‘Non-Partisan’ Chairman Of Presidential Debate Commission Linked To Steele Dossier & More…

Commission on Presidential Debates part of the D.C. Swamp

‘Non-Partisan’ Chairman Of Presidential Debate Commission Linked To Steele Dossier & More…

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany dared to ‘spew’ what many call ‘hate speech’ this week when she tweeted about the extreme and obvious bias (some might say it’s systemic) from the Commission on Presidential Debates…


What drove Kayleigh to such un-presidential comments? Hmm, let’s see… <sarcasm off>

  • Chris Wallace, moderator of the first presidential debate, was widely panned for his non-centrist bias during the chaotic to and fro. Having expressly stated before the event that he wouldn’t operate as a fact-checker, that’s all he did for at least the first hour of the debate;  interrupting Trump but not Biden at nearly every turn, blocking the incumbent before he could correct mischaracterizations and flat-out lies from Biden, to full-throated arguments with the president despite lobbing soft-ball questions — or no questions at all — to the former vice president, Wallace’s presentation was appalling.
  • Susan Page, moderator the vice-presidential debate, was far better than Wallace but, aside from the fact the fact she is Nancy Pelosi’s biographer, her bias was exposed numerous times including highlighting the horrid state of the economy without mentioning that the economy was historically booming before COVID-lockdowns were enforced, cutting off VP Pence numerous times and allowing Senator Harris to escape answering key questions (will you pack the courts?).
  • Steve Scully, moderator for the second presidential debate, had previously interned for Joe Biden and tweeted a ‘Never-Trump’ article in 2016 “No, Not Trump, Not Ever”, was caught red-handed in an accidental public tweet to none other than disgrintled former White House Comms Director Anthony Scaramucci on “responding to Trump” (which he later claimed was a hack – the third time the so-called reporter’s account had been hacked).
  • And finally, the Commission on Presidential Debates has now refused to change the format of the second presidential debate from ‘virtual’, directly ignoring the ‘science’ and the words of the ‘doctors’ who plainly said Trump is healthy (all of which has led to the cancellation of the second debate).

So, is it just us that puts all of this together and suspects an ever-so-modest amount of systemic bias within the commission against the president and for ‘anyone-but-Trump’?

Well, it just got a whole lot more real, as Revolver.com reports, it turns out the chairman of the Presidential Debate Commission is co-founder an organization called “Color Revolution” which has strong links to the Steele Dossier and more…

The nominally Republican Chairman of Presidential Debate Commission, Frank Fahrenkopf, is both a co-founder and current board member of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a top “Color Revolution” propaganda outfit. The IRI was run by Never Trump neoconservative John McCain for decades. It is closely linked to the thoroughly discredited Steele Dossier at the center of the Russia Hoax.

Frank Fahrenkopf, Co-Chair of Commission on Presidential Debates, Co-Founder of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and International Republican Institute (IRI).

At first glance, it might appear as though Fahrenkopf’s Republican Party membership, combined with his board membership at the International Republican Institute, lends him, and by extension the Debate Commission, some semblance of balance.

The Debate Commission’s board has a Republican Co-Chair and a Democrat co-Chair, creating the appearance of fairness and bipartisanship. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bipartisanship in the Trump era all too often means that the corrupt establishment elements of both parties join arms to undermine Trump and his agenda. A Debate Commission consisting of John McCain and Hillary Clinton would be technically bipartisan, but it would not be balanced when it comes to Trump and his supporters. Globalist Republicans and globalist Democrats have far more in common with each other than they do with Trump.

Our choice of John McCain in this example was not arbitrary. As it turns out, the late Senator John McCain served as the Chairman of the Board of the International Republican Institute for 25 years.

Just months before he died, John McCain took to Twitter to scold the Trump Administration for allegedly defunding the organization.

The Washington Post article in the above tweet reveals that George Soros’ Open Society Foundation was furious that Trump would dare to “downscale” a “democracy promotion event” at the State Department.

Source: The Washington Post

Perhaps McCain was just standing up for his friend Soros, who, incidentally, was a major contributor to the McCain Foundation.

That the current Co-Chair of the Debate Commission Frank Fahrenkopf is himself a sitting board member and Co-Founder of IRI offers insight into just what kind of Republican he is and what sort of balance his Chairmanship really provides — in reality it weighs the scales even more heavily against Trump.

Fahrenkopf’s colleagues on the IRI board include Lindsey Graham, H.R. McMaster, and Senator Mitt Romney. This does not exactly inspire confidence for Trump supporters. By now, it is very clear exactly the type of Republican this organization caters to.

One of Fahrenkopf’s colleagues on the IRI board is especially outrageous — a man by the name of David Kramer.

David Kramer, Board Member, International Republican Institute.

Kramer was an aide to the late Senator John McCain. He is most notorious for spreading the completely discredited Steele Dossier that served as the basis for the Russia Hoax.

David Kramer, the John McCain aide who leaked the discredited Christopher Steele dossier on President Trump, testified in a libel case that he spread the unsubstantiated anti-Trump material all over Washington during the presidential transition.

Mr. Kramer, a former State Department official and a Trump detractor, leaked dossier material to the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post’s Fred Hiatt, CNN’s Carl Bernstein, National Public Radio, McClatchy news service and others, he said. [AP]

Prior to his role at IRI, Kramer served as head of yet another “democracy promotion” NGO called Freedom House. In the following clip, Kramer offers some additional insight on where he stands politically. He notes that Freedom House was founded to fight four “isms” — fascism, nazism, communism and … isolationism. Isolationism is of course a smear word used to refer to the position of people like President Trump and the majority of the American people who reject the Bush-McCain foreign policy of forever wars and democracy promotion. That Kramer would conflate this position with nazism and communism is quite remarkable.

We could go into quite a bit more on this maniacally unhinged globalist, but for now we will turn to another recent member of IRI’s board named Scott Carpenter…

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