New World Order Martial Law Scenario? U.S. Government Pathological Lies Concerning “Jade Helm 15 Military Operation”


By Joachim Hagopian

Why Citizens Should be Concerned

Is it any wonder that fewer people these days are willing to trust the US federal government or their American leader President Obama? The citizen furor over the highly controversial Jade Helm 15 military operation scheduled for two months this summer (July 15-September 15) in all four US Border States with Mexico plus Utah and Nevada is well grounded. Despite mainstream media and war mongers like Senator John McCain mocking and ridiculing those behind the ongoing uproar as mere paranoid conspiracy nutcases, a closer look at the nonstop lies flowing out of Washington provides every justifiable reason for Americans’ suspicion that the feds are up to no good in the Southwest. Many US citizens have come to recognize that their civil liberties and constitutional rights since 9/11 have completely vanished under the ever-darkening cloud of tyranny usurped by the insidiously false pretense of national security.

The so called war on terror is eerily similar to America’s war on drugs. Both are a complete bust. Meanwhile, the US government continues making billions in profit from the illegal international drug trade and cabal banks continue regularly engaging in illegal money laundering, and crime families like the Bushes and Clintons get high as well as richer. The war on drugs’ thinly veiled design is actually a war against people of color, promoting institutionalized welfare state dependency, while the privatized prison industrial complex incarcerates a million Americans on non-violent drug charges and over two billion citizens behind bars, over half the country’s inmate population being non-white, caging near three times more than any other nation on earth as the world’s worst human rights offender. Finally, with less than 5% of the total world population, the United States of incarceration houses 25% of the world’s total prison population.

Meanwhile 9/11 and the US war of terror in reality are nothing less than a deplorable scapegoat war against Islam religion. Duped into doing the evil bidding of fellow crime syndicate partners Israel and Saudi Arabia, under the WMD mantra of yet more lies to push false justification of committing crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has lost two costly wars each lasting a decade plus and still raging, killed millions of Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa squandering up to six trillion taxpayer dollars, and leaving only completely decimated failed states in its death wake, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Ukraine. Initiating another arms race and cold war against Russia and China heating up with catastrophic nuclear world war III, endgame potential, the US Empire’s war on terror has only created with financing, training and arming savage US proxy mercenary allies posing as fake enemies on steroids that have gained more control over the region as time drags on.

Meanwhile, the globally expanding, morally reprehensible US killer drone policy ensures a forever supply for its forever war of anti-American terrorists as fresh new recruits. And the most demonic fact is that all this destabilizing planetary plunder, devastation and murderous destruction is all by intentional oligarch design to facilitate the New World Order. Psychopathic criminals operating as globalists seek their one world government using their errand boy and girl Western leaders to do their dirty bidding.

And now as a result, a growing number of Americans strongly believe that 9/11 itself was an inside job committed jointly by the treasonous Bush-Cheney regime in full cooperation if not direction from the Israeli and Saudi governments. An inordinate number of the key co-conspirators are neocon US-Israeli dual citizens whose actions demonstrate full loyalty to Israel versus complete betrayal of America. An increasing segment of the American population has realized that these diabolical rogue elements within the US government have long been in control operating as the US traitors responsible for assassinating President John F. Kennedy and maintaining the cover-up ever since – despite the vast majority in America accepting it too was an early inside job.

Just months prior to Kennedy’s murder, he warned America of its subversive shadow forces. He pissed off power players in both the armed forces and the CIA for refusing to involve US military in the Bay of Pigs failed operation to overthrow Cuba’s Fidel Castro in 1961. He enraged the Chiefs of Staff generals when he nixed their plan to kill US citizens in Miami and Washington DC in false flag terrorism they’d plotted with Operation Northwoods. Despite the October 1962 Missile Crisis when Kennedy stood up to Russia’s Khrushchev over placement of Soviet missiles in Cuba, JFK’s willingness to negotiate with the volatile Communist leader in the face of Soviet Bloc expansion in East Germany resulted in a rash of harsh criticism that JFK was “soft on communism,” generating yet additional wrath from the same key cold war promoters within the CIA, top military brass and the all-powerful Council on Foreign Relations. And the young and only Roman Catholic US president further sealed his fate when he made it clear he was returning all US military advisors stationed in Vietnam home to ensure that no Vietnam War could break out on his watch. In August 1964 just nine months after his plotted murder, Kennedy’s successor Lyndon Johnson who’s been implicated as a Kennedy co-conspirator lied to America in yet another false flag claiming North Vietnamese gunboats had fired on a US Navy ship in the Gulf of Tonkin, thus making sure that America was committed to war in Southeast Asia lasting the next decade.

