Living Among the Rats and Infestation of Once Historic Streets

Living Among the Rats and Infestation of Once Historic Streets

by Susan Price, TLB Contributing Writer/Analyst

Like scenes out of National Geographic in a far away land, American cities are being equated to Third World countries as remnants of once clean and thriving cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, D.C, NYC and other once great cities around the country have become heartbreaking eye sores!

Los Angeles is America’s second largest city and it is exhibiting signs of infectious disease beyond third world countries, induced by the rampant illegal immigration, rodent infestation, homelessness, crime, drugs and other erosions of the American lifestyle.

LA and San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit, D.C, NYC have become infected and affected by political negligence all across America; yet the political and community leaders look you in the face and lie, they state: ‘there are no worries, no problems, move along now, nothing to see.’

This radical political group of the Left is the very vice grip squeezing the life force out of the back bone of America, robbing the people in these cities of a future legacy for over five decades, with a push during the past administration aiding and abetting a grim and lawless pandering wave to these economic refugees.

They aid and abet the disease and infestation ridden cities by the absence of strong and humane leadership, they are the misguided who exercise a “we don’t give a dam attitude” while disrespecting and disregarding the tax paying citizens in their cities.

These political architects of demise are still in power decades too long as they have sucked the resources of the American people dry and escalated the crisis of homelessness further via the process of aiding and abetting further displacement of the human species among the rat infested, crime ridden streets by their ulterior motives of their Anti American policies.

When and how does this end, with the likes of bubonic plague and typhus? These once great cities of America today have streets filled with makeshift shanties lining entire blocks for miles, this epidemic is not only one of health concerns yet is a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization, especially in Los Angeles at this present time.

False promises for a vote and one way ticket to hopelessness, until one day Americans are plagued with another calamity there is no escape from, the disaster of despair and enslavement.

With so many people living on the streets, there’s NO accountability for human life, should someone go missing, no one would even notice or care as these people have become the nameless, faceless entities living among the rats and infestation of once historic streets.

In LA, Police are being told to stand down because of the needles of drug infested areas. Human excrement fills the air as the hopeless have no pride, the streets are filled with Americans of all ages, and although there are some housing programs set up, the people who work earn little money to pay the expensive rents in San Francisco and LA, they are among the socially and economically displaced via the political machine.

Look around America, it is fact that the cities with the largest crime and homeless are run by Democratic bureaucrats.

Where is the shame of the Governors and Mayors of these cities? The people of America need to rise up and take control over their legislators, holding them accountable, and reminding them they work for “We The People” not themselves. Until there is accountability at the highest levels, there will only be deterioration in all levels of these communities.

Because there are no true numbers of the homeless in America, we go by last years recorded estimates, according to the National Alliance of Homelessness, ” A total of 553,000 people are experiencing homelessness on a single night in 2018. This number represents 17 out of every 10,000 people in the United States.

HUD’s Annual Point-in-Time Count, the only nation wide survey of homeless people, provides this data and other useful statistics.”

Half of all homeless people are in one of these five states, California with over (130,000) New York (95,000) Florida (35,000) Texas (30,000) and DC (25,000).

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