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By TLB Contributor: Steve Cook.

Man is asleep. Our effort is to get him to wake up. There is every sign that increasing numbers of people are beginning to wake up, to stir uneasily from the apathy below understanding into which they have been bludgeoned by the relentless torrent of lies and half-truths, calumnies and doctored “facts”, conflicting messages, threats real and imagined, injustices, sound-bites, bad news and prophesies of doom that assail them on a daily basis.

And this cacophony of bad news frequently comes with this vicious little message appended to it: “And there’s nothing you can do about it, pal.”

Given that a human being has to deal with such an unrelenting assault on his mind, I’m not surprised that many people become overwhelmed. Given the natural desire for some peace, some space and some happiness, I do not blame any man for seeking solace or respite in safe or familiar things, for seeking to shut it all out by turning his attention to narrow pursuits, idle entertainment or harmless games. In olden times it was always much the same: an elite vested-interest group of one kind or another governing a country for their own benefit and the vast majority of human beings suffering along with little or no understanding of what was happening or why. It was easier in those days for an elite to keep the mass of people in ignorance or their noses to the grindstone of trying to eke out an existence from the land.

But then along came technological advance, mass communications, an improvement in literacy and so on and the vested interests must seek other ways to ensure the masses kept their noses to the grindstone and did not start noticing the stupidity and injustice of it all or asking awkward questions. So we have the effort to turn back the advances made in literacy by using “education” to dumb people down, mass drugging, the trickery of mass distraction and disinformation elevated to a considerable art.

When existence proffers a discomfort too much to bear, many people will seek to escape the pain by going in the direction of anesthesia, the direction of reduced awareness. This is particularly the case in a culture that proffers that anesthesia, that teaches them that this is the way to go, courtesy of an elite that relies on them doing just that: through escape into the distraction of the “corn and games” of mass entertainment or the popping of pills as a quick fix for every minor mental or physical discomfort.

This becomes even more so in a world that confronts anyone who dares open his eyes with the spectacle of a culture apparently disintegrating, of a ruling elite gone mad and descending into greater stupidity, recklessness and ruthlessness by the day.

Unfortunately choosing the path of reduced awareness is a mistake. It is not the path to happiness or safety. However tempting it may be, it merely traps one in compounding misery and an “escape route” that descends inexorably into the darkness of less and less awareness. How unaware can one be? Dead.

The horrible truth of the matter is that you are seeking to survive and your ability to survive depends on your ability to deal with those factors in your environment that inhibit or impede your survival. To deal with anything you have to be alert and on the ball, all the more so in an environment that your ruling elite have made outright dangerous. The more alert you are, the more aware you are of what is going on around you – and the more able you are to work constructively with your fellow human beings towards survival goals – the better your chances of survival. It is encouraging then that more and more people are waking up. When they wake up, what they wake up to unfortunately is utter bedlam, a cacophony of raised voices, a maelstrom of conflicting opinions and what must appear like a restless sea of partially evaluated, unevaluated, unaligned, often unverifiable and frequently false “data”. And they are supposed to penetrate all this and make sense of it.

What is all the more encouraging then is that the majority of people who wake up to all this resist the temptation to switch the light off and go right back to sleep again.

Of course, we in the global Freedom Movement, dedicated to elevating the ordinary citizen to greater understanding of the tricks, deceits and injustices of the power elite, have a lot to tell our fellow citizens: the specifics of many interwoven and interconnected issues that are yet ultimately orchestrated from a common source, such as Monsanto and GMOs, the psycho-pharmacy and mass drugging, dumbing down through education, how wars are engineered, the scam of modern banking, the nullification of the Constitution and so on and so forth.

In so doing we have to present specifics, the “who is doing what to whom and how”.

Yet this necessary presentation of specifics has a liability: there is so much of it! And trying to understand what is happening, the ordinary citizen can get lost in it all even if he is the type of guy who will spend hours poring over article after article on the internet or reading book after book.

So how can we help raise the understanding of the guy who is not going to spend hundreds of hours studying the issues, or who runs the risk of becoming overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available to him?

Fortunately, underlying the surface “noise” of data there are fundamentals, simple basic truths and patterns that can be easily understood and communicated and which anyone can then test or verify as he wishes against his life experience or the vast library of information available to him.

The issue of popular revolt is a good example. What precipitates a popular revolt and are we heading for one? As we do seem to be heading in that direction, can we avoid it? And beneath an often bewildering complexity of issues and the bedlam of disparate raised voices, can we understand it?

Well, it is notable that popular revolts have three ingredients:

1. The domination of government by a few vested interest groups: the exercise of government for the benefit of those vested interests, to the exclusion and detriment of the many. In other words, governance of the many for the exclusive benefit of the few. Throughout history, these vested interest groups have had different personae; the Equestrian Order of Rome, the aristocracies of France and Russia, the Communist Party of Russia and Eastern Europe. In our modern world, those vested interest groups comprise the Utopian tinkerers of the banking/corporate elite and the control cult of psychiatry. Solving problems of survival from their own viewpoint and to their own exclusive benefit, those elites engineer solutions that increasingly get the rest of humanity in trouble. It can be observed too that this method of governance tends to be very fragile and unstable. Its continued “popularity” accounts in large measure for why countless generations of men have lived out their lives under systems that feel as if they are perpetually teetering on the verge of collapse – our own included.

