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We are not only seeing an immigration crisis here in the US, but Europe has also expressed their concerns. It is causing severe collapse in many areas, and threatens the security of Western nations, due to the fact that ISIS members are among the migrants that flood the borders daily. Since Pope Francis made his call to welcome refugees, it is clear that he is working in conjunction with the NWO planners, and it is taking it’s toll globally. People are awakening to the fact that this pope has been placed in this position to further the agenda of the elite.
You cannot blame the migrants that have suffered due to being displaced during the US/EU/Israeli proxy wars, as you cannot blame the sovereign people of each nation, that have to adjust to this invasion. It causes a divide that is heating up everywhere. It is exactly what the cabal wanted. It is no accident that ISIS is profiting from it, while everyone else picks up the tab, and waits for the next false flag to happen. Please see the following article, drawn from Italian intelligence sources, that explain the urgency of the situation. MC


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The Jesuit Pope faithful to his Communistic NWO agenda calls for mercy on the 20th of August. In reference to the immigrant problem, he asked Italians to “welcome the foreigners,” announcing on the 17th of January 2016, a “World day of the refugee and the immigrant,” during the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy which takes place in Rome from December 2015 to November 2016.
In the meantime, tensions grow between the Vatican and many conservative and libertarian political factions in Italy who are against this continuous invasion of immigrants. Even police forces say it is putting the security of the country in jeopardy, especially in Rome during the jubilee, where a false flag attack is nearly a certainty for intelligence experts.Incredible enough in this sickening theatre, on the other side of the Ocean Donald Trump warns the Pope against the ISIS threat against him. Obviously not keeping in mind that it is ISIS that is flooding Europe with immigrants the Pope likes so much.

Phone calls recorded by Italian intelligence last February 2015, stated they will be using 700 thousand immigrants to flood the southern coasts of Europe in order to generate a collapse of the entire system, generating enormous quantities of money in the process. The Islamic State takes 50% profit from each boat full of immigrants as stated by Abdul Basit Haroun to the BBC, who also warned of the presence of terrorists in the boats, but Pope Francis and his Church seem to not mind the Conquest of Rome.



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English translation:

Interceptions speak of a credible plan for a killing in the Mediterranean. Half a million people ready to go.



According to the adviser, who spoke with smugglers in parts of North Africa controlled by ISIS, the smugglers hide militants among migrants.

Haroun also indicated that the jihadists are planning further attacks in Europe. As the militiamen are sent to Europe in boats, according to Haroun, the Isis allows smugglers to operate in exchange for half of their earnings. The Isis uses “the barges for their people that they want to send into Europe, as the European police do not know who is Isis and who is a normal refugee, ” said the director in an interview with BBC Radio 5. The militiamen he continued, in positions separated from other migrants in boats, do not fear the crossing. 

“So far we have no trace of the presence of terrorists in the boats. This does not mean that we have lowered the tension and attention, which remain very high on this issue, however,  we also have investigated various proxies and have not found evidence to date …we hope they are right, and that prosecutors have our reasoning. The feedback on the field to say that so far there is no sign. But that brings us to be equally careful in the knowledge that there is no country with zero risk and that we have to be ready with alert always high, “said Interior Minister Angelino Alfano.

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