In fact every assassinated US President from Lincoln to Garfield to JFK prior to their deaths had outraged the controlling oligarchs of the central banking cabal, moving to drastically reduce their power. More recently so did onetime US allies-dictators Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi after each went public in removing the US dollar/petrodollar as their standard international currency. Threatening the absolute power and control over the debt-based Ponzi scam of the private centralized banking cabal represented in the US by the misnomered Federal Reserve Board has in fact been the fastest, surefire way to death and destruction for any leader or nation both here in America and abroad.

Strong evidence has emerged that JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1968 murders were also perpetrated by government insiders operating within this same shadowy crime syndicate posing as the federal government. The US intelligence community of the CIA and FBI have been repeatedly implicated in all these heinous crimes of the century that have radically altered the course of modern world history. And if the lives of America’s greatest leaders have proven expendable to the criminal self-interests of Washington’s elite still retaining power today, the value of America’s ordinary citizens means even less, rendering us all expendable to the ruling totalitarian oppressors.

And with that brief historical overview providing relevant background context, let’s now examine why so many Americans have very sound reasons for fearing the worst with this upcoming military operation. The virtually nonstop lies coming from America’s government and military leaders and its financial institutions in the twenty-first century alone have driven the American people’s trust toward them ever plummeting with each passing year to new unprecedented, all-time lows. For instance, during the course of the Bush-Obama regime, referred to as one and the same contiguous entity, trust toward the office of the US presidency has fallen from 58% early in Bush’s first term in 2002 to 35% for Obama in 2012. And so far in his lame duck presidency Obama is only continuing to flounder with his lowest approval rating in six years recorded in January. A Fox News poll a year ago showed that 61% of Americans believe Obama lies “some” or “most of the time” as the growing majority simply don’t trust the man.

After all, this is the candidate who lied when he promised to be the most open and transparent president in history and has only proven to be the most secretive and vindictive in history. His dishonesty as a severe character flaw has become his trademark and legacy. He lied when he promised repeatedly to close the Guantanamo Bay Prison that’s unlawfully held and tortured innocent victims for more than a decade. Refusing to “look back” and hold neocon criminals accountable, Obama lied claiming torture ceased on his presidential watch while heroic CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou maintains it more than likely just submerged deeper underground:

Many of us believed that the torture policy was solely a Bush-era perversion. But many of these perversions, or at least efforts to cover them up or justify them, have continued under President Obama.

Bragging that he taught constitutional law over ten years, Obama lied when he took a sworn oath vowing to protect, defend and uphold the US Constitution, consistently violating law 5 U.S.C. 7311, a federal criminal offense carrying a punishment subject to removal from office, jail time and fine, grounds for kicking virtually all government members in all three branches out of office. Candidate Obama’s promise in his own empty words:

I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution.

Obama has run roughshod over Second Amendment rights with 23 executive orders on gun control. He also lied when he repeatedly assured Americans that neither the NSA nor the federal government records phone conversationsadding that a judge’s warrant is necessary to authorize surveillance of private phone and computer records.

