Where is Julian Assange? Is he Dead or Alive? [Videos]

Where is Julian Assange? Is he Dead or Alive?

by TLB Staff

There will be one heck of a novel written one day about Julian Assange, Wikileaks, the CIA and God only knows who else.

As to the involvement of Wikileaks and the CIA in the U.S. Presidential election cycle, it is believed by well placed sources that the CIA wanted no part of Hillary Clinton as their Commander and Chief and made sure Wikileaks had the required e-mails to leak and help stop her election.

There is speculation that Assange has already been spirited away and is being held in a safe house under control of the CIA in preparation for his “retirment” to a South Sea Island where he will be able to live out his life sipping Pina Coladas from a coconut and thinking about the good ‘ol days. (Or, perhaps writing the a fore mentioned novel.)

YouTube is alive with speculation and information.. or.. misinformation? You be the judge.




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