Planned Nuke Attack On USA To Blame Iran!



By: Glenn Canady

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Government Confirms Nuke Attack on USA

Gordon Duff of broke a lot of shocking Intel in his interview on 7/8/14

A nuclear attack on the US is being planned to setup the next election. Sources in the Dept. of Energy says attack coming and it will occur a few months prior to the next Presidential election. The attack will be blamed on Iran to start the war on Iran. They plan on killing 100,000 to 200,000 Americans. It will be reported as a nuclear attack and they already have the weapon selected for the attack.

Here are some of the other information covered in this interview on Veterans Today Radio.

Gordon Duff reports that VeteransToday is now the number one mainstream and alternative media website in the world now because of the huge stories they are breaking!

Gordon Duff describes how it is now a FACT that 9/11 was a nuclear event. This has been confirmed by the US Government, UN, Russian government and French Government. Russians leaked key evidence proving the nuclear weapons used as partial payback for the US involvement in Syria and Ukraine. Their evidence was confirmed by US sources and French sources.

The Sandia report on the nuclear weapons used on 9/11 was leaked by the Russians. The US government knew immediately that 9/11 was a nuclear event but the investigation was stopped because it would have taken down Bush. Members of Congress were told about the nukes used on 9/11 but covered it up. Crooked judges stopped all lawsuits relating to this information.

Gordon Duff reports that VT’s nuclear 9/11 articles are being cleaned off the internet and are not being spread by other alternative media sources due to threats in some cases or due to the fact that many in alternative media are controlled opposition and gatekeepers.  If you consider yourself “awake” and listen to alternative media but have not heard the evidence that 9/11 was a nuclear event then you are listening to a gatekeeper. is under massive attack now and the patriots behind it are fighting back!

CNN was offered the information proving 9/11 was a nuclear event and at first said they would report on it but later squashed the story. VeteransToday is the ONLY group in the world that put out the information.   They are under heavy attack and are asking all legitimate alternative media outlets to mirror their articles so that justice may be served!

The nukes used on 9/11 had no visible flash, the flashes were in the infrared range with a 100 foot range on most of them.

The government tried to kill FBI Agent, Mike Dick who was working on investigation of 9/11! The FBI issued a “mistaken” BOLO (Be on the Look Out) alert on him saying he was armed and dangerous and sent a team out to kill him! He is now suing US Government.

ISIS is a Saudi, CIA, MI-6 front. It is a large psychological warfare group that is very effective.

Boko Haram is being run by 9 Generals in the Nigerian Army! All theater!

A nuclear attack on the US is being planned to setup the next election. Dept of Energy says attack coming. Will be blamed on Iran to start war with Iran. They plan on killing 100,000 to 200,000 Americans. It will be reported as a nuclear bomb and they already have the weapon selected for the attack. American people looked at like cattle.

Everything you’ve been told about Benghazi has been a lie. The ones screaming the loudest are the ones responsible.

US is setup as a slave labor police state.

40% of Congress blackmailed over sex with children.

Over 9,000 people died of radiation due to 9/11 nuclear event before they stopped counting. Currently over 79,000 dying due to cancers directly linked to nuclear weapons.

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