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By:  TLB Staff Writer  | David-William

July 21, 2016

Since men have been fighting, men have been fighting for money.  They’ll kill for a fee.  They’ll join a military for hire, or fight independently as mercenaries.  For enough money, they’ll fight their own countrymen.  They’ll fight here, too.  Americans are not really prepared.  A small few are, but generally they’re not.  These days, most Americans are lost without electricity and Internet.  Imagine your neighbours after a week with no food, coming by to see you, and you’re not really prepared, either.  Within three days people start looting for food.  After ten days, the killing starts to become big trouble.  Search Venezuela and starvation and look at what these people are experiencing.

We need to pay attention to what U.S. mercenaries do in the middle east to those people, so we can truly comprehend why all those hundreds of thousands of victims want to make sure they make the people here pay heavily in retaliation.  It’s sad to say, but the ignorant masses here went around the world to murder people who never attacked us, for a Crown Corporation, UNITED STATES.  How were we fighting for our safety if we fight for Zionist-Jesuit Banksters?  They use others to do their dirty work, and leave them to fight and kill each other in the aftermath.  

UNITED STATES is so intentionally bankrupted from playing GLOBO-COP it went belly-up, blown open.  How well do you think people from around the world wish for us?  Imagine, if Americans are really lucky, the rest of Earth’s population will only think we’re stupid morons who fought blindly for Zionist Banksters, because we’re really, really dumb?  How’s that for status?  Not likely!  We’re going to pay heavily for our sins.  We went around doing whatever Rothschild and his U.S.RAEL agenda demanded.  We ruined a lot of lives.  Who in their right mind could believe that Quadaffi was a threat to us?  Anyone medicated enough to think we needed to spend 15 years on Vietnam killing only everyone?  They were a threat to us?

Jackass Zionists destroyed the Trade Towers on 9-11 so U.S. attacks Afghanistan!?  How about the never ending Iraq saga?  Anyone who reads and thinks can see that we are getting hosed by a menace to the world.  We fight for them, and we’re getting set up to pay dearly for our blind recklessness.  These are the same crack-pots who want to disarm us and start wars here to make their job cleaning up a bit easier.

The people who want us disarmed are asking for war with the American people.  How stupid is that?  There would be chaos and death, and in the end, some how, some way, the people will kill off the rats doing this to everyone.  U.S. is done.  They’re just a foreign shipwreck.  We better be prepared for the aftermath of all the currencies going under.

Marine Colonel slapping the New-Hampshire House                                                                    Armoured Personnel Carriers in local Police service as required by MOSSAD – D.H.S.  “an army is getting built, here.”  “Can’t you see it?” 


There are foreign troops already here.


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