Just out this week comes another indictment against the commander-in-chief written by renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh once again calling Obama out as a fullblown liar over the alleged Osama bin Laden murder. Recall back in 2013 it was Hersh who called Obama a flat out liar then after Obama was getting ready to launch air strikes on Syria, falsely accusing Assad forces of using chemical weapons when in fact it was Obama’s backed al Qaeda rebels that were guilty. Grandstanding for the credit he exploited, Obama lied insisting that bin Laden was armed and fired shots at the Navy Seal team along with a number of his alleged armed guards. Hersh maintains it was a total lie, that the feeble and dying elderly Osama was unarmed and without protection from others. In fact for the last five years he had been held hostage by Pakistani Intelligence who Obama betrayed in his public announcement. The White House painted the false picture that Osama was still actively calling all the al Qaeda shots when he was an isolated, weakened prisoner still being covertly supported financially by the Saudis. In his eagerness to take a bow in stride with his upcoming reelection, Obama’s rush to show and tell outed an angry Navy team and betrayed the Pakistani generals in charge of military intelligence without whom the operation would have failed.

Aside from pathologically lying presidents, the NSA, the DEA and the IRS all routinely lie when they incessantly violate laws and then matter-of-factly deny spying on Americans. Similar to other Constitution oath takers who also routinely violate 5 U.S.C. 7311, law enforcement personnel across the nation also take oaths promising to “protect and serve” the public, and then in a state sanctioned militarized police state turn around and murder countless defenseless and unarmed citizens with alarming frequency (70 times the rate of other First World nations) and virtually always with complete impunity.

Turning now to the legislative branch of government liars and betrayers, the US Congressional approval ratings show even more distrust and contempt. Per Gallup polls during the same 10-year period from 2002 to 2012, Americans’ trust toward US Congress spiraled even lower from just 29% to only 12%. The latest figures released April 29th from the Harvard Institute of Politics polling registered Democrats and Republicans from the millennial generation indicate that 83% do not trust Congress. Had independents or even the larger segment of non-voters amongst millennials been included, the percentage of young people trusting their government would undoubtedly be close to zero!

While US taxpayers were burdened on two separate occasions with imposed massive bailouts for “too big to fail” corporations and then banks, simultaneous to the biggest transfer of wealth in US history with the 2008 housing loan bubble burst while not even one criminal banksters was indicted or sent to prison. Meanwhile during 2007-2011 when over five million American homes were lost due to foreclosure, public trust in the economy and banks in particular plunged even more than trust toward members of the federal government, dropping 24 percentage points in the same 2002-2012 decade from 47 to 23%. With the cruel choice of the nation’s powerbrokers to make war profiteers richer at the expense of the decimated, shrinking middle class, Americans have been lied to, fleeced and horrifically victimized at every turn to such an extreme that freefall towards total collapse appears preeminent.

This overwhelming decline in Americans’ willingness to trust their government leaders and institutions in recent years(13%) has run a parallel course with their disbelief in trusting mainstream media outlets as well, recognizing that NBC, CNN and Fox News as well as the nation’s major newspapers (i.e., the New York Times, Washington Post, and LA Times) also fail miserably in delivering the honest truth. The US populace has come to reluctantly accept that the six oligarch owned corporations controlling over 90% of the flow of all information and news spew out the same mimicked, distorted lies and propaganda that the federal government tells them to spin. Gov.corp has these giant media corporations notorious for willfully withholding the truth by refusing to ask the hard, critical questions necessary to ascertain and expose the true reality that the feds in turn habitually, willfully, deceitfully conceal. As the mere propaganda department for the US government, mainstream media has become nothing but the feds’ lapdog whore in the exact same way that politicians service their globalist puppet masters only. A year ago a Princeton-Northwestern study officially declared the US an oligarchy.

With full awareness of how members of mainstream media and government lie every single day for a living, their unabashed zeal that has them currently frothing at the mouth to denigrate and humiliate Americans, especially Texans understandably worried that the Jade Helm operation will go live midway or towards the end in September to begin locking people up are more than justified. Texas Governor Abbott is calling out his State Guard to oversee the Special Ops drills in the Lone Star State as precaution to relieve the worry of his citizens. But he and alarmed Americans continue to be unfairly lampooned by McCain, MSM and even Jon Stewart.

In actuality numerous conspiracy theories have proven to become accurate depictions of reality in the past. Just a few examples: already covered MSM lies and propaganda, the militarized police state and secret “black hole” prisons, invasive spying on every aspect of our private lives, the rigged, thoroughly corrupt stock market, the vaccine inquisition and the geoengineering metal toxins, and finally the potential WMD Ebola virus can be contracted by airborne passage.

