Nine chronic diseases caused by pesticides

Preface by Cathy Geibel TLB writer/reporter

Despite claims by Bio Tech companies, supported by those supposed government entities whose job is to protect us such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), that there is no link between pesticides and disease, evidence continues to mount to the contrary.  The Pesticide Induced Disease Database is one such resource.  Indeed, as a Registered Nurse for over 36 years I have literally witnessed the increase in the diseases mentioned in this article.  I did not start out an activist, but after witnessing so many tyrannical acts inflicted on us by this global agenda of power and control via the 1% owned BioTech such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Dupont et al, Big Pharma, and Weather Modification and SEEING what it is doing to we humans how could I not?  How could I stay silent and live with myself?  I cannot, WE cannot.  We MUST keep speaking out or risk succumbing.  I work to salvage this planet for my children and future grandchildren.  They are the innocents who will inherit the world we create.  (CG)


By Isabelle Z.

By now, it is fairly common knowledge that pesticide exposure is associated with a disturbing number of life-changing illnesses. Yet, for some reason, pesticides continue to be used on a widespread basis, with people around the world feeling the effects of these harmful toxins. The wide reach and influence of agricultural firms like Monsanto is responsible for many of the health problems faced by people around the world today.


The advocacy group, Beyond Pesticides, has created a Pesticide-Induced Disease (PID) database that provides vital information about the many dangers of these chemicals. The list is depressingly long, and its warnings are particularly important for children. Here is a look at nine of the diseases with the strongest links to pesticide exposure.

1. Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia

This progressive brain-destroying disease reportedly affects up to 5.3 million Americans. The numbers have been rising recently in keeping with the rise in our nation’s pesticide use, and this appears to be more than a coincidence. Studies have found that people exposed to pesticides have not only a greater incidence of Alzheimer’s and dementia, but also increased dysfunction in psychomotor, behavioral and cognitive skills. The link is particularly strong when it comes to insecticides.

2. Cancer

Many cancers have been linked to pesticides, including brain, bone, liver, pancreas, bladder and prostate cancers, as well as leukemia. Cancers of the lymph system, such as Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, are particularly well-documented. These are the seventh most commonly diagnosed cancers in adults, and the third most common in children. In fact, children who live in agricultural areas have higher risks of several of these illnesses.

3. Birth defects

Birth defects in humans and animals alike have been noted with increasing frequency as pesticide use rises, particularly in agricultural areas. For example, gastroschisis, a birth defect in which a baby’s intestines and other organs develop outside the abdomen, occurs much more frequently in babies with mothers who live within 25 kilometers of sites where the pesticide atrazine was used. In fact, atrazine has been linked to nine different birth defects.

4. Endocrine disruption

In this condition, chemicals from pesticides as well as plastics, household cleaners and other chemicals make their way into the body and disrupt its hormonal balance, leading to disease, developmental problems and reproductive issues. The endocrine system, which includes the thyroid, and adrenal and pituitary glands, is vital for growth and development, and anything that disrupts it can have major repercussions on one’s overall health. Pesticides and other chemicals change the concentration of the body’s natural hormones and interfere with metabolism, hormonal synthesis, transport and excretion. Male hormones are particularly vulnerable, reports Scientific American.

5. Reproductive issues

Exposure to pesticides can affect the reproductive systems of men and women alike. In one study, men who had high levels of three different common pesticides in their urine were actually ten times more likely to have low sperm quality. Meanwhile, rats who experienced even very low exposure to pesticides developed reproductive problems. Several pesticides and fungicides are also known to impair the synthesis of testosterone.

6. Asthma and allergies

The rate of asthma has been climbing dramatically in keeping with the rise of pesticide use. It is estimated that around 16 million Americans suffer from asthma, which is not only chronic but can also be life-threatening. Pesticide use has also been linked to food allergies. An Agricultural Health Study of more than 25,000 farm women found a link between seven different insecticides and atopic asthma.

7. Diabetes

While an unhealthy lifestyle certainly plays a role in type 2 diabetes, the widespread exposure to pesticides containing organophosphate can induce obesity and spur diabetic reactions. In one of several studies into the connection, a North Carolina State University study found elevated levels of diabetes among women who were exposed to five different classes of pesticides.

