Overpopulation – The Myth and Underlying Cause

Overpopulation in the Philippines

By: Lucille Femine


It is a proven fact that when many men die, they ejaculate. This is because the continuation of the species is so vital that the body will make one last attempt to procreate, despite the fact it is a total lost cause. Bodies are not too bright – strictly stimulus-response.


This phenomena, the powerful urge to survive through bodies, does not originate only from the person himself but more so from bodies working to keep those babies coming for the future generations.


So you see how basic the survival of the species comes down to. It’s why we try so hard to take care of our children and grandchildren. Or why thousands of people go out of their way, inconvenience themselves, put their own lives in danger to save, rescue or help others.


There is an innate desire to make sure we continue to have a populated planet. As well as to love each other, of course.


How about baby-boomers? There were so many babies born because so many soldiers were dying. Same concept – survival of the species.


To take this further, if you believe you will be born again in another body – as many religions and individuals do – you can further understand the urgency to ensure we have bodies to inhabit when we come back.


If you take past and future lives as a fact, then you can see how insane these globalists are because if they are trying to kill most of us, including all our offspring, and make the rest of us sick with poisoned bodies, many unable to procreate, then they’ve really screwed themselves, haven’t they? No pun intended.


This is not an article on religion but another angle from which to view the current flourishing of insanity among a certain segment of our planet. And how hell-bent they are in the direction of death and chaos. No sense of consequences.


You don’t even have to believe in past lives. If they go totally bananas and push the button that ends us all, where will be the slaves to work for them and wait on them hand and foot when they come out of their bunkers? Most of these “world leaders” have never worked an honest day in their lives.


Now let’s look at some of the other major, more insidious causes of death – Monsanto and GMO food, bad water, vaccines, psychiatric drugs, chemtrails, thousands of abortions, suppression of our rights and financial ruin.


Millions of people are suffering and dying, being the effect of these poisons and oppressions. The tendency becomes, then, to make more babies because so many in the species are dying. Do you see the body logic here?


Following this concept, could it also be the cause of all the sex mania? The culture is dying so the body (through the media) says – make more babies!!


If you look at third world countries, they have more children and they suffer the most from life-threatening conditions – not enough or bad, un-nourishing food, contaminated water, terrible living conditions, farmers committing suicide, etc.


You could say the globalists are sabotaging their own plans – the more they try and kill us, the more babies are born. So much for overpopulation.


The irony, also, is that there’s no such thing as overpopulation. There’s plenty of room for all of us and then some. There’s just no room for them.


The obvious, more direct and sane answer to “overpopulation” is to rid the planet of Monsanto, vaccines, drugs, etc. People would be healthy, happier, live long lives and have as many children as they like. If they have ten or twenty, that’s fine too.






 Lucille Femine, Executive Director for The Liberty Beacon project





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