Politics & Big Money … Oligarchical Rule

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

This may be a very hard pill for most who read this to swallow but … During the coming election cycle, your uninfluenced (if that is even possible today) vote means nothing, or is of significance so minor as to mean nothing, and is actually “ILLEGAL”. This is not a guess … but in this (supposed) Representative Government, is a catastrophic failure! So WHY … ??

Change the system first 01

As we dive deeper into the circus of Presidential and Congressional politics for 2016, the crucial issue not enough of us are focused on is … the massive amount of Money (thus influence) in American Politics. Lobbyists, PACs, Mega Corporations, Special interest groups, Labor Unions, Foreign entities (yes I said that) … and the list goes on.

Have you stopped to ponder lately the huge number of laws or bills being passed by our elected representatives that in no way represent the massive majority of us, but instead benefit the ultra rich, or the mega corporations? Or that the bills that we do support are D.O.A. with no fanfare what so ever, because they are NOT in the interest of these same entities?

Today it takes money (lots of) to get elected, and this requires even the most pure of intention to sell their souls (or at least a part of it) and make a deal with the proverbial devil. FDR is quoted as saying “Presidents are selected, not elected” over eighty years ago, This is a very powerful statement coming from the longest standing president in modern American history, and you must know it has certainly NOT gotten better, but in fact much worse.

All need to understand that the above also applies to any political or appointed office that may be of use to those who pull the strings, those with the money …

One of the most vital issues that must be resolved before We The People can regain our inherent right to govern ourselves, is the removal of money and its influence from our political system in total!

Leadership and Responsibility should be based on displayed Accomplishments, Knowledge, Conscience, and Integrity … NOT the weight of your wallet!

It was never intended to be this way, and it is our task as the true governors of this nation to rectify this catastrophic influence on our rights and freedom. We The People are supposed to represent the true power in this Constitutional Republic …

Unless we acquiesce by apathy, complacency, or ignorance, this authority to those who can influence and direct via massive corruption or complicity.

If you still believe that America is governed in a representative fashion … you are either dangerously ignorant, or a part of the very caste responsible for this fiasco. Hell even Princeton is on record as stating America is now (actually for a long time) ruled by an oligarchy.

Cost of freedom

If taken to the lowest common denominator … We The People have allowed all we suffer, and only We The People can enforce the changes needed to make America right again!



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