8. Parkinson’s Disease

This common neurodegenerative disease affects more than a million Americans, whose brain nerve cells become so damaged that they are unable to control the movement of their muscles. Pesticide exposure has been identified as a leading cause of this, with one study finding that the frequent use of household pesticides boosted a person’s odds of Parkinson’s by 47 percent. Even more alarmingly, those who frequently used organophosphate pesticides had a 71 percent higher likelihood of developing the neurodegenerative disease.

9. Developmental and learning disorders

Because organs continue to develop throughout childhood, children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of pesticides, and one place this can be quite evident is in the brain. Even low levels of pesticide exposure have been found to affect intelligence and behavior. Children who live in areas subjected to aerial spraying of pesticides for mosquitoes are 25 percent more likely to experience developmental disorders and autism.

The problems caused by pesticides are so bad that the French town of Saint-Jean has banned their use within 160 feet (50 meters) of homes. The town’s deputy mayor, who also happens to be a doctor, summed it up: “Research shows that people living near areas where pesticides are used are more affected by some diseases: endocrinal hormone disruption, diabetes and obesity, hormone-dependent cancers, cancer of the blood, male and female fertility problems and birth defects.”

If only every town – especially those with or close to farming communities – could get on board and protect the health of its citizens in such a strong and fearless way.


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  1. Monsanto and other participating companies can be successfully bankrupt with mass suits for crimes against humanity , irrevocable decimation of the entire planetary ecosystem and all living animals , including the catastrophic modification of all three domains of life.. Why do we not all pull together and annihilate their corporate existence? The populace of more than 7 billion humans can successfully accomplish this. Our strength lies in numbers. Should the backlash result in blackmail, murder or even further destruction of human lives, immediate indictment and criminal prosecution will simply add to the list of unimagineable existing crimes. It’s time to end this genocide for profit without further delay. With laboratory proof, especially in its most gruesome representations should be introduced at every single supermarket worldwide. The truth is shocking. And the populace needs to be shocked into awakening . Too vast a majority are too busy working 80 hour weeks to research these real events which need to be comprehensibly assimilated before total breakdown of brain cells occur. As like the case of the fight for market basket shoppers to withhold purchases altogether to save the work and legacy of the humanitarian owner, thus the same thing can be achieved until no gmo foods will be bought or consumed. Save your children, your families, the farming industry and all animal plant life, as it has already been allowed to propagate with no way of reversing the heinous damage. Our DNA is irreversibly damaged beyond repair. Get angry, take action, start at the town and local levels and don’t stop . We the people are the stewards of this planet and…teach your next generations pure minded education and utmost respect for the veritable gift we are graced with in our adventures upon this great green earth. Limit outdoor exposure to chemtrails but do not replace it with computers who were designed to kill the eggs of young girls. Eliminate computer science from all schools and demand it be replaced with teaching of agriculture, animal husbandry and all the wondrous knowledge available that nature has to offer. When did the system decide what your children, by illegal means, are forced to be indoctrinated into a completely backward thinking society? And why…do you allow it? Enforced school inoculations are destroying children from every cell of their little, innocent beings. Begin a neighborhood home schooling, collectively run by what expertise the parents can offer. Expand your minds beyond the conventional. Because you will continue to reap what you continue to sow. We are HUMANITY and only WE can save it. And lastly, it is a fact that our voting system is entirely corrupt. Since “assumeably” we the people voted them into office, by constitutional right, they can be dethroned by that same populace, ( should the egomaniacs attempt to get heavy handed in during these alterations by humanity at large. I wonder, I definitively question, how many people actually know the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the true definitions of crimes against humanity'(wiki)? In closing, don’t forget your furry family members who are forcibly being barraged by an increasing amount of deadly toxic injections by which most supposed diseases will rarely occur. Like children, they do not have a voice. Outside of the bare minimums, just say NO! Most veterinary medicines are manufactured by the very same pharmaceuticals that make human medicine. Would you be willing to murder your pets just to line Corp pockets and increase their political power over the governments? I think not. These are our most basic rights and of the most serious issues we’re facing. Bright minds can live joyously, simple lives with untold rewards to follow. Think of the barn raisers and the stable result from a collective consciousness. Peace and blessings to all, no matter our race,sex,color,creed,health or disability,religious preferences. May all the differences of all the wondrous cultures join hands creating rainbows as awesome as the real thing!

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