Judicial Termites are nibbling away 2nd amendment rights

by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff

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Picture, if you will, hundreds of Termites wearing little ‘black robes’ surrounding a wooden tablet that has our 2nd Amendment chiseled into it and fighting each other to take a bite to hasten it’s destruction. (That works real well if you picture Rod Serling saying it on The Twilight Zone.)

To put it another way… It Is Judicial Activism. To put it still another way… It is Judicial Tyranny. But what can you expect from a Judicial System that is of itself an “illegal entity” and is only answerable to the Crown of England. I am not going any further with comments in this area, as it had been discussed here extensively by TLB Staff Writer David-William. (I urge you to click on the proved link and read David’s articles. I would also advise you to have a Roll of TUMS nearby to ease the reaction of your stomach.)

Just a little later we will look at what the 9th Circuit Court did this past week. But first we take a look at the following video with my favorite “Gun Chick” Dana Loesch as she gives us a good run down of what the Judicial Termites have been up to.

Credit: NRA

And now for another Wake-Up call about our 2nd Amendment freedoms, starting in California and… making its way toward your state?:

Credit: GunGuyTV

Now we turn to the 9th “Circus Court” and see what the Termites there are trying to do to our 2nd Amendment with their ruling this past week in California with comments from The Yankee Marshal, “Concealed Carry is NOT a Right!” (9th Circuit Court Ruling)

As we know may law enforcement agencies, including City, County and State have pretty well folded when it comes to upholding rights granted by The Constitution, gun rights being just one. Why would they (our protectors, who took their oath to protect and defend) support a movement from the Fed toward Fascism and One World Government control of you and I? Answer: $oney! The Fed has pored hundreds of millions of dollars into the coffers of these agencies in the form of equipment, training and other support. They do not want to loose these perks. They have become addicted to the “Cop Assistance Welfare Program.” And just like a Heroin addict they don’t want that “$oney Fix” to go away.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel as we will see from one Sheriff that has not sold out, Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr:

One parting thought. I have friends from the far-left political spectrum that in the past would have attacked me like a rabbid dog for being supportive of gun ownership and in particular for posting anything from the NRA. But due to the changing times they are now more considerate of the facts and have come to realize the “left” is marching lock-step with the Global Elite in its quest for World Control and Domination.

Make no mistake, Guns are the reason that the anti-gun crowed is only “Marching in Lock-Step. Take away the Guns and everyone will be “Marching in Goose Step.” (RE)


For the 9th Circuit Court ruling click here.


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