If Laughter is The Best Medicine, We need a Big Dose

If Laughter is The Best Medicine, We need a Big Dose

by TLB Editorial Staff

Our work at TLB, as a news page and as an activist page with commentary, is not without it’s moments of levity.

We laugh at the Liberals for some of the crazy things they do and say from the reference point that Liberalism is a Mental Disease with no know cure. We chuckle at the Extreme Right for not understanding that, courtesy of Hitler, Humanity has ‘been there, done that.’ We even roll on the floor when we speculate what would happen if George Soros got Alzheimer’s disease and forgot where he put his check book. Some of the funniest moments come from creating a ‘featured image’ or the thoughts that pop into our heads that are only explained by, ‘the Devil made me do that.’  And some times the best part of laughter is when we laugh at our self’s.

Here is the bottom line… We do take a giant dose of Laughter Medicine at TLB.  At times it is minute by minute, as humor is the only antidote to a World that appears to be on Crack with no hope of recovery.

With that thought we wish to present to you a video we hope will give you a dose of Laughter Medicine. We have no intention of offending anyone, their belief system or political persuasion. We hope you will have as much fun watching as the people that made it did.


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