No Immigrants, No Food – Here’s a Side of the Immigration Problem Not Many See

No Immigrants, No Food – Here’s a Side of the Immigration Problem Not Many See

By TLB Contributing Author : Martin

Surely you are aware of all the recent immigration issues that have surfaced or have been brought to public attention in the United States. While the government is working towards laws and re-iteration of laws that would see many people deported back to the countries from where they came to the US, there is a huge support platform that advocates for the need of being more tolerant with immigrants. For many it is a matter of “this is wrong” or “this is right”, but what happens when you take a deeper look at the problem? Regardless of how right or wrong it would be what happens to the country when you take all the immigrants, put them in trucks and ship them back to their countries of origin?

No more food

The harsh reality is that there would be a severe shortage in food. We’re not saying that the American people don’t know how to cook and they need foreigners to do it for them. We’re talking about picking crops and actually reaping the work of farmers countrywide. You might have not thought of this, but a very large portion of what is on your plate has been through a journey and before reaching you, it has at one point, went through at least one pair of immigrant hands that didn’t get their application at

Working the fields

Research shows that a huge percentage of the country’s field workers are actually immigrants, and no, they don’t have the necessary documentation to remain in the US legally under the newest policies. This brings about a dire question: Who will tend to the crops when the people working the fields are gone? Tireless workers, immigrants have become a functioning and necessary part of the process of putting food on the plate of each American, but that entire deal is in about to get scrapped due to the new immigration related plans and implementations.

Where are the US field workers?

Taking what we have just talked about into consideration, there are many that wonder what happened to all the field workers that are legally born and raised in the US. As you might imagine, field work isn’t exactly what someone might call a career. It’s a seasonal job and that means that the ones stepping up to the plate are usually seasonal workers. However, the current US economy is driving large amounts of the country’s workforce into other more lucrative fields like constructions for example.

This means that there are less seasonal workers to tend to farms and fields and to make sure crops are picked and tended to, making sure they eventually reach the supermarkets or stores where you do you’re shopping. It’s all a big process and in the current state, the country would stand to lose a great deal by shipping out such a large portion of its field workers in a period in time where there is need of so many more people out there picking crops and managing the country’s stream of crops.


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