No – The United States Isn’t On Its Knees!

No, the U.S. is Not on its Knees

By: J.R. Dunn

The United States is now on its knees. It has been shamed before the world. It’s in a state of collapse. It is in a relentless downward spiral, the Babylon of this era, a nation on its way to the graveyard of history.

We’re hearing this from the left, who are always going to be anti-American no matter what the situation, and also from the crybaby branch of movement conservatism, eager to be the first to run out and start shrieking about doom and damnation.

Afghanistan is no joke. It is a miserable situation, a disgrace that should not have happened, a stain upon America’s reputation, and a harbinger of worse to come. The fact that the administration has been begging the OPEC states to open up the oil faucet is not simply shameful along with being an affront to common sense. The situation on the southern border has made no one happy, and has encouraged unbalanced types to assert that the country no longer exists as such, since it no longer possesses firm borders.

But let’s back up a bit. Exactly a year ago, in point of fact. At that time the U.S. was on top of the world, respected by our friends and feared by our enemies. ISIS had been destroyed. The U.S. had, in defiance of fifty years of predictions, achieved the status of a fossil fuel exporter. Illegals had been, if not stymied, reduced to a near-trickle, and an actual border wall was being put in place.

So what happened since then? As we all know, Joe Biden happened… or (as the Arizona audit results have made clear) was made to happen. Within a matter of days after taking office, Biden, out of sheer spite, undermined all the progress the U.S. made under Donald Trump. The U.S. position, domestically and internationally, has eroded ever since. Afghanistan, energy, and the border are simply symptoms of this.

But all the same, the basic strengths of this country still exist. It is territorially intact. It has the world’s largest military. All that shale oil is still in the ground and we possess the tech to get at it. We still represent the technological leading edge of the world. We are still (despite everything you’ve been told the past thirty years) the world’s leading manufacturer. If you want trash, then head east. If you want quality work, you buy American. The sole thing holding us back is a sick, corrupt, senile septarian, his inept hirelings, and the masses of brainwashed followers that support them.

As we saw with how Trump dealt with Obama, the damage Biden has caused can largely be undone in about as long as it takes to read this sentence.

The American Left always uncases “America” when they screw up. Whenever there’s a disaster, a failure, or a crime, it’s always “America” that done it. For one prominent example, consider the Nisei relocation of 1942. Without arguing its merits, we can acknowledge that it has attained the status of an atrocity in the eighty years since, a crime compared by some to the Holocaust itself, one committed by “America” against the helpless Japanese immigrants. It was “America” that goaded the hysteria, “America” that violated the Nisei’s rights, and “America” that signed Executive Order 9066.

Of course, it was no such thing. Large numbers of Americans opposed the move, represented by Robert A. Taft of the GOP, MacArthur and Patton within the military (Patton later berated Gen. John DeWitt as a “goddamn fool” for carrying out FDR’s orders), and Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen representing the Catholic Church. The people who actually promoted the relocation do have names, including the RINO precursor Earl Warren (who later presided over the infamous Warren Court), and Franklin D. Roosevelt. (Roosevelt was likely encouraged by Harry Hopkins, who had a wild admiration for Josef Stalin, including Stalin’s habit of deporting certain nationalities that had offended him – the Crimean Tatars, the Meshke, the Volga Germans – to Siberia and oblivion.)

Now as then, “America” cannot be used as a shorthand substitute for leftist incompetence, stupidity, and criminality. It is not “America” that has failed over the past nine months. The inhabitants of the Afghanistan clown car too have names, chief among them Joe Biden, along with Blinken, Milley, Austin, and not to forget Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, a strange and odious figure who spent the days of the “evacuation” lavishing praise upon the Taliban (“stupendously good”).

Looking at these examples, it’s clear that what we have in control of the country is what is what is called a “kakocracy” – rule by the worst. Biden is well on his way to becoming the worst president on record (thus freeing the souls of Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan from limbo). For a military officer as corrupt as Milley we’d need to go back to Benedict Arnold or James Wilkinson — and even they may not provide an adequate comparison; better still might be one of the range of Latin generalissimos of the Stroessner or Galtieri school. As for Blinken — there have been arrogant and incompetent secretaries of State in the record, but nothing like this weak sister with his wounded eyes, his “don’t-beat-me” tone, his air of being completely out of the circuit.

And we can go straight down the line from there: Harris, Wray, Austin, Pelosi, Schumer… Each is among the worst – if not the worst – to fill their current role as far as the record shows (well, Austin may still be a step above the repellent Robert McNamara, who sent dull-normal boys to die in the Vietnamese boondocks because he was too fearful to tap the college educated, but give him a week or two). What this means is that the American Left is too stupid, weak, and ineffectual to accomplish much of anything. Oh, they’re capable of stealing a wallet or votes, of conning the most half-witted of marks, but anything beyond that is beyond them. There’s not going to be a Great Reset, a “socialist republic,” or, for that matter, any successful effort to pull a failing presidential administration out of its tailspin. They’re just not capable of it.

One of the major failings of socialism is that it must be emplaced in a single blow, the way that Lenin and his goons did in 1917. It can’t be put into place gradually. Try that, and the flaws become obvious in short order. The sole means of correcting them is to abandon socialist policy. This has become clear in places such as the UK and Sweden. What we’re seeing now is an attempt by the American Left to emplace socialism in one bold move. Except that we’re not dealing with bold, dynamic, and brilliant individuals. We’re dealing with Biden, with Harris, with Pelosi, with Li’l Sandy, and so on. There are no Lenins or Trotskys here. They’re a pack of clowns, people who couldn’t make it through the first brief chapter of the 50-page Communist Manifesto, who think socialism is about unicorns and butterflies, people who are living through Marx’s dictum that history repeats itself “the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.” All that we see occurring, that so many take as some kind of secular apocalypse, is no more than a byproduct of that halfwit farce.

No, the U.S. is not “defeated,” “prostrate,” or even “in decline” in any meaningful sense. What we’re seeing is simply another aspect of the failure of leftist policies. The flaw – the left-wing factor – is within. Once we remove that flaw – as occurred in 1980 with Reagan and 2016 with Trump – the country returns to default status: the U.S. as the sole superpower and the Earth’s reigning democratic republic. It is the left-wing kakocrats that are the problem. Eliminate that problem, and the picture changes completely.


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3 Comments on No – The United States Isn’t On Its Knees!

  1. Like so many conservatives, this author is deluded. America is not on its knees: it is on its last legs. The only hope is secession.

  2. America is not only on its knees, but is rolled up in the corner, in a fetal position.

    Words, all conservatives do is fill the air with words.

    Let me know when their actions begin to reflect their language.

  3. If US is on its knees it is due to incompetent liberals. Seems like Trump had it under control
    Voter fraud has it’s consequences

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