LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E71):  “WASICÙ” (wa-si-shu)

LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E71): “WASICÙ” (wa-si-shu)


Your Host: Luca Majno

Welcome back to LEARN 2 UNLEARN – Today’s episode it titled “WASICÙ”.

Pronounced ‘wah-see-chu’, I first must issue a WARNING TO THE SENSITIVE, because of the content of this Episode, another one of the most difficult ones to ‘assemble’. This is the kind of show that you hope someone finds, some 200 years from now… under a rock.

Very quickly, the term ‘wasicù’ is a classic among the Traditionals in Indian Country. The name was given to differentiate those who gave to others, as was Natural Law, and those who took everything of value, and left ‘the rest’… hence “Those who take the best meat, and leave us with buggy flour and rancid meat.”

So many… too many reasons why this is of utmost importance for me to share, and also representing the basis, the very foundation of my own Spiritual Journey, the horror, the disgust mostly, though, the shame and the anger I felt at my own species for being able to even stoop so low. (Remind me to write about Thomas Tibbles sometime, a reporter who followed the troops to Wounded Knee and wrote the horrors that he saw…)

In this video just over 5 minutes, we see what life is ‘on the other side’. Yes.

If you wanted to know what Evil really is, what it was, and how people thought as they prepared their genocide… This would be it.

If you wanted to try to wrap your head around how genocide, hatred and FEAR work, and how some humans decide that other humans are somehow worth less than them, This would be it.

1621 – We shall remain website.

Some people will ask ‘why’ do a show like this, ‘why’ bring up ‘the past’ and why not ‘get over it’… To those people I say this, from my heart:

And I answer the same way, when I am asked about why I ‘have to’ bring up ‘Hitler’s Germany‘…

Because it is important to go to sources when researching, those that so many of us refuse to see or to unearth. And in my research, digging to sources, I find that these ‘sources’ are narrowing faster and faster now, and because of what I am unveiling, I can no longer stay silent.

At first, I did a ‘feel-good’ video with my ‘friend and brother from a different mother, Rolling Bear, from the Tsalagi Tribe here, (that’s the real name, and not ‘Cherokee’, which is a bastardized name by those Europeans who could not pronounce ‘tsalagi yi’, meaning in their tongue, ‘Cherokee from’) in which we both attempt do DRIVE HOME the truth about ‘thanks*giving’, here:

But this would not be enough… In fact, to be honest, I was not saying ‘everything I knew’, and I still wasn’t happy with the end result, although it was a great talk.

The ‘propellant’ in my wanting to do these shows for you, is in a huge part due to my understanding that the same ENTITIES at work during those years mentioned in both these videos are THE SAME ONES at work destroying us today ~

Playing the same song, only with different ‘instruments’.

And today, they are getting very good at their game, not only have they learned the ‘lesson’ of history, but they are to the point now where they are perfecting their craft… and they ‘project their plans for us’ on stone tablets that they themselves have erected.

On top of my health not being the best yet, as I come back from 4th stage cancer in nov. 2020 to cancer free now, it took a lot out of me, but I made a promise to myself to slowly and steadily return to what I know I must do, with the tools offered to me.

This is a big one for me.

I have lived among this. I have seen my friends (family) go through this abuse. I have LIVED this as indirectly as one can without BEING one of these victimized Indigenous souls.

This piece is probably the best ‘source’ one will ever hear, and never on Fox or CNN.

The angry soul who wrote this piece, leaves it to the reader, now the ‘owner’ of this reality, to decide where this will go, and the pride I feel in sharing this with you now, is like a once-in-a-lifetime honor, a rare opportunity.


LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E71): “WASICÙ” (wa-si-shu)

Watch this revealing presentation …


The past speaks through the Earth, and I feel that tormented souls are set free and honored, as we cherish and take in (but more importantly, share) this vital material.

This is a Sacred Work.


Stay close, and THANK YOU AGAIN for reading/viewing!


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Your Show Host: Luca Majno is the TLB Project Media Technical Director, an investigative journalist, researcher and passionate advocate of Indigenous People (The Original People), of their ‘Turtle Island’ which is now North America. Born in Boston, Ma. and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, he has lived for the last 25 years in Canada, where his activism started, and has since lived in Tennessee and Keokuk, Iowa, where he now resides. Exposing past and present crimes of any nature is a sure way to change the course of humanity towards a brighter future.



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3 Comments on LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E71):  “WASICÙ” (wa-si-shu)

  1. Thank you. I learned the term WASICÙ from Lakota people who I visited in the Cheyenne River area. The Lakota have a deep cultural practice where, before holding a meeting to discuss important issues, they set aside time where they talk about the lineage from their ancestors up to the current generation, then to their children, and to their future children to come. Thinking of lives in this way creates continuity of meaning that connects past to the present to their intentions for the future. It is profound, intelligent and sane. We could learn a lot from the Lakota and other Indigenous people.

  2. Our hearts are telling on themselves. What a sweet comment, from someone obviously in tune with my screams… I had to wipe my eyes when I got to the bottom of your comment, then wait a bit before answering… AND BY THE WAY: ‘WADO’, is how they say Thank You. Wado for your words. And your heart. And your interest, I feel as fiery and charged as Grey Owl’s to be wife. You said Quebec, I lived in NB for about 25 years, battling everyone, it seems, when no one would listen. So here I am, LEARNING 2 UNLEARN. I will email you. I cannot say thank you enough, although I would like to ask you if we could get about 2 million more souls like you?

  3. What a warm, loving, caring, compassionate, peaceful, giving, natural people called the Tsalagi Tribe you have described through your heart. It rings of truth and has created an energy of truth spinning around me in love for all that you have shared. This article has answered so many questions why many are no longer in that state of existence, not just the native people but all people of the world. I have had appreciation and respect for the native people since I was little girl, my parents where living in lumber camps in Quebec and I was so amazed and attracted at the natives we met. It was almost like I knew them and they were somehow connected to self.
    I still believe that the ones causing us harm now and before in our history of destruction, may not have written the Georgian Guide Stones because of the words love and nature which does not reflect their negative beliefs. Would love to have discussions on how you feel about those stones and why.
    Thank you for this polar article of love and sadness, it is a gift to all that read it.

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