Linderman Unleashed: Antigens, Toxins, Vaccines, Financial Collapse & Gun Confiscation

Linderman Unleashed 10/16/15 EP 21

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By TLB Staff & Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

Antigens, Toxins, Vaccines, Financial Collapse & Gun Confiscation

This week on Linderman Unleashed: I’ll be talking vaccine side effects and how the MSM continues to facilitate the lies of the “scientific community.

There is a much bigger agenda here than what most people think: it’s not just about sales and profit…it is population control and populace control’ Yes, they are two distinctive things. Population control isusing the vaccines and other modern medical practices to get rid of “undesirables” and keeping the general population down through sterilization and early death made possible by the altered and restricted immune systems that we have as a direct result of the current vaccine protocols.

Populace control is the dumbing down and sickening of the population through the vaccine protocol. I have said time and time again: a sick and tired populace is the best friend of the globalist elite because if you’re sick and tired, you aren’t prepared to rise up…demand your rights and fight the elite as they steal your birthright.

As these two agendas are perpetrated on the general population, those who are “in the know” continue to reel and fight…trying to wake up the people. It is becoming increasingly more difficult as the practices that they have been using continue to create the desired results for the globalists.

It is time to wake the hell up people! It’s time to take control of your lives! It’s time to demand that those guilty of these atrocities pay for their indiscretions and it’s time that you demand that they pay the piper.

Join me at 7 PM EST every Friday and join the fight for your rights and your life!


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