Least We Forget the Blatant Cruelty of the Vaccine Industry and Their Propagandized Trolls and Shills


A Personal RANT By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Several months ago this article (link below) appeared on Vactruth heralding the courage of certain individuals in the mainstream media to educate the public on the dangers of the HPV vaccine. TLB commends Vactruth on the publication of this article in all its informative horror.

Bombshell TV Show About HPV Vaccines Reveals Cruel Nature of Vaccine Pushers

What ensued as a result of the comments on the the shows website screams volumes as to the untenable division between the so called Pro-Vaxers and the Anti-vaxers …

Civility and Compassion Are Going Extinct

The heartfelt commenting of parents whose children suffered the horrific side effects or death as a result of this evil mechanism on the shows website opened the floodgates of, in many cases, vulgar rebuttal. The virtual onslaught of despicably brutal, hateful and certainly uncalled for comments directed at those suffering the devastating fallout of dangerous vaccines was shameful at best and evil at worst. What possible gains could there be for a grieving loving parent to expose themselves and their private horror story to the world … with the exception of their innate desire to warn and educate other parents, hoping to save them from the same pain and suffering they are experiencing? Almost total ridicule, damnation or blatant hate for those who only wish to display compassion!!!

Trolls will be Trolls & Shills will be Shills

With nothing to gain personally or financially, and brutally crushing blow-back all but assured, these parents braved the inevitable onslaught to try to talk sense, but trolls will be trolls and shills will be shills. These individuals (in most cases) don’t even have a clue as to the virtual cornucopia of peer reviewed information readily available to support these parents’ experiences. They are unaware of the global push-back occurring against the HPV vaccines, or the push-back from countries such as Japan or France … They are clueless. Their mission is to destroy the credibility of any so-called anti-vaxer. It is obvious even to the most casual of observers that none of these trolls or shills have children or loved ones who have suffered the pain of this evil profit generating mechanism.

Here are some of the comments as they appeared on the show website


Excerpt from above linked article

Some of these comments were posted by people who have been known to boast about their academic and intellectual backgrounds

  • “The only thing malignant here is the cancerous spread of anti-vax lies.”

  • “Vaccine injury is one of the biggest lies that anti-vaxers tell.”

  • “Really, you anti-vaxers just pull it out of your rear orifice sometimes.”

  • “ I don’t for a minute believe your daughter had an adverse reaction to the vaccination. I think you’re just here for the attention.”

  • “These parents are falsely blaming Gardasil to get rid of some the pain and guilt resulting from their children’s condition.”

  • “These aren’t victims of these vaccines. They are people that desperately want to blame vaccines because they are too lazy or too dishonest to report the truth.”

  • Grieving mother: “I wish my daughter had made it to 32; she died at 17 as a result of a reaction to this vaccine.” Callous comment by a pro-vaccine person who surely had no access to the daughter’s medical records: “I think we have established that your daughter did not die of a reaction to this vaccine.”

  • “Your story is on Sane Vax. I don’t need to know anything more to know you’re not telling the truth. You hoping for a payout?”

  • “There are people here purposefully misleading others with their lies about the efficiency and safety of the HPV vaccine, assumingly because they like to see people die from cancer.”

  • “Stop reading the holocaust deniers of whale-to and stop siding with cancer.”

  • “There is the troubling statistic that the vast majority of alleged vaccine injuries come from people who believe strongly in a magical Jew who did tricks 2000 years ago.”

  • “You have all the credibility of some loon in the public square screeching that the earth is flat, the moon launch was a hoax and 9-11 an inside job.”

  • “Since the goal is to generate fear, accuracy is not important to you. This is why you omit the evidence that shows that you are lying.”

  • “The Gardasil victims memorial is a tribute to one thing only: the willingness of the anti-vaccination crowd to keep passing on false information long after it has been debunked, because somehow the belief is more important than whether or not it is factual.”

  • “There aren’t two sides to the story. There is science, and there is quackery. And a bunch of Munchausen moms looking for attention.”

The Nasty Comments Will Not Go Away

Many sufferers were forced to leave the discussions, having been reduced to tears because of ridicule and harassment.

Several of those who had posted cruel comments also disappeared, some perhaps wisely deleting their obnoxious words.

Original images of their comments have been spread across countless countries of the world. The ugly pictures are archived by many as a permanent reminder of the blatant cruelty of those who support an industry which is based on greed and corruption.

