Monsanto Leasing Land from Schools for Experimentation with Genetically-Modified Seeds and Pesticides

It’s time to follow the lead of Hawaiians who are working to evict Monsanto from their land…and for good reason.  Monsanto and other corporations have been leasing land from schools for experimentation with genetically-modified seeds and pesticides.  The organization Hawaii GMO Justice has initiated a campaign to tell Kamehameha schools — one of the landowners that is leasing land to Monsanto — to evict the chemical company.  They are selling bumper stickers and hats to raise money to tackle this important issue in Hawaii.

The Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition shared this compelling video (shown in original article). It presents shocking news about the hijacking of fertile farmland by Monsanto, BASF, Dow, DuPont, Syngenta and other GMO seed and pesticide companies for widescale experimentation of genetically-modified organisms and pesticides.

The video also explains how the University of Hawaii in conjunction with the Department of the Army conducted experiments to test the defoliation effects of well-known carcinogen Agent Orange on the jungles of Kauai during 1967-68.  And which company created the horrible toxin used in Vietnam and for testing in Kauai?  You guessed it:  Monsanto!  The tragic abuse of American citizens has continued in Hawaii.

The video by Hawaii GMO Justice shares the story of Anthony Palazzolo, a former organic farmer in Hawaii, who had to give up his livelihood because the soil and water was so toxic that he became ill from eating the organic produce he was growing.  He explains that his farmland was surrounded by land used for experimentation by the companies mentioned above.

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