Pedophilia – The Playground of Hollywood & Politics

Pedophilia – The Playground of Hollywood & Politics

By: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

The first video presented was made and researched by author Janet Ossebaard. This is the first in a series she put together. She urges, “Please do your own research and double check everything I present to you”. I’m sure she says that because much of it is quite alarming.

Towards the end, she gives convincing speculation that JFK, Jr is still alive and that his death, his wife’s and her sister’s were staged.

Also, she shows fascinating “misspellings” of Trump’s tweets as hidden messages which reveal he is fully aware of the cabal. They may be pure conjecture but worth considering. It helped me feel more confident that Trump knows the scene.

As gruesome as COVID-19 is, this data is the background story, you might say, detailing the brand of people who would create such a disaster. Calling them “people”, though, is a misnomer and trying to describe them can leave you seething and wordless as images come of historic monsters, little more than animals. Or are they animals parading as humans?

Most of us have seen and read much data on the Rockefellers, the Clintons, the Rothchilds, the Jesuits, etc. But never have I seen such disturbing details about their whole world, their very purpose in life – pedophilia. The list of this group is much larger than I knew before, including startling ones among Hollywood stars. Some were murdered for speaking out or turned into drug addicts and alcoholics after being sexually abused.

Here’s a partial list of offenders, a screenshot from the video. I was dismayed to see Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks there. Tragically, this pedophilic ring is their ticket to fame and fortune in many cases.

Fall Cabal Parts 1 – 10 The World Is About To Change

It’s very clear now why Hollywood is little more than a bastion of the vilest crimes against our children, our future. As Mel Gibson, now blacklisted, stated, “Hollywood is an institutionalized pedophile ring, a den of parasites who feast on the blood of children”.

One may wonder at their motives, played out with not a hint of remorse. Justification of their crimes is all they know and becomes their mode of operation. There’s no room for admitting to wrong-doing because then, they might see who they really are and they would cave. It would be like being struck with two tons of rock.

Think of times you felt so guilty about doing or not doing something, like forgetting a birthday, getting a bit impatient with a child or co-worker or buying something you can’t afford. It can gnaw on you for hours or days as you seek to make retribution. You are social. You want to be and do good for others.

Not so for these life-destroyers. They don’t dare. And they sure can LOOK good. In fact, that’s their protective layer as they work to fool you into believing in their good intentions. It can be scary as hell at times as you fall into their deceitful web and their PR. They actually have no clue how evil they are, so good they are at hiding it from themselves.

There’s several “child protective” organizations you will see on this video that exist to have a constant supply of children to molest. For example, Laura Gaylor, a convicted child trafficker, was connected to Amber Alert, the group dedicated to rescue children! She had smuggled 33 children out of Haiti after the earthquake under the guise of getting them adopted. But they were not orphans and were later reunited with their parents.

Watch this video from TEDx where a medical student gives her view of pedophilia. “No one chooses to be a pedophile”. She goes on to say, “No one is responsible for their feelings. We do not choose them”. Well then, who the hell chooses them?? This is the grossest expression of irresponsibility I’ve ever heard. Where has our education gone to? I wouldn’t dignify it, actually, with the term “education”.

TEDx says “Pedophilia is an Unchangeable Orientation”

Moral and ethical behavior has become unfashionable. Yet, without them, this planet is doomed. Not only dedicated pedophiles, corrupt politicians and globalists are causing this but our children are taught a whole new set of values guaranteed to ruin their lives as they follow these rules. However, despite this remolding of character, most of us know innately what is right and good. If we violate those precepts, regardless of how brainwashed we are, we become weak and ineffective. Very easy to make and control slaves this way.

Whether we call ethical standards religion or not, they are still the mainstay of life and true happiness.

There’s much more that the main video here and the rest go into which I look forward to watching but the pedophilia struck me as a total destruction of our future. However, she has solutions at the end to all that is attacking us, stemming from that small percentage who aim to keep us down.

Regardless of Trump’s faults, he is the only president we’ve had who can lead us out. Surely, he needs our help. Otherwise, it seems like a hopeless David and Goliath battle.


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  1. Thank you for your programming!!knew some before these just. Put it all together!!! Was very chocked about the Dutch Royal family!! I’m Dutch and have always wondered why my Dutch father never liked them!! Now I know 3years after his passing at 93!!!

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