One Great Big Flu Vaccination Hoax

Flu Vaccine

By TLB Contributor: Christina England

In recent months, every newspaper appears to contain at least one flu vaccine advert. In fact, I have begun to wonder, how we ever existed before flu vaccines were invented.

Everywhere you turn there is an advert. They can be found in shops, magazines, schools, doctor surgeries, gas stations and fast food outlets. However, it appears that no matter what the government does to advertise and promote this particular vaccination, the uptake remains low.

Lollipops Given With Every Vaccine

To encourage people to receive the vaccine, the latest gimmick thought up by one company is not only to give away free vaccines, but also to offer the public an incentive as a way of encouragement.

In Minnesota, the so-called ‘medical experts’ are so desperate to reach their target of providing 22,000 vaccinations this year that the Boynton Health Service decided not only to give away their flu vaccinations, but also to give away a Tootsie Pop® as an incentive.

This extra bonus is part of an advertising campaign to “protect the herd.”  Marketing manager Eric Jensen maintains that receiving the vaccine is something that everyone can do, with minimum effort. In his report for Minnesota Daily he stated:

“… come in, get your flu shots, get a sucker and then get going.” (don’t even ask) 

In my opinion, the only ‘sucker’ is Jensen himself, given the fact the the flu vaccine was reported to be ineffective at preventing the flu last year. 

Flu Vaccines Said to Cause Fevers, Vomiting and Fits

So, just why is the public so reluctant to take up this particular vaccine, even when free gifts are attached?

It may be that the flu vaccine has not received the glowing reports that world governments were expecting. If we cast our minds back to 2010, two flu vaccines manufactured by CSL Biotherapies were said to be responsible for at least 1,700 febrile convulsions, high fevers and vomiting in young children across New Zealand and Australia.

In June 2014, columnist Lawrence Solomon wrote the following statements in the Huffington Post:

“Dr. Baldwin, a popular California physician and media personality, is among the numerous physicians who consider flu shots a no-brainer, seemingly unaware of the authoritative studies – and injured men, women and children — showing the flu shot’s downsides to be all too real.”

Reporting on the 2010 situation in Australia and New Zealand, Solomon continued:

“Why did CSL’s flu vaccines of 2010 injure so many? As did other vaccine companies in making their 2010 vaccines, CSL used the World Health Organization’s recommended virus blend for 2010, which combined swine flu and two seasonal blends, along with a half dozen other ingredients. Apart from substituting WHO’s new vaccine blend for the one used in 2009, CSL used the exact same recipe as it had in 2009, and its manufacturing processes were identical to those used in 2009, when its vaccine injury rate stayed within acceptable industry standards. Yet in 2010 CSL’s vaccines harmed many more children than those from other vaccine manufacturers.”

He stated:

“Other flu shots have raised similar alarms in young children. In the 2011 flu season, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration confirmed 42 cases of seizures, 36 of them involving infants and 10 of them deemed “serious,” after vaccination with Fluzone, a vaccine made by Sanofi-Pasteur. The U.S. health authorities decided the rate of seizure was acceptable and could continue “since vaccination is the best way to prevent illness and serious complications from influenza and pneumococcal disease and nearly all children who have a febrile seizure recover quickly and have no long-term effects.” The following year a similar “increase was also observed… and this was not unexpected since the formulation from 2010-11 was not changed for the 2011-12 season.”” 

The situation became so dire that the Australian government eventually decided to suspend the vaccination right across Australia for all children under the age of five.

Flu Shots Continue to Kill and Maim Children Today

Whilst the majority of doctors continue to state that flu vaccines are safe and effective, reports from around the world are stating the complete opposite scenario.

In 2013, between 8/16/2013 and 11/15/2013, 70 vaccine cases were compensated in court and 42 of them were for injuries caused by the flu vaccine.

The injuries included neurological injury, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, encephalitis, chronic inflammatory demylinating polyneuropathy and death.

