[Julian Assange cut off Net? New Release] The Podesta emails are now up to 18,953

by Daisy Luther

Despite cutting off Julian Assange’s internet, despite attempts to distract the public with the misadventures of Donald Trump, and despite Hillary Clinton’s desire to drone the Wikileaks founder, the hemorrhaging of information continues.

Even more information that should end the career of Hillary Clinton has emerged, but at this point, the treacherous old crone is somehow unscathed.  Yesterday it emerged (unsuprisingly) that a shadow government meant to keep George Soros happy has been running the show in the US. This information brought nothing but the chirping of crickets from the majority of Americans. As I wrote earlier, America’s blithe disregard for Clinton’s criminal corruption is evidence of a much greater issue:

If we were actually a superior society, any of these 5 Wikileaks revelations would have ended the career of super-villain and criminal mastermind, Hillary Clinton, all by themselves. And yet, we have these revelations, the book Crisis of Character, the documentary Clinton Cash, and many more unpalatable bites of information about HRC and she’s not only still in the race – she’s leading it….

Go here for the latest dump.


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