Linderman Unleashed: The New World Order & Religion (Interview With Author Jeff Hays)

Linderman Unleashed
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Linderman Unleashed June 5th, 2015 @ 7PM ET

By TLB Talk Show Host & Contributor: Curt Linderman Sr.

Do you believe in the God of the Bible? Do you believe that Satan is real? Is the New World Order really out to exterminate mankind?
Whether you have answered in the affirmative on the first two questions above, make no mistake, the NWO absolutely believes in God and Satan. In fact, their beliefs are what drives them to follow through with the culling of 80 to 90% of mankind.

In Jeff Hays’ first book; The Rise of the New World Order, the Culling of Man, Jeff researches and brings to life on the pages, the machinations of the global elite and their diabolical plans for humanity. His book reads like a history book for the generations to come.

Since the days of King Nimrod and the Babylonian Mystery Religion, a global force of elitists have literally been hell bent on controlling and ultimately exterminating man. These Lucifarians believe that the one true God is Lucifer, the “light bearer” and that the unforgiving, unjust God of the Bible is the evil entity controlling the destinies of mankind.

In our interview today, Jeff and I will discuss the history of the NWO, from its Biblical foundation to 9-11 and beyond. The Rise of the New World Order, the Culling of Man is the most concise and well-researched book on the NWO that I have ever had the pleasure of reading and Jeff will be a frequent guest on Linderman Unleashed because of his exhaustive research and knowledge.
In Jeff’s newly released book; The Rise of the New World Order 2 The Awakening, he had originally intended it to be more history on the NWO that he just couldn’t fit into his first but it quickly became obvious to him that he was being led in another direction. With the evil that is the NWO, the age old questions had to be addressed: Is Satan real? Can Satan affect life on this planet and if so, why would God allow it?

The Rise of the New World Order 2 has just been released and is available at and at Jeff’s website; His first book is available as a free download at his website as well. There is not one single person alive today that shouldn’t be reading these incredible books if they are even slightly concerned about the very real evil that has a stranglehold on the citizens of planet.

Despite what your personal beliefs are on the “religion” issue, I hope you will listen to this interview with a discerning heart and mind and then read what Jeff has to say on the topics. Before Jeff sent me his first book, I thought I was incredibly well versed on the NWO but I must say that I am far more enlightened now, I hope you will be as well.

All this and more on this edition of Linderman Unleashed! Join me at 7 PM EST this Friday!


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