Linderman Unleashed: Corporate Fascism, Our Stolen Constitution, Mass Poisoning & The End Game

Linderman Unleashed 070315 TLB EP09

By TLB Contributor and Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

This week on Linderman Unleashed:

The corporate fascist governor of California; Jerry Brown has signed SB277 into law, effectively destroying the first amendment right of every citizen of California while enriching the coffers of his pharmaceutical masters. Will there be a mass exodus out of the state by concerned parents? Will the public and private schools take a serious financial hit as home schooling becomes the norm among thinking parents across the state? It’s too soon to tell but vaccinating under this draconian law is not an option!

I’ll also be discussing other vaccine news. While the dumbed down Americans watch their corporate controlled media that never says a detrimental word about their pharma master’s products…other countries are looking into the negative effects that vaccines are having on their citizens. India’s Supreme Court is currently looking into the Gates’ Foundations HPV vaccine trials perpetrated on the young daughters of India’s most poor and illiterate citizens. Many are dead, hundreds damaged for life while others may not realize the damage done until they reach child-bearing age.

With everything in the news recently, is the end game nearing fruition? While I don’t know for sure, it seems that way to me. One of the signs that I will be discussing today that suggests that the end game is nearing its end stage is geo engineering and the prolific rise is the chemtrails all across the planet. The vaccines, GMOs, dead, processed food and fluoride just doesn’t seem to have dumbed us down enough to accept what is to come. I’ll explain how nuerotoxic aluminum is the weapon of mass destruction that will finally prepare the people for their servitude.

Along with all of the other shenanigans, the weapons of mass distraction are working quite well for the NWO. While many Americans have lost their minds with trivial flag issues (the rainbow flag and confederate flag) the SCOTUS and POTUS have been wiping their butts with our founding documents. From the ruling on Obamacare and gay marriage to the complete B.S. that is TPP, we are being summarily destroyed while concerning ourselves with the most trivial of things…just as planned.

Join me at 7 PM EST on Friday night for yet another hard hitting, in-your-face look at America, the world and our future.


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