Linderman Unleashed: Is the United States Government Intentionally Creating Racial, Economic & Political Strife in America?

Linderman Unleashed
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By TLB Contributor & Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman

Is the United States government intentionally creating racial, economic and political strife in America?

If they are; to what end? What is the ultimate goal and how will they accomplish the takeover and martial law that I feel is their goal?

Today on Linderman Unleashed we’ll be discussing Jade Helm and the recent motorcycle gang shootings in Waco Texas. We’ll connect the dots on how I believe the recent gang shootings were a false flag that played right into the hands of this criminal government. I’ll also be discussing historic and more recent false flags that have been conducted by the New World Order that has facilitated the growth of the Military Industrial Complex and brought us into a perpetual state of war and conflict as warned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Do vaccines cause chronic disease and harm to our children? We’ll be discussing a number of articles that discuss and illustrate the actual pathways that these weapons of mass destruction use to harm and sicken our children. Many “skeptics” (actual pharma stooges that claim vaccines are completely safe and effective) claim that the argument about how vaccine manufacturers are simply “in this for the money” is ridiculous because not much money is made from vaccines. I’ll put that argument to rest easily and in such a way that nobody can debate me on the issue.

Our country is in for a long hot summer. Vaccine mandates and state and federal laws that are being introduced to make them mandatory or stripping away exemptions will continue to be introduced and more money will be spent on lobbying and payoffs than ever before. The racial and economic fires will be fanned as Operation Jade Helm is set to begin and we move closer to martial law.

Could Jade Helm be “just an exercise”? Sure … but at the very least, we are being conditioned to expect military forces on our streets and in our communities. I happen to think that they are preparing for a catastrophic event that will take place soon … perhaps conveniently while they are training for just such an event.

Join me at 7 PM EST on Friday, May 22nd 2015 for a look into the sinister world of the New World Order and their minions that are working hard to take away our rights, our liberties and eventually our lives and learn what we can do to stop the coming storm, reverse it and take our country back!


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