Mercury In Vaccines Making a Comeback

mercury-vaccine-1[1]By: Dr. Mark Stengler

New plot to poison children?

It’s too dangerous for my kids — so here, why don’t you give it to yours?

Most parents would be outraged at anyone with the nerve to say anything like that. Yet that’s exactly the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics when it comes to a toxic metal used in some vaccines.

Back in 1999, after a lot of public pressure, the AAP called for a complete ban on thimerosal, a preservative used in vaccines that’s made from mercury.

It was a rare bit of common sense from a major mainstream medical organization, since mercury isn’t just any old toxic substance — it’s one of the most toxic substances on the entire planet.

It’s so dangerous that even the very small amounts used in vaccines may lead to serious and lasting neurodevelopmental problems, possibly even autism.

But today, common sense has left the building as the AAP is now doing its best to block U.N. efforts at a global ban on thimerosal — and it’s not because it’s in the best interest of children or adults.

It’s because it’s in the best interest of the AAP’s Big Pharma backers.

See, thimerosal may be dangerous… but like a lot of toxic substances, it’s dirt cheap. So when it’s used as a preservative, the price of vaccines comes down. And when the price of vaccines comes down, drug companies can sell more of them in poor countries.

So today, the same AAP that led the charge to get thimerosal removed from many vaccines in the United States is leading the charge to make sure it remains in the vaccines shipped off to the Third World.

Of course, they claim it’s safe for everyone — and that they never would have backed the U.S. ban if they knew in 1999 what they knew today. But there’s one little problem with that theory: In the 14 years that have passed, the science on this stuff hasn’t changed.

There’s still not a single honest-to-goodness clinical trial that proves thimerosal is safe for humans, especially children.

So I don’t care where you stand on the vaccine debate — whether you support them or not, you should make sure your child or grandchild is never given a shot with thimerosal in it no matter where you live.

By the way, that’s not the only bad ingredient in flu shots and other vaccines. There’s a host of other potentially toxic preservatives, and some of them are downright disgusting.

It’s something I’ve focused on plenty in my printed newsletter, Health Revelations. Sign up today, and you can read about one of the worst — the flu shot — in my December 2012 issue, which is available to subscribers in my online archives.

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