… Mueller Indicted Russian Co. that Didn’t Even Exist

… Mueller Indicted Russian Co. that Didn’t Even Exist

by Rick Wells

Bumbling political hack Mueller is really revealing who and what he is lately. His belief in putting the removal of President Trump above all else blew up in his face . .

robert Mueller

As if it isn’t enough of a sloppy, corrupt miscarriage of justice for Robert Mueller to be engaged in a coup against the President of the United States with absolutely no evidence in support, and for that same supposed “man of integrity” to have indicted thirteen Russian individuals and three Russian corporations criminally without having prepared a case against them for prosecution. It gets worse.

The abuse of power and weaponization of the Department of Justice for the establishment elite’s war on America is now revealed to be so reckless and abusive in nature that the Muller witch burners included in their filings against the Russians a business that doesn’t exist and did not exist at the time of the alleged offenses or the filing of the criminal indictment.

Mueller does seem to be in a bit of a legal panic, throwing every type of lawsuit and threat imaginable at the proverbial wall, even against non-existent defendants, to see what will stick.

[Last] week in hearings initiated by the filing by Mueller of his charges against the Russians, U.S. Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey asked Eric Dubelier, one of two lawyers representing one of the accused Russian companies, Concord Management and Consulting LLC, if he was representing a third company also listed in the indictment.

Transcripts show the conversation continued as follows:

“THE COURT: …you and your firm represent Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, is that correct?

DUBELIER: Correct.

THE COURT: You do not represent any other defendant in the case?

DUBELIER: We do not.

THE COURT: Not any other individual defendant in the case?


THE COURT: What about Concord Catering? The government makes an allegation that there’s some association. I don’t mean for you to — do you represent them, or not, today? And are we arraigning them as well?

DUBELIER: We’re not. And the reason for that, Your Honor, is I think we’re dealing with a situation of the government having indicted the proverbial ham sandwich. That company didn’t exist as a legal entity during the time period alleged by the government. If at some later time they show me that it did exist, we would probably represent them. But for purposes of today, no, we do not.

THE COURT: Okay. And just so I’m clear as I read your submission, it’s your belief that Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, has not been properly served under Rule 4, is that correct?

DUBELIER: That’s correct”

Not only is Mueller a vicious partisan who will do whatever it takes to get a conviction for something, anything against President Trump and those in his circle, he’s also pathetically haphazard and shoddy in his work product. Not much is sticking to that wall, but the expense account is ballooning and the damage to our nation being done by these political hacks is mounting.

This is the guy that all of the establishment in the DC Swamp was heralding as the most meticulous, methodical and upright person possible to “serve” as a special counsel? He’s a sad and pathetic joke – a sloppy, bumbling hack out to save his own skin and those of his partners in crime. And actions such as this are making it blatantly obvious and undeniable to even the most naive of Americans.


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