Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act (Why)

On March 26th, 2013, President Barack Obama signed the Agriculture Appropriations Bill into law. Hidden within the legislation exists a provision, “The Monsanto Protection Act,” that has many speculating the future of food in American because it protects genetically modified seeds patents from litigation (being sued) over health risks. Since Obama signed the bill, nearly 250,000 have signed a petition to President Obama.

RT’s Margaret Howell has more on the bill and how “frankenfish” could be making their way into supermarkets across the nation.


See original here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao7ECASd5pc&list=PLsVol-4W1xIvPvOQtMzQrG1z8jwYQ4KwU&index=20

7 Comments on Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act (Why)

  1. Worse than Jurassic Park! All our lives, childrens lives & future generations are at stake!

  2. I believe if Monsonto is not stopped & banned worldwide, eventually we could be in danger of genocide! What’s to stop them from ‘population control’ through our food system? This is more serious than the eye can see!

  3. Look what they did with Nutrasweet/Apartame/phenylalanine!! You think there was no payoff to get this into our food system?? Perfectly safe? Right! Tell that to Gulf War Syndrome victims, people that have “mysteriously” fell victim to brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, etc. If we continue to be sheep being led to the slaughter, what’s next???

  4. Vote Green next time round and everything will change!!!Or invite them …. Corporations shoud not be allowed to sway government. FACT: 270 million was given to political parties by Monsantos lobbyist!!! !!! They bought “Blackwater” ( US ARMY CONTRACTORS IN 2009 WITHOUT PUBLIC CONSENT!!!) They own the government- the EPA, FDA and the Courts and the army….!!!!!Research research!!!!YIKES!!!Very sad – but we can change it! Let’s get 52% and create a new system – where people matter !!! Lots of solution that are peaceful!! We can do it!!!

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