So prior to scoffing at Americans whose distrust over Jade is very real, the rest of us should ponder and think twice about smugly judging and dismissing this potential NWO ambush. Absolute tyranny comes in incremental steps. The US-UK-Canadian joint military exercise Maple Resolve across Canada this month combined with the sudden closure of all 133 north-of-the-border Target Stores gives one pause for ponder. Two years ago few would foresee the total lockdown of America’s first taste of martial law in a major metropolitan city, yet the Boston Marathon bombing hoax induced just that.

The feared prototypical scenario is the military training drill will suddenly go live with a strategically timed response to some induced false flag crises involving civil unrest giving Obama the convenient excuse to declare martial law under the pretense of a national emergency, then begin extraction of anti-government activists and initiate the infamous FEMA prison camp round-up of dissidents. It could easily go into effect either regionally or nationally. Rest assure the feds will be ready. Just like they were recently ready in Baltimore when police attempted to provoke high school kids to react and the mayor purposely waited till chaos grew out of control before intervening. Meanwhile, five state National Guards were simultaneously undergoing “civil unrest” training exercises and ready to go live. This recurring pattern is no coincidence.

Historically every totalitarian and genocidal regime first goes after its designated opposition leaders classified red on its watch list of dissenters deemed enemies of the state for simply opposing Washington’s ruthless tyranny. And it would not be the first time in US history that a group of innocent American victims were targeted as the designated homegrown enemy.  Over 127,000 Japanese Americans were systematically rounded up, involuntarily relocated and unlawfully placed in prison camps during World War II. The Red Scare harassed and ruined hundreds of lives in the early 50′s. Then throughout the 1960’s and early 70’s J. Edgar’s FBI unlawfully compiled growing watch lists of antiwar student protestors, African American and Native American leaders and harassed and assassinated Malcolm X, MLK and targeted killings of members of both the Black Panther Party and American Indian Movement.

With the manufactured “war on terror,” political activists, combat veterans, constitutionalists, libertarians, progressives, anarchists, gun owners, right wing paramilitary militia group members, Tea Partiers, home school-ers and even fundamentalist Christians are but the latest victims monitored and singled out as today’s potential domestic terrorists. Thus, with Jade Helm the fear of persecution is certainly not in the least unfounded. Yet the liars and propagandists in the media and government every day are taking cheap shots at concerned patriots. Meanwhile in recent years Homeland Security documents and US Army manuals (FM 3-39.40 called Internment and Resettlement Operations) along with dozens of presidential executive orders and oppressive draconian laws (Patriot Act, 2012 NDAA) are all on the books specifying in detailed living proof how the federal government’s not-so-hidden agenda will be to force hundreds of thousands of US citizens to relocate into prison resettlement camps complete with fenced in barb wire walls, armed guard towers, tribunal and even mortuary sections. Psychological officers are designated to reprogram citizens deemed salvageable while the hardcore dissidents will simply be violently exterminated. These shocking details illustrating the feds’ sinister plan are all a matter of public record.

Or contemplate why have all the federal agencies totally unrelated to either the military or law enforcement like the Social Security Administration, the Fish & Wildlife Department, the IRS, the FDA, EPA, and even the US Postal Service been busily buying up all the hollow point bullets, guns and ammo in America? Clearly it is not paranoia at all to fear what could rapidly unfold this summer – the potentially diabolical hidden agenda for the largest US military operation ever conducted on expansive US soil during its entire 239-year history! Especially based on the recent egregious track record of utter deception and rampantly mounting oppression increasingly perpetrated by the US federal government, the more rational and prudent question then becomes why wouldn’t any self-aware, mindful resident of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, Nevada and Utah or for that matter any US citizen not be extremely concerned about their government’s long proven, secretive, deceitful true intentions. From here on out, regardless of the skeptics, let vigilance be the operative word.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/He is also a regular contributor to Global Research and a syndicated columnist at Veterans Today.

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