Obama Setting the Stage for a Surveillance Society Monitored By Drones

Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism

According to anonymous sources, Obama has drawn up a guidebook that sets forth the circumstances by which targeted assassinations using drones can be carried out. This document seeks to justify the use of unmanned aircraft for the use of a CIA-operated targeted-killing program which is still officially classified.

The Obama administration is deciding whether or not drone killings should be the first response to terroristic suspicions in order to “help allied governments attack their enemies or to prevent militants from controlling territories.”

In May, Obama promoted John Brennan, to assassination Czar and giving him the power to decide who will be assassinated with collaboration of the President direct. Brennan, who was a CIA official during the Bush administration, believes that drone killings are moral, ethical and just.

Brennan can choose which “terrorists” will be targeted for drone attacks or raids. He works with the State Department and the Pentagon (along with various federal agencies) in creating target lists; deciding who lives and who dies. Then his recommendation is delivered directly to Obama for final consideration.

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