Nancy Pelosi, Dream Creator [Video]

Nancy Pelosi, Dream Creator

by Ralph Ely | (TLB) Editor-at-large

I have had two earth shaking dreams so far in my life time. The first dream was when I was about four years old and found it incumbent that I protect the reputation of Santa Clause.

Dream one

One each neighborhood twelve year old bully… we’ll call him Mike Miller… because that is his name… was constantly questioning the validity of what this four year old could possibly profess to know about flying reindeer, global scheduling, options for houses with no fireplace and besides… Santa did not make his own toys, he stole them from “Toys R Us”, raved Miller, And if he keeps it up they will go out of business!

Did you read what Miller said?  Santa did not make his own toys?  He stole them from “Toys R Us”?

Years later I still think about Millers wisdom and the “Toys R Us” Going out of Business Sale that happened this year. I hate to admit it but Christmas shopping was all done in June and we really did get some good buys from the real Santa.

Dream two

You just don’t know how happy I was when this one came to a conclusion… before a collision.

Some how I was in Washington D.C. working for Nancy Pelosi. (Fast forward to beyond all of the boring ‘dream stuff’) to the morning Pelosi’s driver escorted her into the office, helped her get seated, opened a bag and spread out a pile of napkins, a spoon and a container of Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. (How my dream knew this in such detail I will never know.) I did Google it… yep Every morning for breakfast.

Back to the dream. Her driver ask where her “two assistants” were and I said they must be running late. If you need to go, go on I’ll keep an eye out, I said.  Just as the driver was going out the door a group of Tourist from The City by The Bay came rushing in. I ask them to give Ms. Pelosi a few to finish her Ice Cream. She said no bother “we’ll talk while I munch.” They talked and munched their way back into her office, pretty much out of ear shot. I took a couple of phone calls and made a few… and then it hit me like a bolt of lightning . No noise from Pelosi’s office. They never came out. Second bolt, she went out the side door. She is loose in the halls somewhere. I pushed the panic button for the Capitol Police.

Their arrival was within seconds. (dreams are like that) Where are her guys in Purple, ask the Sargent. You mean the guys in White don’t you sir, inquired the patrolman. I injected myself into the conversation to get back on track… She will only allow her “assistants” as we call them to wear Purple.  Purple, the color of bipartisanship… (Yep, I googled it… yep it’s there)

Back to the Dream. One of the Staff’s concerns was that she would get together with Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese driver and they would end up at a D.C. Network TV Studio or make it to one in New York City where Nancy would get on Oprah or one of those Political Talk shows… stumble, stammer, bumble.. so embarrassing.

Remember this is a dream….

… Was it a dream? In Pelosi’s world we never know. After all, she is wearing Purple. (RE/TLB)


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