2. Those vested interests and their proxies in government use the people as though they were cattle. It may be very convenient for a small percentage of the human race to consider and treat the rest of humanity as cattle to be yoked, milked or otherwise used for their own exclusive benefit. The only problem with it is that human beings are self-evidently not cattle. They are thinking, aware beings. To turn them into a malleable herd requires a great deal of work on the part of the would-be herdsmen. The effort is to make ninety percent of human beings into something they are not: animals. To get them into a condition where they even remotely approximate the “ideal” condition of dumb beasts that will succumb without resistance or complaint to whatever it is the herdsman decides to do to them can become all-consuming. Ultimately it will not and does not work and the vested interests find themselves increasingly in trouble, increasingly hard-pressed to maintain control because the basic premise that human beings are cattle is a lie.

3. Each person who steps forward with new ideas and improvements is at once targeted as an enemy. Forward progress that would raise the survival potential of all mankind is inhibited, blocked and reversed in direct ratio to the exclusion from participation of the people and their bright ones with new ideas. This has the effect of locking the entire culture into the “solutions” put forward by the vested interests and their proxies. Those solutions are often not solutions to the survival problems currently faced by all mankind and for the benefit of all mankind but specific solutions to the narrow problems confronting the elite vested interests who care nothing for the survival problems of the many or even the long-term survival of mankind itself. We see this, for example, in the inordinate difficulty of bringing into play new technology for the resolution of energy problems whilst the vested interests in oil and so forth remain locked in place and stubbornly refuse to make way for better ideas. We see it too in the pharmaceutical paradigm that kills or debilitates untold millions every year whilst the much more advanced science of nutrition (which kills nobody) remains largely marginalized and stuck with the derogatory label “alternative”, whilst the correct label for it would be “superior.”

What happens over time, all efforts by the vested interests to prevent it notwithstanding, is that people become aware that they are being used as animals. That process can happen quickly or slowly but it is inexorable.

The vested interests may lie and propagandize, hijack science or religion, dumb people down through miss-education or shallow distractions, debilitate them through drugs or even kill them and so forth in an effort to make their “ideal pleb” a reality. Ultimately though, it is an unworkable effort because it collides with one unshakable truth: that people are not cattle. They are not even remotely similar to cattle.

Another unshakable truth is that once a man becomes aware that he is being treated like cattle, he resents it. The resentment may be quiet or vociferous but it exists nevertheless. As the awareness grows and spreads like a virus, so does resentment and an unwillingness to cooperate. The elite become hated. The spread accelerates. We see this happening right now before our very eyes, in the United States and an inordinately large numbers of countries across the globe.

Over time, all people and groups perceived to be progressive are thus forced into closer and closer association with the people. This is inevitable for the simple reason that the vested interests are not and never were remotely interested in the well-being of the people and this becomes observable to the increasing number of people who care to look.

A polarization occurs in greater or lesser degree with the few (the vested interests and their proxies) on the one side and everyone else on the other. The vested interests have no friends they cannot buy, no inspiring dream to rally men to their cause and they cannot even trust one another because each member of their cabal by the very nature of the criminal game he is pursuing, is engaging in a stock-in-trade of back-stabbing, deceit and treachery all aimed at seeing his own vested interest prevail.

The privileged vested interest groups see the danger. Working with increasing desperation to maintain control over the herd that vastly outnumbers them, they hire armed goons, seeking to control their “animals” with force. The effort of controlling the herd consumes the energy and attention of the vested interests. They become despised and popular hostility simmers.

The bright ones are in alliance with the people. The vested interests are recognized as the enemy. Having no friends and no loyalties other than those they can hire, with no goals or dreams to engage the dedicated cooperation of humanity and unable even to trust one another, they have only guns.

And the guns are like trying to douse a forest fire with gasoline. There is no guarantee either that the soldiery will not side with the people. They will be forced after all to make a choice: between the people, which includes the soldier’s own friends, children, family and neighbours, on the one hand and on the other the elite vested interests to whom he owes no allegiance and which seeks to treat him and his friends, family and neighbours as animals. And so the vested interests fall.

The likelihood of popular revolt is directly proportional to the number of bright, honest people that are excluded from the game of governance. The apparent power wielded by the elite can appear daunting and it is a beast whose lashing tail can make its death throes dangerous.

Yet the most breathtaking thing about it is the increasing desperation, stupidity and short-sightedness of its schemes, the incautiousness of its excesses and the determination with which it begins to hasten its own demise. The most startling thing about the current crew, for instance, is the alacrity with which it has cast aside its best camouflage: the pretence of democracy.

Popular revolt then is in the cards. We move closer to it with every day that passes, with every injustice or stupidity enacted by a government firmly in the service of vested interests.

Revolt is not desirable in so far as the chaos and turmoil of it may well see the rise to power of some other group of lunatics. It would be better and wiser to avert it if we possibly can, to see a peaceful evolution into a higher condition of our civilization.

But how can we avert revolt?

• Get the vested interests out of government.

• Re-assert the Constitution and insist that ALL groups, without exemption or compromise, are bound by it.

Steve CookBIO Steve Cook is a writer of several works of fiction and non-fiction and humour. For his work on monetary reform and government, go to http://the-worm-in-the-apple.blogspot.co.uk/

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