More Obnoxious Comments From Pro-Vaxers

How can people who show such shameful behavior expect to be respected? Many of the worst comments were omitted from the Vactruth article because they are so utterly hurtful that they should not be repeated.

  • “You are an immensely tedious, deluded twat. And stop drooling.”

  • “You are a frigging loon. Go back on medication please.”

  • “Screw it. I’ll say it. ARE YOU PEOPLE ALL COMPLETELY CRAZY?

  • Do you know why people like myself and xxxx and xxxx engage in debate with crazy people like yourselves? And you lunatics have the nerve to stand up and argue otherwise?”

  • “Sure, but does anyone validate your research? Or are you now a surgeon because you read on how to remove ingrown toenails?”

  • “I see the usual anti-vaccine loons couldn’t quit their yammering and stammering.”

  • “I think they enjoy the endless ridicule. They get to paint themselves as martyrs twice. If they didn’t enjoy it, they would stop doing it.”

  • “There has not been a single death that has been conclusively linked to the vaccine, just emotional, unsubstantiated anecdotes.”

  • “The best you people can do is the money grubbing, lying dishonest ‘age of autism’ website.”

  • “I always find it distressing that anti-vaccine activists like yourself care so little for victims of disease.”

  • “I’m afraid that the judgement of the future on you is likely to be that you are in the same class of folk who worried that the smallpox vaccination would turn them into cows.”

  • “A corpse doesn’t make big pharma any money, but fear mongering is wonderful for big herbal, big farmer, and big alterna, which is really the core issue.”

  • Sorrowful mother: “My daughter has been sick now for two years following her second Gardasil vaccine. She tries so hard to be strong but the sickness wears her down daily. I cry daily.” Hurtful response: “Somebody needs to call the waaambulance.”

  • “Good anti vaxers read anti vax websites as they’re easy to understand. They’re written in basic English so those who lack the education and intellectual capacity to understand the medicine and the science can still feel intellectual.”

  • Parent: “I spend most of my life helping vaccine injured.” The parent cried because of this response, “And yet you’re so bad at it.”

  • “I think it is sad that you think she is damaged because she can’t have children. My daughters mean more to me than their ability to provide me with grandchildren.”

It may well be questioned whether the person who posted the following quote should be reported for supplying false information to the authorities:

“Once again an anti vaxer tells us part of a story without any evidence at all. Some of those VAERS reports were put up by me, they’re false. I proved that VAERS is not a source of information on this subject. So how many of these reports are factual and not anti vaxers pushing an agenda?”

End excerpt


So is the last comment above from a Shill … Hmmm could there ever be a more self-defined reason to label an individual one ???

None of these poor excuses for human beings had a shred of decency or (in my humble opinion) a single firing brain cell (maybe as a result of too many Aluminum or Mercury containing vaccinations), choosing only to function on the level of a herd mentality which like herd immunity is inevitably doomed to catastrophic failure! These individuals base their opinions in many cases not on scientific reality (as indicated by their obviously uneducated comments), but on the fact that neither they or their children have suffered from the stated horrors resulting from vaccinations. So following the same line of reason, if you are not killed or wounded by a bomb … but millions globally are … does this make bombs safe … free of danger? Yea that sounds stupid doesn’t it … BUT it is the EXACT same reasoning!

If taken on a global perspective, and all implicated scenarios are considered, Vaccination harm has afflicted tens of millions. If we throw in the (peer reviewed) connections to sterility, cancer, autism etc… the number rises into the hundreds of millions!

What Will It Take

Vaccines are heralded as the savior of humanity with nothing to back up this propaganda that will withstand even a basic level of scrutiny. Big Pharmacutical companies rake profit in, in the billions yearly so they can easily afford to buy enough good press and corrupt health officials to forcibly drown out the voices of truth and reality (sort of like whispering at a rock concert). Yet a very large majority of this planet’s population buys into the lie without reservation, chosing to accept the lie at face value. What will it take to wake up these trolls, shills and people of ignorance to what may just be the biggest and most evil lie of the 20th and 21st centuries? Will it take the death or crippling for life of one of their loved ones?

God I hope not !!!

If you are looking for proof of the power of Big Pharmacutical to influence and corrupt even those we depend on to protect us … our complicit government, look no further than here.


Dr Lewis 02

TLB would again like to thank Vactruth for the great article I based this blistering commentary (RANT) on, and we strongly suggest anyone searching for  a plethora of great, pertinent and in-depth information regarding vaccines, please visit Vactruth.

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