Jumping off Trump Train – Syrian airstrike – Western narrative questioned [Videos/Pod-Cast]

TLB Editors note: In the following four articles… some are jumping off the Trump Train… first pictures in from the U.S. Syrian airstrike… the western narrative about the Syrian Chemical Attack called into question… and in a Pod-Cast Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer says the narrative that Assad or Russia did it is a “sham.”


‘Another Neo-Con puppet’: Trump’s former backers jump ship after Syria airstrike

via RT USA

Once-dedicated passengers are now disembarking the ‘Trump Train’ following his administration’s actions against Syria. Previous supporters including Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Ingraham made public their opposition to the US president’s missile strike.

Infowars Editor-At-Large Watson tweeted that Donald Trump “wasn’t ‘Putin’s puppet’ after all,” describing him as “another deep state/Neo-Con puppet.” Watson said he would be turning his efforts instead to French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

I guess Trump wasn’t “Putin’s puppet” after all, he was just another deep state/Neo-Con puppet.

I’m officially OFF the Trump train.

Philip Giraldi says IC-Military Doubt Assad Gas Narrative

Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer and Director of the Council for the National Interest, says that “military and intelligence personnel,” “intimately familiar” with the intelligence, say that the narrative that Assad or Russia did it is a “sham,” instead endorsing the Russian narrative that Assad’s forces had bombed a storage facility. Giraldi’s intelligence sources are “astonished” about the government and media narrative and are considering going public out of concern over the danger of worse war there. Giraldi also observes that the Assad regime had no motive to do such a thing at this time.

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This podcast originated on libertarianinstitute.org
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