Health Impact News, reporting on the story, wrote:

“Clearly, the flu vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in America today, but that fact is not mentioned by the mainstream media, nor is it likely to be reported to you by your doctor.”

Just reading through the list of injuries highlighted on the charts included, should be enough to put parents off from giving their child the flu vaccine, but few parents ever read these reports because they tend not to research vaccines before having their children vaccinated.

Instead, the majority of parents prefer to believe the propaganda spewed out to them by their doctors, who incidentally receive financial incentives to vaccinate children.

One UK Newspaper Tells the Truth About Nasal Sprays

One mainstream newspaper telling the truth about the nasal flu vaccine being recommended this year for younger children is the UK newspaper The Guardian.

Despite being a fan of vaccination, author Luisa Dillner decided to investigate the flu vaccination in full before having her four year-old child vaccinated with this year’s recommend flu vaccination.

To find out more, she decided to ask a leading expert on vaccinations whether or not he would recommend this year’s nasal flu vaccine for her four year-old.

She wrote :

“I’m a big fan of vaccines and feel anxious questioning any of them. But the BMJ (where I work) has published papers questioning the quality of evidence for the benefits of the influenza vaccine, and whether industry-funded trials have reported “over-optimistic” results. I ask Tom Jefferson, the lead author of the Cochrane Review on Vaccines for Preventing Influenza in Healthy Children, which looked at findings from 75 studies, if I should give my four-and-a-half-year-old the nasal vaccine spray.

“No,” he says, because the trials show a reporting bias on the harms of the live attenuated influenza vaccine (the form of vaccine delivered nasally). “Influenza vaccines are about marketing and not science,” he says. “We have few trials, and masses of very poor quality observational evidence. We have presented evidence of considerable reporting bias, which governments continue to ignore. The science is missing and so making an informed decision is very difficult.””

According to Dillner, Jefferson added that the evidence of harm may be under-reported because of a lack of standardised safety-outcome data.

I do not think that was quite the answer she had expected.

When Nurses Refuse Vaccines You Know Something is Up

Another good indication that a vaccine is unsafe is when the medical profession refuses point blank to receive the vaccination themselves.

One nurse refusing the flu vaccination this year appeared to have extremely good reasons for doing so. In her letter to the Boston Globe, she explained that in their report a few days earlier, they had failed to mention the main reason why Brigham hospital nurses were opposed to the policy of mandatory flu vaccinations.

Angered by this omission, she decided to fill in their readers with a few facts and wrote:

“The flu vaccine is only 59 percent effective and carries with it serious health risks, which are not disclosed to those receiving it. As of November 2013, the Federal Adverse Events Reporting System has received 93,000 reports of reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following flu vaccinations. These include 1,080 deaths, 8,888 hospitalizations and 1,811 related disabilities.

Nurses are more aware than the general public of this data, and many do not feel that the low effective rate of the vaccine warrants the health risk.”

When stated so eloquently, one can understand why the nurses would refuse the vaccination, but her words also raise serious questions as to why the general public is not informed of the facts before being offered the vaccine.

A report published by Health Impact News stated that nurses have been prepared to lose their job rather than accept the vaccine, which is quite alarming, considering that the CDC recommends the flu vaccine for children as young as six months of age.

Health Impact News report


As governments worldwide push the flu vaccines onto younger and younger children, parents need to do their own research before considering having their children vaccinated.

It is obvious that doctors and nurses know something that we do not. The medical profession should lead by example and if they are not prepared to receive the vaccine, then why should we be expected to give the vaccine to our children?


Christina England 1About the author: Christina was born and educated in London, U.K. In 1978, Christina changed her career path to dedicate her time to caring for the elderly and was awarded the title of Care Giver of the Year for her work with the elderly in 1980. For the last decade, Christina England has been investigating the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Her articles have had over 500,000 hits and she is now known worldwide for her groundbreaking journalism work.

Christina also has created a world first online resource for parents who have lost their children after vaccine injuries


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