Macron Will Replace Suspended Caregivers with Immigrants

ER Editor: It is linked to below, but this Le Parisien article (browsers will translate) gives us an idea of what the proposed immigration bill looks like. This bill is due for examination by relevant ministers, etc. in early 2023. See Immigration: what the bill contains. Of note:

The government reaffirms, in the text sent to the Council of State, its desire to better integrate foreigners working in France, while strengthening border controls and procedures for the removal of illegal immigrants.

This smells like voter appeasement to those who don’t want an open border policy, while giving one-in-the-eye to those unvaccinated healthcare workers and others who are excluded from their chosen profession, still to this day without a paycheque or financial support.


As announced since November, the government intends to regularize the situation of certain foreign workers. Article 3 of the text thus creates, on an experimental basis for four years, ‘a temporary residence permit mentioned work in trades in tension’. This card will be available ‘as of right’ to any foreign ‘who has exercised a salaried professional activity appearing in the list of trades ( in voltage [sic] ) ( … ) for at least eight months over the last twenty-four months, and which justifies an uninterrupted period of residence of at least three years’.

It will have a validity period ‘of one year’. The government also wants to create a new residence permit for health professionals to attract foreign doctors and ‘meet the need for recruitment in this sector in difficulty. (ER: And why is it in difficulty?)

… to make the integration of foreigners more effective, Article 4 provides for « an immediate access to the labor market for asylum seekers who are highly likely to be, with regard to their nationality, that they obtain international protection in France’.

In France (probably like everywhere), we have uninjected professionals kicked out of their jobs as stated; we have the already unemployed who may not be getting much help; and we have a legion of people whose jobs or businesses were shut down during the plandemic lockdowns, never to return. And now we have this from the French government, suddenly so concerned about the integration of foreign workers.

You couldn’t make it up.

The article from Le Courrier des Strateges offers us a bit more nuance.


A reminder that ‘Macron’ has been acting bizarrely of late, as indicated in the article below including our own commentary. Merkel has also come out and said some damning things about her own agenda toward Ukraine and Russia, which are damaging to the western deep state agenda. It’s almost as if these people are being puppeted to create trouble for themselves and those they take their orders from.


Briefing: Macron will replace caregivers suspended by strangers



As France withers in the Christmas lull, the news of the day comes from a leak probably organized by the establishment itself on the content of the immigration law put under discussion for the return of Parliament: the government should “open the borders” to help recruitment in ‘trades in tension’. Among these are the medical professions bled white by the suspensions of the unvaccinated. This is a strategy which should create a reaction as the context is for the “protection” of immigration at all costs, as shown by the ECHR ruling that led Eric Zemmour to make a very Franco-French condemnation.

(ER: Eric Zemmour is the failed ‘far right’ presidential candidate of the last election, normally a prolific journalist who’s usually very on point in his criticisms of the globalist agenda, usually from an immigration angle. However, we did publish a story on his arms-length campaign financing via sources close to the Rothschilds. So he’s controlled opposition, basically. No surprises there.)

This is a picture of Macron with the coach of the French world cup team, Didier Deschamps. Macron showed up in Qatar recently and acted very bizarrely, showing his enthusiasm for his team and the players a little too much. Like a bad acting class. Seasoned watchers know perfectly well that this isn’t the original Macron served up to the French public way back.


So, do not miss the summary of the immigration bill which the subsidized press, which had access to the early text, got excited about yesterday. The Parisien (media outlet) of Bernard Arnault (billionaire owner of luxury brands) draws up a fairly enlightening synthesis.

The general idea of the text is entirely contained in the famous ‘at the same time’ tendency of Macron: on the one hand, the conditions of reception are hardened, and in particular subordinated to the respect of republican values, on the other hand, the doors are open to meet the needs of labor.

Article 1 of the bill conditions the issuance of a multi-year residence permit to the control of a minimum level of French.

Labor market opening

In return, therefore, for these new provisions, the labor market will open. This is the case for refugees who will, in certain cases, have the right to work as soon as they arrive on French soil:

Article 4 provides for ‘an immediate access to the labor market for asylum seekers whose nationality is highly likely, with regard to their nationality, that they obtain international protection in France’.

Certainly, this provision opens a breach which will make people react, since it anticipates, for certain nationalities which remain to be identified ( but which are not necessarily popular, like the Afghans ) an almost automatic and immediate right of installation.

Above all, the law creates a specific residence permit for trades in tension:

Article 3 of the text thus creates, on an experimental basis for four years, ‘a temporary residence permit mentioned work in trades in tension’. This card will be available ‘as of right’ to any foreigner ‘who has exercised a salaried professional activity appearing in the list of trades ( in voltage ) ( … ) for at least eight months over the last twenty-four months, and which justifies an uninterrupted period of residence of at least three years’.

In other words, France puts the finger (in reverse it is true) in the gear of chosen immigration, that where the doors are opened according to employment needs. This will probably make you react.

Large replacement of suspended doctors

In this new bill, the most controversial measure is that of‘ a specific provision for medical professions. A specific residence permit is intended for them, which should attract vocations.

Among the 27 articles in the final text, number 7 targets the Health sector. He proposes to create a residence permit for ‘medical talent-professions and pharmacy’, in order, according to the government, to attract in particular foreign doctors and ‘to meet the need for recruitment’ in this sector in difficulty.

This specific residence permit could have a validity period of four years. It will benefit doctors, midwives, dentists and pharmacists. It is created after skimming in the medical professions due to compulsory vaccination, the scope of which is today masked by the government. Little is known about the real figures for doctors who abandoned their profession by refusing the vaccine.

In all likelihood, these figures are higher than official communications have recognized.

This residence permit for caregivers should make one react, since France is the only country now in the world to maintain the vaccination obligation for its doctors.

On stage, the presidential show continues

In addition to these “ leaks ” organized in good and due form to test the reactions of public opinion to a text which risks causing a lot of stir, Macron continues to occupy the media scene (less and less complacent on these jokes) to distract the little people from the macrony. This time he disguised himself as a sailor to spend Christmas on Charles-de-Gaulle, our magnificent nuclear aircraft carrier, somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean.

This travesty mania has elicited many sarcastic comments, which the Presidency should be concerned about. The taste of disguise indeed reflects a form of childishness that has long amused and even amazed the gallery. But, after 5 years in power, this little game begins to be worrying: what if it was the product of some personal characteristic?

The childish disguise of Macron as a sailor follows his strange behavior towards Mbappe on the football field, after the defeat of France against Argentina, that we mentioned on Monday. Little by little, the subsidized press dares to talk about these foreigners through Macron’s psychology, of his immoderate taste for theatricalization and staging which perhaps reveal personal faults long passed over in silence.

At the same time, Macron has also extended somewhat theatrical congratulations and placed in Qatar and Egypt for the organization of international events on their soil. If we remember the disastrous football match of Saint-Denis that France has organized at the risk of the supporters, this condescension still poses a few questions.

Zemmour Unlocked

In this entertainment world, Zemmour missed his. The person concerned counted a lot on the European Court of Human Rights (which he regularly vilifies) to have his conviction for incitement to hatred quashed (for remarks made on television in 2016…). He was rejected:

The ECHR, the judicial arm of the Council of Europe, ‘considers that these remarks were not limited to a criticism of Islam but included, given the context of terrorist attacks in which they took place, a discriminatory intention likely to call on listeners to reject and exclude the Muslim community’.

The conviction is therefore confirmed. Zemmour holds a great opportunity to speak again of the ECHR.



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