thought Project says Facebook may be listening in on your conversations:
Credit: The Next News Network

It is a sad state of affairs for all of Humanity when those entrusted with Political and Corporate Power turn that Power around and use it against the very people that gave it to them to begin with. It is doubly sad for the citizens of The United States of America as everyone celebrates The 4th of July over the coming weekend. Billed as a Celebration of Freedom, the fireworks, the flag waving and the firing of Cannons will have a hollow ring to them as many Patriots will reflect on the Loss of Healthy Air, Water, Food and Medicine. The loss of  an economic system, it’s value drained by a Perpetual War Machine and it’s global adventurism. And should the legality of any of the actions of those in power be questioned, an illegitimate B.A.R. of lawyers/judges uphold those actions.

We were warned. A setting President, Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us. Did we listen? NO!

The entire globe has “slid down a very slippery slope” toward total Control and Domination by a mere 1% of the population. That 1% Power Elite, made up of inbred-psychopaths, is running scared right now. Not only have we reached “critical mass” of awareness, many are moving forward and taking back what is theirs. A prime example of that would be Brexit. Now other “Nation States” are looking hard at England. And, you can damn well know the Power Elite is in Panic Mode. With the Brits off the reservation, how many more may follow?

So, with England going up against “the evil doers” alone, as they have done before, by this time next year maybe there will be reason to Celebrate Freedom in many countries. Last time England stepped up to the plate, it ended with the Nuremberg Trials. Unfortunately, some slipped through the legal net and became part of the Fascist Power Structure of today’s Ruling Class. Perhaps a second Nuremberg Trial will clean the slate? (RE)

Freedom Roger L

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