OBAMA Using BLACKS ONLY “WHITES NEED NOT APPLY” Policy In Library Construction [Video]

OBAMA Using BLACKS ONLY “WHITES NEED NOT APPLY” Policy In Library Construction

The Obama Library will be built by blacks only, save some laborers or sub-contractors, in a blatantly racist decision exposing just who the former divider in the White House really was.

by Rick Wells


The Obama Foundation has announced their choices for the construction of the Obama “library without books” and it’s entirely a race-based decision. Being black was mandatory in their decision making process.

But of course, only white folks can be racists and if they had placed similar restrictions on such a project, there would have been widespread outrage. Discriminating against white people is okay though, somehow it’s only fair.

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Jimmy Akintonde is the general contractor, who employs only blacks in his racist construction firm. Now his bigotry is paying big dividends, as he’s exactly the sort of builder the anti-white Obama was looking for. The reporter says he’s “joined forces with three other African-American firms to form “Presidential Partners.”

Does she mean three other racist firms? How can they get away with only employing their own race and excluding others? The reporter further illustrates the basis for the decision in awarding the contract, saying, “Alone, none of these companies had the experience to win the bid to construct the institution” but together it was an easy choice.

Mike Strautmanis of the Obama Foundation cites the reasons for their selection, stating that they are talented and that they’ve been involved in other construction projects and that they thought that between them all they could handle the complexity.   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Of course nobody would deliberately choose a firm lacking in talent or experience, in which they had to cobble together sufficient experience unless there was another motive driving it. Why not go with someone who has built Las Vegas hotels or other big dollar, complicated projects? They have the right skin color and those were the guidelines that came first.

Strautmanis admits, “We want to set the stage for a new model. The new model is you don’t have to have a white firm in the lead with minority [black] partners on the side. You [Obama] want to have real diversity, minority firms in the lead with a seat at the table.”

The reporter cites the experience of the parties awarded the contract as being banks, grocery stores, malls and hospitals.

Mosques weren’t mentioned but, particularly with the appearance of the Kaaba at the Great Shrine Mosque in Mecca being so similar to the cubeat the recreation center labeled the Obama Library, experience and ideological affinity in that regard could have played a role.


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  1. Now, there’s another building in the world that looks remarkably like this – it’s in Mecca. Any clues?
    More like a gas chamber – no light allowed.

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