MMR Hand Waving Used to Distract Public Attention From DTaP Injury Horrors

MMR Hand Waving Used to Distract Public From DTaP Injury Horrors

There is little more disgusting than the cynical turn the vaccine industry has taken in targeting the child in your pregnant belly with a big nasty bulls eye.  One could almost conclude that some eugenic elites somewhere want your child dead, or at best, so mentally and/or physically handicapped, he/she will never raise a family of their own.

Well, maybe not your child by name, but the vaccine industry is well aware of the statistics, which you can view for yourself, right on page 7 of the DTaP package insert.

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On page 7, we can view the chart of percentages for local and systemic adverse reactions, and we see that at minimum, 2.4% of infants will react with the classic high pitched encephalitic scream, the first symptom of the DTaP brain injury leading to autism, with the very first DTaP shot.   We see that 1.0% & 1.4% follow with that same symptom with the 2nd & 3rd booster doses.   If we only account for the injuries caused by the first shot, with approximately 4,000,000 babies born in the U.S. every year, we see 2.4% of 4 million = 96,000 American babies brain injured and exhibiting the first autism symptom (the encephalitic scream), every year.   With the nation’s autism rate at only 1 in 68, which = 1.4%, it seems a miracle the U.S. autism rate isn’t higher than it is.   But really, trying to get those numbers up are exactly what the 2nd & 3rd booster shots are for – forcing parents to take additional shots of Russian Roulette at their own children, because the eugenic elite wish to thin “the herd”.   For now they will settled for 2.4% + 1.0% + 1.4% = 4.8%.    They will leave the rest of the 5/6 culling of the human population to future mandated and manufactured panic vaccines, like Ebola, Anthrax, assorted Flues & Pneumonia.

See for Yourself the Main Stream Media pushing the DTaP vaccine, not only targeting you and your unborn child for harm, but in a very evil & cynical way, your whole family

They’re not getting a Tdap vaccine, protecting against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. It’s crucial for women to get the vaccine while pregnant (during…Source: The Parents Perspective


Not only does the DTaP shot package insert list the pre-autistic high pitched encephalitic scream as a known adverse reaction, it lists autism itself as a known “Adverse Reaction”, on page 5.

And at 96,000 injuries per year, just too many families can point at the date their child got the DTaP shot as the day their child started screaming the classic unnaturally high pitched encephalitic scream, sometimes with seizures and convulsions, and either died, or regressed from normality into autism.

So the DTaP shot is administered simultaneously with the MMR, and all the media hand waving “that the MMR does not cause autism” is to distract us all from reading the package insert for DTaP, where all this brain damage is admitted and published.

But being able to point at the date your child was injured is the big smoking gun, so the CDC has decided it is better to make their attack before a family even gets to know their child in a healthy non-autistic state, and is pushing out these fraudulent articles trying to sell you on targeting your child with the DTaP before it’s even born.   The intention is then to claim autism is a genetic birth defect, and disgusting cynical articles making that claim are already being floated in the main stream media.

What’s really going on is that a certain significant percentage of the population is simply genetically less able to withstand the DTaP attack.  And that will be used against them to further the elite agenda for depopulation of the planet that birthed us.


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