Jon Stewart’s Hilarious Rant About Obama’s New ISIS Strategy (Video)

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“This can’t be fixed by waving a magic bomb.”

Commentary by:Janet Allon

Jon Stewart put together a brilliant extended piece last night on President Obama’s shift from measured military action to pretty much declaring war on ISIS. The late-night comedian noted that Obama once said ‘we can’t play Muslim extremist whack-a-mole,” which is Stewart’s least favorite version of that game.

But seriously, polls say that 65 percent of America supports bombing Syria, which is “a full 15 percent more than those who can find Syria on a map,” Stewart pointed out.

That’s how it so often goes, isn’t it? Hey, if Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and John McCain are saying we should just bomb them to smithereens, then of course, we should.

Stewart’s analysis of Obama’s speech and strategy was hilarious and spot-on. When Obama cited the successful strategy of containing terrorists in Yemen and Somalia that’s been going on for years, Stewart quipped: “That’s like Pepe Le Pew citing his successful seduction strategy of relentless, unconsummated cat-stalking.”

He noted that the coalition of countries that has signed on to fight ISIS with the U.S., “looks a bit Christianny,” and wondered why countries in the Muslim world were not joining the fight. Take Saudi Arabia. “While America fights an enemy that wants to take the Saudi’s down,” Stewart said, only half joking, “Saudi Arabia is letting us . . . crash on the couch. It’s like AirstrikeBnB.”

Just a sampling. There’s lots more serious and funny stuff. Watch it here:





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