Monsanto: The Conclusion


By TLB Contributor: Lori

The growth hormone rBGH is a hormone which is given to cattle to produce more milk. Cows normally live 12-15 years before being culled from the herd. When cows are given this growth hormone they have less than 5 years of production before being culled.

Cows who give birth are separated from their babies within 24 hours of giving birth & the calf is weaned from milk by the age 2 months. The mortality rate is near 10% for these calves as they are not getting the needed antibodies from their moms during this crucial stage in their lives.

There have been some studies that have linked early puberty in kids with rBGH. Girls budding breasts & having their period starting as early as 2nd or 3rd grade. Or a boy starting to sport a mustache as early as 10 years of age.

Earlier starting of period has been linked to cancer of the breasts, uterus & ovaries. Is increasing the milk production in cows really worth the risk?

When my period started I was one month shy of my 13th birthday. My daughter was 4 months shy of her 12th birthday. There is a 21 year difference between us. What changed?

A few of the changes that have occurred are more toxins in our environment. More toxins in our food & food storage products. But the main change is the rBGH in the milk.

There are 3 companies that say they do not use hormone laced milk. Those 3 are Land O Lakes, HiLand & Aldi milk. These are the only 3 I will buy. Monsanto has done their best to make sure that milk isn’t labeled as using or not using the growth hormone but I remember seeing the signs on the cooler doors a few years ago.

Milk rBGHOrganic is a good way to go too. I’ve had organic milk & it has a different taste to it. Now raw milk is the best way to go. I’ve had it but buying raw milk is illegal is most of the U.S. Drinking it in public is a big no-no. So unless you have a few dairy cows or someone who is willing to provide you with raw milk, organic or another form of non-GMO is going to be your best bet.

GMO’s – Genetically modified organisms.

My husband used to haul grain a few years ago. He had one farmer who would grow both the GMO & non- GMO soybeans. My husband could tell by taste which was which. The soybeans that were the GMO kind had a bitter taste to them but the non- GMO ones didn’t have that bitter taste. What is causing the bitter taste? The chemicals that are on the soybeans.

How many of you watched the Today show on NBC this past week where they were touting the GMO food is perfectly safe? I watched it with great interest & was saying “B.S.” to a lot of what the lady was saying.

They brought the topic up because General Mills is telling the public that they will start using non-GMO ingredients in their yellow box Cheerios. General Mills is a big plant in the Twin Cities. They have a few grain dumps around the country. Do you really think that they can keep track of which ingredients are GMO & which ones aren’t? I’m not buying it. I think there has to be a catch somewhere.

Most of the world has banned GMO products in their countries. China recently rejected a shipment of corn that was GMO. There was a huge field of GMO beans that was burned in Hungary.

There have been reports that animals only fed GMO grains died. Other studies have shown that GMO grains affect the body all over. Cancers, fertility problems, pancreas, liver, etc.

When I was at the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago this last summer there were a lot of parents who attended a seminar on GMO’s. Everyone of them said that their childs health problems went away after they got their kids on a totally organic diet & totally away from GMO’s. That is a huge testimony right there.


Monsanto has deep pockets & its beginning to show. The proposition in California for the labeling of GMO products failed but it didn’t fail in Connecticut. But that bill will only go thru if the 4 surrounding states approve the measure also. The only reason I can see for this is for shipping reasons. And a chance to jack up the prices in those states.

If they are so proud of their product then why not advertise it to the world. This product has GMO in it. Let us make the choice as to buy it or not.

Monsanto has over 50 locations nationwide. Many states have more than one location.

The time has come to tell Monsanto – Enough is enough. We want to make a choice when it comes to what we want to put in our bodies. Most of you would say……No to GMO.

Here is a link to a shopping guide for GMO & non-GMO products.


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  1. This is nonsense:

    1. Monsanto doesn’t see BGH.
    2. It is the same as the co natural hormone – there is nothing so identical to the natural cow hormone as this.
    3. Inject (not just eat) cow BGH into a human and it has ZERO effect – please get an education before you talk science.
    4. Don’t confused with steroid hormones that are effective of humans and animals and are long lived and are not natural. Again get the facts.
    5. BGH treated cows do not harm people.
    6. BGH treated cows (and you can get the same effect by feeding the cows more food) produce more milk that means farmers keep their costs down and profits up and they STAY IN BUSINESS.

    The rest of the crap about Monsanto is also not true. How do I know this – I work for Monsanto. I am a conservationist. I have ecology and biology training and neither myself or anyone I work with would work for Monsanto if they thought any of this nonsense and made up stories was true to reality.

    Monsanto has said they are in favor of voluntary labeling. They actual seek organic seed. But they also know that the labeling campaign is an attempt to demonize GMO food. The campaigns have said so themselves.

    It also stokes me as strange that organic industrialists and campaigning against something instead of selling the virtues of their own products. Why is this? Why can’t they back their products with testing to show how better they are and why they are worth double the price?

    Seems like they have something to hide. Why isn’t organic food tested as much as GM food?

    If you say your product is better don’t you have to show some evidence it is? A Gm product has to go through at least $50m in safety testing. GM products have been used for more than 17 years on billions of acres of land and in probably till ions of meals without a single hospitalization due to its GM nature. Organic food due to bacterial contamination has actually killed multiple people. When the source is found it is often wrongly treatment manure and manure treated soil is supposed to be better for us and is part of the organic practice. Why aren’t people up in arms about that?

    Maybe its got nothing to do with facts or safety.

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