No Country For Old Men

No Country For Old Men

By: Bill The Butcher

Don’t even CALL it a border!

Nothing is easy, nothing comes fast, and history is completely contingent upon the author. So it is with Uvaldé. Uvaldé lies seventy miles east of the Mexican border. There are several misunderstandings about that border given to us from the original inhabitants. First, even called a border. When you imagine a border you probably envision a wall, guards, or at least a barb wire fence. Au Contrairé! Think big empty expanses with nothing but Gila monsters and a few wild Mexicans. There are some roads down there, but they are few and far between, and they’re not as safe as the tunnels. And no Metro City bus system.

A very fuzzy line

After Santa Anna got caught with his pants down at San Jacinto, Texas left the Republic of Mexico to form it’s own thing. The placement of the southern border was a point of contention for those tasked with drawing the map of the new Republic. The Texas delegation wanted the Rio Grandé to be the dividing line between the two nations while Mexican representatives opted for the Nueces River a bit farther north. The Texans still had Santa Anna as a guest so Nueces it was! Ain’t compromise wonderful? Although a border was drawn and agreed upon (At least as far as Texas was concerned) there is still a very fuzzy line as to where the border actually is, and the nationality of who actually lives there. Naturally Texans point to the Rio Grandé, an 1,896 mile mud hole reaching from south central Colorado all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico, being a tad bit irritated at the loss of the land between the two rivers, besides a first class land grab, a logical reason for choosing the Rio Grandé was that it ran the entire length of the western and southern border of The Republic of Texas from what is modern Colorado all the way to the Gulf.

Legally American decidedly Mexican!

That means that while this contested strip of land, being technically, and legally American, is in point of local opinion, decidedly Mexican! Filled with the descendants of conquistadors and four hundred years of Spanish and Mexican tradition. Americans make the mistake of comparing Uvaldé with rural regions in America proper. And, while we are all contending with crime, drugs, and Joe Biden, these things are a world away Robb Elementary! Such a world away that nobody there could imagine or prepare for what transpired on May 24, 2022. Even Billy the Kid didn’t shoot up any schools!

The American Dream is alive and well in Uvaldé

People in The Valley do not traditionally shoot up elementary schools either. They hold to family pride, and when a ten year old graduates from grade school it’s a fiesta! Every parent always hopes for a better life for their children, but those living on the Edwards Plateau dream of a lot better life for their kids. The American Dream is alive and well in Uvaldé. Might as well be. The Americans aren’t using it right now. So what brought gunfire to two school rooms at Robb School?

When you have drugs, fast money and sex, those things will eventually find a Salvador Ramos!

The lawlessness of Northern Mexico is malignant. And it infects everything it touches. Cartels, drugs, sex trade, gun running . . . you name it. And it’s ever present. The people who ply those trades are not 9 to 5 folks. And there are good people in Uvaldé. I’m not saying there are not. But, there are others. Those trapped by culture and bad choices who devise their own way out. When you have drugs, fast money and sex, those things will eventually find a Salvador Ramos.

A Wannabe Mexican in a Mexican land

Ramos is not your run of the mill, shoot from the hip (or tower) active shooter. Even though he was in Texas and he was not a Texan. He was born in North Dakota, which is about as far north as you can go and not be a Canadian. A Wannabe Mexican in a Mexican land. Don’t get all woke, that’s just the way it is. Peer pressure is powerful, and Senõr Ramos didn’t have any peers. But, he tried to fit in.

Now we go to conjecture so all you fact checkers sit down. There’s a constant reoccurring question asking how Ramos came up with the guns he used at the school. If you look at his employment history, school records, and life style you can logically surmise that young Salvador was not the most money wise citizen in town. While it’s mathematically possible to think that he saved his pop bottles and bought those guns and all that ammunition, when you really crunch the numbers . . .

Let me tell you about gun running

Think gun running. Let me tell you about gun running. A few years ago your government came up with a way to track down cartels. Just give ‘em a bunch of machine guns and sit back, wait, and see where the guns go and if El Chappo will use them. What could possibly go wrong? (This is my surprised face.) Now this didn’t all happen in Yuma! Oh no! The FBI blessed Comancheros all along the border up to and including the area between Eagle Pass and . . . Wait for it, Uvaldé! And, as you may or may not recall, the Feds didn’t find all the guns. But, you heard he bought the guns legally after he turned eighteen. Uh . . . yeah!

I understand that he asked a relative to help him buy guns before he turned of age. And after being turned down he just waited it out until he, himself could purchase said Guns. It’s possible. I mean anything can happen. What I am saying is guns were available on the streets of Uvaldé!

Cops are always looking for motive

So, let’s talk about motive. Cops are always looking for motive. What motivated Ted Bundy to kill all them there women? Verily verily I say unto you, if you find a reason that you understand concerning one of these animals then you are crazy! But Ramos did have to have a motive. Ever try to make sense out of a meth head? I’m not saying Ramos was a meth head, but he sure wasn’t on Tequila that day. I had a junkie on my porch a few months ago screaming that he was Vlad the Impaler and was gonna take over Western Tennessee. Now, give something like that an AR-15, drop him off at a school and see how it works out for you. And the cops will still be looking for a motive.

And noooobody bothered to lock the doors

Ramos was out of his element, had no significant other (male or female) no car, no visible means of support and a whole lot of game time on a computer. Now let’s combine the local culture with a volatile situation like that. Now get this! Someone has said that this year alone, up to forty-seven illegal aliens had found their way to that school. Why? Were they looking to learn English and get a G.E.D? Or was there another reason that the doors were always left open? What you Nortés need to understand is that Mexican illegals are not that big a deal down on the border. Hell! They’re family! So ask yourself, where did they go after they left the school? They sure didn’t hire on as substitute teachers. And noooobody bothered to lock the doors. And Ramos knew that!

I keep hearing the word Coyote in my head

Now, add to that the complacency of the Right Honorable Chief of the School Police, Pete Arredondo. Staunch, iron willed, eye like an Eagle, a virtual Porter Rockwell! All ‘cept he missed them forty-seven wetbacks hiding in the restrooms of Robb Elementary. Had to run out for a taco after Ramos stomped across the playground. Ever consider just why Senõr Arredondo wasn’t overly concerned about illegals hiding in an elementary school. Maybe it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. Not out of the ordinary. I keep hearing the word Coyote in my head. Not accusing anyone. Asking for a friend.

Will my eyes ever dry

When the shooting started the cars rolled up, the boys got out, and the school filled up with law. And while they crowded up the hallways, checked their Facebook, and sanitized their hands nineteen very precious little angels did not get off the school bus that afternoon. Will my eyes ever dry? They are not dry now.

The Three Amigos

And here came the three amigos. Did I say three? DPS, FBI, CIA, and every traffic cop in Uvaldé. They didn’t have to travel far. They were all in the hallway waiting for the Border Patrol to show up and shoot the shooter. But here came Old Ironsides. Prominent lawyer, former Attorney General, now Governor of Texas, and serious contender for The office of President of the United States! And he said . . . Uh, I talked to the cops and there’s nothing to see here, y’all just move along now! God! I feel so served and protected!

Be sure your sins will find you out!

A lot of this is conjecture. There are so many loose ends it will be left to historians not even born yet to at least try to tie them up. But, they are there! And the strings are everywhere. And so many lead from the subculture of the border right into the streets of Uvaldé. You think there are theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Just wait! You ain’t seen nothing yet? Something went very wrong at Robb School back in May. I’m not accusing anyone. I don’t have to. Nineteen little guys accuse them. Be sure your sins will find you out.

For Tess . . .




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